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Quote: Originally Posted by Sithhelmet View Post
1. Are players the only way to obtain these kits?

Quote: Originally Posted by Sithhelmet View Post
2. What items will be RE'able to get the materials to make the kits?
Crafted gear.

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3. Where will the schematic for the augment kit be obtained?
From a Crew Skill trainer.

Quote: Originally Posted by Ancaglon View Post
This will work very nicely if the augment kits are level-tiered.
Augment kits are tiered.

Quote: Originally Posted by SpatterJack View Post
I imagine that the materials needed for building the Enhancement kits will be randomly dropped in small quantities as a by-product of the RE process, in addition to the "standard material refund" from RE'ing.
Not quite. Augment material drops from reverse engineering are not random. They are, however, in addition to the standard return you see now.

Quote: Originally Posted by Screaming_Ziva View Post
How many items are we going to have to RE to get enough mats for one augment kit? 5? 10? 20?
It's currently set to 10, so that's what you can expect to see when it first hits Public Test. As with anything that's not live, this is subject to change.

I expect that many people will not use those 10 crafts on the item they want. Instead, they'll make one copy of the item, then if it does not crit they'll make 10 cheap items that fall into the same range and provide the necessary component.