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Echoes of Oblivion- Speak to Kira | 03.04.2021, 11:12 AM
Hi folks,

I have a quick update concerning the bug with Kira Carsen in Echoes of Oblivion. The team is currently looking into this bug. For now, there is no additional information. I'll update you on this thread when there is more.

I've also added this bug to the Game Update 6.2.1 - Known Issues list to make sure this is visible to all players.

Kolto Shell/Trauma Probe BUG | 03.04.2021, 08:57 AM
Hi DiamondNemke,

The bug you're reporting on the Kolto Shell/Trauma Probe of Mercenaries/Commandos is a known issue as stated here: Game Update 6.2.1 - Known Issues.

Players are already discussing this bug in the following thread: [BUG]Passives and Tacticals which increase the amount of stacks of a skill don't work. As this thread is a duplicate one, I am closing this one to avoid
confusion and multiple threads concerning the same subject.

Echoes of Oblivion- Speak to Kira | 03.04.2021, 07:35 AM
Hi folks,

Thanks for the different reports concerning the bug you encounter with Kira Carsen during Echoes of Oblivion.

I've transferred the information to our team. I'll update you here when I know more.

Camera shaking Echoes of Oblivion finale | 03.04.2021, 07:19 AM
Hi HKtheindomitable,

Thanks for the report concerning the camera shake issue during the finale cinematic of Echoes of Oblivion Mission.

Our team is aware of this bug and is currently looking into it. I'll update you in this thread when I have more information.

For visibility, I am adding this bug to the Game Update 6.2.1 - Known Issues list.

Should We Just Join the Private Discord Channel? | 03.03.2021, 01:56 PM

Hi folks,

I wanted to pop in here and clarify a few things that have been brought up.

First and foremost, the official forums (where you are now) are the official platform for news and announcements, and are accessible to all subscribers.

Second, it is true I am present in many Discord communities. I do so primarily so I can get a feel for what these different communities are chatting about in an effort to gather as many points of view as possible. I do this in tandem with other platforms where players self-organize that Iím aware of.

I do these things in my personal capacity, however if I interact at all I make it clear who I am in my official capacity for transparency. Since Discord seems to be the primary platform brought up here, I want to address some points..

I started joining Discord communities related to the game when I returned to the team over a year ago. Discord is interesting in that it provides real-time communication via text chat, which is vastly different than the turn-based dialogue offered by forums. I use Discord interactions in several ways:

  • General human chatting
  • Discussing hobbies
  • Gathering additional info on reported bugs or exploits
  • Guiding folks to official channels who ask where/how to report something
  • Guiding folks to official channels when asked about any information thatís unannounced (dates/future plans, etc)
  • Discussing game design in general

When discussing longer-term plans or philosophies, I use the official forums. And I refer folks back to these posts if it comes up in other communication channels. Generally, I very much enjoy spending some of my personal time on Discord as long as the interactions are healthy. As a reminder, these servers are player-run and non-official, so the rules of each community are determined by those who own the servers.

Hopefully this sheds some light on how I interact with various communities in various capacities. But itís worth re-stating again that official information will only come from official sources, including the forums here.


Death Knell Audacious Potency stacks broken following update? | 03.03.2021, 12:47 PM
Hi folks,

As mentioned in Crystal_Mind's post, this issue is also discussed in the following thread: [BUG]Passives and Tacticals which increase the amount of stacks of a skill don't work.

And is also on the Game Update 6.2.1 - Known issues list.

As this thread is a duplicate of the one above, I am closing this one to avoid multiple threads concerning the same subject to avoid confusion.

Loot problem - F2P/Preferred | 03.03.2021, 11:35 AM
Hi Archistratege,

Thanks for this report concerning the credits not being added to the escrow for F2P/Preferred players.

Our team is currently looking into it. I'll update this thread when I have more information.

Insufficient Skill Level Bug | 03.03.2021, 11:31 AM
Quote: Originally Posted by JameRavenwood View Post
This is still an issue with most schematics. I have more than 30 in my Legacy storage container because none of my characters can learn them. I have 2 accounts and it is the same thing for both. This has obviously been going on for years and no one has taken the time to fix it, yet???
Hi JameRavenwood,

Can you tell us the specific items that are giving you this issue? That will help out a lot with narrowing these down and also assist with repro.

I'll be moving this thread to the Bug Report sub-forum as well.

Saboteur Gunslinger: Contingency Charges Completely Broken (Critical Spec Issue) | 03.03.2021, 11:30 AM
Hi ZeridanShear,

The bug you're reporting is a known issue. You can find it in this list: Game Update 6.2.1 - Known Issues.

Our team is currently looking into it. I'll update you in this thread when I know more.

Thank you for some of the font / button changes | 03.03.2021, 11:23 AM
Originally Posted by TrixxieTriss View Post
A nice surprise that didnít make it into the patch notes for some reason was some of the fonts and buttons being tweaked. Ie, the search and create sales buttons on the GTN are much larger and the fonts are now better defined.

This is great for people with eye sight problems and I hope this becomes the norm from now on. As someone with bad eyes, I really appreciate it not having to strain to see.
What a shame you didnít put it in the patch notes as this was a positive UI update in contrast to the unpopular character pane changes.

Anyway, please pass on our thanks.
Hi TrixxieTriss,

I'm happy to pass along the message. Please know that this was not omitted intentionally. I'll be working with the team to get it added into the patch notes.

Disappearing conquest points | 03.03.2021, 11:03 AM
Originally Posted by DeannaVoyager View Post
You guys are talking about a different issue. My personal points went downwards after my game crashed, so it deleted the points I got from Stronghold decorator, but still kept the objective completed so I couldn't do it again to get the points back.

With the lack of small points objectives, it is annoying. Imagine it happening if you finish let's say GSF weekly or PVP weekly... That's a lot of points gone who knows where.
Hi again,

Wanted to update the thread with our findings. We did not see any points that were rolled back on your character or account. Additionally, we did not received other reports based on the same issue. If multiple players were losing their CP, we definitely would have been swarmed with reports. As of now, we do not see anything showing loss of points; however, we have record of your report and will be keeping it as reference in the event similar issues happen in the future.

Originally Posted by Jdast View Post
Agreed. I shouldn't have linked the two issues, which are separate. I was thinking it was a display bug, but in our case it was going up.

Hope they look into your issue.

Dasty + group, I'll go ahead and update this point as well since I don't want info to be scattered. Dasty, If you want to create a new thread and link to my posts, you're absolutely welcome to do so. It won't be considered spam.

I should have clarified earlier. Before this release, the guild tracking of each character's conquest points did not include the guild invasion bonus. The guild point display now shows this with the current update. I'll be working to get this point added to the patch notes so the info is accessible to players outside of this thread.

[BUG]Passives and Tacticals which increase the amount of stacks of a skill don't work | 03.03.2021, 05:25 AM
Hi folks,

Thank you for reporting this bug with the Passives and Tacticals that don't get extra stacks when first applied.

Our team is aware of this issue and is currently looking into it. I'll update you in this thread when I have more information.

To give visibility to this bug, I'll add it to the Game Update 6.2.1 - Known Issues list.

Some bosses in Spirit of Vengeance solo story mode not dropping loot | 03.03.2021, 05:10 AM
Hi Tulmara,

Thank you for this report concerning Heta Kol and Bask Sunn who are not dropping any loot in the Spirit of Vengeance Flashpoint- Solo/Story Mode.

Our team is currently looking into this bug. I'll update you when I know more. To give more visibility to this bug, I will also add it to the Game Update 6.2.1 - Known Issues list.

Disappearing conquest points | 03.02.2021, 02:10 PM
Originally Posted by DeannaVoyager View Post
I had 38,(something)k conquest points when I started a space mission. The mission before it that I did was Stronghold Decorator (1950cqp).

In the beginning of the space mission I remembered I'll probably hit the bonus objective, and I want it on another toon. So I escaped and chose exit. That crashed my game to desktop btw. When I logged back in, my conquest points had gone downwards from 38,(x) to 36230. The stronghold decorator mission is ticked done, even though my points are gone.
Hey DeannaVoyager,

Could you provide more info? Feel free to either report in-game or PM me with this info, but we need server name, character name, and account name to start.

Originally Posted by Jdast View Post
I'm posting in this thread, even though my problem is slightly different, but falls into the same category of Conquest Points (CQP) appearing / accruing in a wacky way.

On three characters, there is a discrepancy between what is showing for CQP when you open the personal character screen vs. what is showing when you click on the screen to monitor guild progress. In all three cases, I actually have MORE CQP showing for each individual and the total when opening the guild page.

So, for example, on one character I clocked 52,399 CQP, but the total on Guild Page shows 60,250. The total Guild Conquest Progress page is reflecting those inflated numbers, roughly 8k to 10k per character. While I appreciate the free CQP for my Guild, I imagine you will want to address this issue.

Regardless, to reinforce DeannaV's point -- something screwy is going on with CQP.

Dasty the Forum Warrior
Hi Dasty,

Guilds earn a bonus (which could be 15% or more depending on perks) to its conquest points from the character if the guild is invading a planet. This bonus is not applied to the character's personal points. This is working as designed.

SoW Gear achievements still broken | 03.02.2021, 10:03 AM
Hi DimmuJanKaarl,

Your post has been moved to the bug reports section.

The issue you're reporting is still a known issue as mentioned in the Game Update 6.2.1 - Known Issues list.

As your post is a duplicate of the following one, I will close yours to avoid confusion: Spoils of War Set Bonus items not working.
In the meantime, there is a workaround:
  • If you have the set, mail it to another character. It will fill the setlist and unlock the Achievement.

Game Update 6.2.1 - Known Issues | 03.02.2021, 09:54 AM
Here are the current known issues for Game Update 6.2.1:
  • The Spirit of Vengeance
    • Bask Sunn and Heta Kol are not dropping any loot in the Spirit of Vengeance Flashpoint - Solo/Story Mode.
  • Echoes of Oblivion
    • The camera shake persists during the last cinematic of Echoes of Oblivion.
    • Players can't start the cinematic at the step "Speak to Kira Carsen" when Theron is dead but Arcann and Senya are alive in Echoes of Oblivion.
  • Amplifiers
    • If all the items equipped on a character are missing a shell Amplifier, none of their Amplifiers equipped in the Armoring/Mod and Enhancements slots will appear in the Amplifier list from the character sheet.
    • An invisible "Amplifier list" persists on the screen while the Outfit Designer tabs are active.
    • There is a WIP message at the top-left of the window when an Amplifier is selected and Recalibration Window opened.
  • Other:
    • The Eternal Championship Trophies are not transferred to the Currency tab from all 3 storage options:
      • Inventory
      • Legacy Storage
      • Cargo Hold
    • The tooltip of the Patient Defender's Armor Set doesn't mention that this Armor Set has two types of Chestpieces.
    • Abilities that grant buffs with multiple stacks do not get extra stacks when they are first applied. Here is the list of the abilities affected:
      • Kolto Shell/Trauma Probe of Mercenaries/Commandos (extra stack from Bodyguard talent)
      • Ferocity/Precision of Sith Marauders/Jedi Sentinels (extra stack when Berserk is active)
      • Recklesness/Force Potency of Sith Assassins/Jedi Shadows (extra stack from Audacity talent)
      • Dark Ward/Kinetic Ward of Sith Assassin/Jedi Shadows (extra 5 stacks from Ward of Continuum tactical)
      • Roaming Mend/Wandering Mend of Sith Sorcerers/Jedi Sages (extra stack from One For All tactical)
    • The Cluster Bombs are not applied by detonating the Explosive Probe for Sniper/Gunslinger.
    • The Replica Gladiator Blaster Pistol Lockbox contains the Replica Furious Blaster instead of the Replica Gladiatorial Blaster Pistol.
      • Players who receive the wrong weapon need to contact Customer Support with a ticket or email at to exchange it for the correct one.
  • Known issues from 6.2:
    • The tracker for some equipment sets of the Spoils of War Achievement is not correctly working. It may show a random number like: 47/1.
      • Workaround: If you have the set, mail it to another character. It will fill the setlist and unlock the Achievement.
Belts/Waists texture issues: Players who play via Steam and encounter texture issues with belts and waist need to check their file integrity (repair).

Seasons 3 Weapons Replica | 03.02.2021, 09:50 AM
As stated in the Game Update 6.2.1 patch notes, those will only be available when Season 14 starts later this Spring.

To avoid multiple threads concerning the same subject, I am closing this one.

Maintenance: March 2, 2021 | 03.02.2021, 09:44 AM
Hi folks,

PvP Season 13 has ended with today's patch. We have now entered PvP Pre-Season 14.

As stated in the patch notes, "New rewards can be found at Giradda the Hutt on the Fleet and players will receive rewards based off of their highest-ranked rating when Season 14 starts later this Spring!": Game Update 6.2.1.

Maintenance: March 2, 2021 | 03.02.2021, 09:03 AM

All SWTOR servers are once again available!

Thank you for your patience.

SWTOR Forum Guidelines | 03.01.2021, 11:40 AM
Hello everyone,

We wanted to post a reminder of Forum rules and etiquette when engaging one another here. In order to foster constructive discussions in a safe and healthy environment, we do enforce our forum rules and expect our community members to treat each other with respect, even when disagreeing. You can read the full Rules of Conduct here, but these guidelines will help you contribute to the community and keep it a fun, healthy, and safe space for everyone!
  • Be mindful and respectful of each other even if you have differing opinions. Tone over text can be misinterpreted. Before you click ĎSubmit Replyí, think about how your tone can come across to another community member.
  • Do not attack, harass, bully, threaten, or insult another community or staff member.
  • Hate speech is not tolerated. This can include and but is not limited to derogatory or hateful comments about a personís race, gender, sexual orientation, age, disability, appearance, nationality, country, and religion.
  • Calling out another player, community member, guild, or brigading (group coordinated harassment) against them is not permitted.
  • Do not spam. This includes spam reporting, spam messaging, and repeatedly posting the same message multiple times.
  • Report a problematic post using the report function so our team can review it. If you see negative comments being posted that violate our rules, please report them. Engaging can further spread the toxicity.
  • Creating false reports can result in actions being taken against your account.
  • It is at the sole discretion of the Community and Moderation Teams to remove content that they believe violates the Forum Guidelines and/or Rules of Conduct or is otherwise objectionable even without receiving a report of a potential violation.

Helpful reminders:
  • If you have issues with your account, please contact Support here.
  • If you need to report a player outside the forums for harassment, cheating, and/or abuse, please go here. Choose STWOR as the platform and follow those steps.
  • The Bug Report sub-forums and their guidelines can be found here.
  • The STAR WARS Discussion sub-forum is for any topic that is Star Wars related but non-SWTOR. The Off Topic sub-forum is for any topic that is outside of SWTOR and Star Wars as a whole.

Any post that has been determined to be in violation of our rules will be removed. It is at our teamís discretion if further action must be taken against any account that has broken our rules.

We will always strive for the Forums to be a healthy space for everyone who wants to participate in conversations here. Please know that the Community Managers and Moderation Team are working together to review player reports, keep the forums organized, provide our teams with important information from the Forums, and are always helping point players towards helpful information.

Thank you,
Community Team
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