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super lag on SF Dantooine | 06.14.2019, 04:05 PM
Throughout today the team has made some back-end changes to help alleviate the issue. While we've noticed an initial positive effect from this, I will closely be monitoring the Forums over the weekend. Please continue to let us know if there are issues or if its gotten better. If you are still having issues, please include the area and server to help us narrow our scope. I will be sure to pass it on to the team and we can act accordingly.

Meet The Community Content Creators - SWTOR Escape Pod Cast | 06.14.2019, 10:07 AM
Originally Posted by svobu View Post
Hello Daniel.

May I ask why this article isn't showing up in the comunity blog section ( like the other content creator articles?

Might have been an oversight.

Kind regards
I'm not sure why that didn't get transferred over to that feed yesterday, but I made sure to fix it. Thanks for bringing that to my attention!

super lag on SF Dantooine | 06.14.2019, 09:43 AM
Hello everyone!

I wanted to let everyone know that the team is aware of the issue and actively investigating solutions. Some adjustments were made last night that seem to have helped in some areas but not others, so we're continuing to pursue solutions to fully address the issue. I'll be sure to update you later today as we learn more. In the meantime, please continue to share any lag you're noticing on Dantooine or elsewhere (or any improvements)!

Meet The Community Content Creators - SWTOR Escape Pod Cast | 06.13.2019, 03:07 PM
Hello everyone!

Following the last community highlight article, we have another entry of our Content Creator Program to highlight - The SWTOR Escape Pod Cast hosted by Max and Sema! If you’re unfamiliar with what our Content Creator Program is or are curious about joining it, I have also posted a community blog introducing the Content Creator Program.

If you would like listen to their latest episode, you can find it here.

Bug hunt XP Nerf? | 06.12.2019, 03:39 PM
Hey all,

It's been a while since I posted, but wanted to jump in and say yep, we've known about this area and had planned to fix it with the expansion.

We typically don't include these types of changes in Patch Notes, but tbh, this snuck out with 5.10.3a. Since it's now effectively rolled out, we'll keep it in and will update the /slap message you're receiving when you are killing the poor bugs. What you are seeing isn't the final change, so we'll make additional adjustments in upcoming patches.

Speaking of patches, we have a mid-summer update including the Nar Shaddaa Nightlife event (with new rewards) coming out soon. Most of the team is focused on the expansion and of course, what follows in the winter.

See some of you at the Cantina in San Diego next month!


ps...I'm seeing double XP and double CXP in-game on my toons, so you might want to check again. It's typically visible on your experience/CXP bar on your UI.

Maintenance: June 12th, 2019 | 06.12.2019, 07:39 AM
All servers are once again available, thanks everyone!

DO not open Mission/conquest Tab, Crashing | 06.11.2019, 04:59 PM
Tomorrow we will be undergoing a brief maintenance to fix this issue. The specific timing of the maintenance can be found here!

Maintenance: June 12th, 2019 | 06.11.2019, 04:56 PM
Hello everyone,

Tomorrow morning we will be undergoing a quick maintenance. This is to resolve the current issue involving the Invasions tab in the Mission Log.

DATE: 12 June 2019
TIME: 6:00AM - 7:00AM PDT (1300 - 1400 GMT)

Thank you for your patience as we maintain Star Wars™: The Old Republic™!

DO not open Mission/conquest Tab, Crashing | 06.11.2019, 11:54 AM
Originally Posted by TheCardinal View Post
Keep crashing to windows every single time I open.

Missions/Conquest on different Char......

5th log in in less then 10 min now
The team is currently aware and investigating a fix for this issue. In the mean time, please avoid the Conquest Window until we can resolve it. Our goal is to try to get a fix out today, which may require a server restart, but once I know for sure I will post an update in this thread.

Maintenance: June 11th, 2019 | 06.11.2019, 08:05 AM
All servers are once again available, thanks everyone!

May PvP Report | 06.07.2019, 02:00 PM

Hey All,

If you missed the live stream last week talking about the itemization changes planned for 6.0, here is a link to it on Twitch for those who enjoy the chat log (and here it is on YouTube for those that don't), check it out for lots of information regarding upcoming changes in September. If you’d like to give feedback on anything PvP related that was (or wasn’t) talked about in the stream, Musco has spun up a thread to gather that feedback.

Win Trader Report

In May, we caught and punished 18 accounts for win trading or cheating in PvP. We have:

  • Suspended the accounts for one week
  • Zeroed out all ranked ratings of every character on those accounts
  • Removed all of their ranked PvP Reward Tokens

Something I have seen a fair number of questions about is how appeals are handled, by whom, and why so many reversals happen, which leads me to…

Punishments, Reversals, and Who Decides?

I realize that there is a perception on these forums that we reverse many of the punishments that we administer, so let me provide some detail on exactly what is happening. Here is a breakdown of all the accounts we’ve punished for win trading in season 11 and all of the punishments we have reversed. For transparency, if there are any other reversals this season, I will include an updated number in future monthly reports.

So far in season 11, we have actioned a total of 96 accounts for win trading related offenses. Of those punishments, we have reversed only 5. All 5 of these accounts were reversed because they were all caught in the same reporting error. In this case, these accounts had been caught once, punished, and then (incorrectly) punished again for the same original offense. We reversed only the second punishment, and by every indication that we have, these accounts have since been playing by the rules. Meaning that we actually still hit 96 accounts, those 5 were just incorrectly hit twice.

I’ve seen a fair bit of misinformation around who actually handles appeals so let me provide clarity on that process as well. Every appeal that we receive is reviewed by our Live Production team (Keith Kanneg, Eric Musco, and myself), and checked against the data we have gathered. After investigation, if we feel that we’ve made a mistake, only we can reverse the punishment. This decision is made entirely by SWTOR Live Production, and no rating restorations or reversals take place without our express direction.

That being said, let me take this time to remind everyone that although live production does have final say in reversal of any actions taken, contacting members of the live team directly is not appropriate. If action is taken against your account it is important that you follow the process outlined in your suspension.

New way to Report Win trading / Cheating in PvP

Per the previous report, we’ve created a new shared email specifically to make it easier to report win trading or cheating in PvP. The email address is , and there will be a sticky post explaining the purpose of this email living at the top of this forum. This new email will go to all of SWTOR Live Production and we’re hoping that it opens up a better path for reporting PvP cheating or win trading, especially for those who wish to include image or video evidence. In game reporting will still work as it always has, and we are still looking at possible improvements we could make there, this is simply an additional way to report.

As always, I look forward to reading your thoughts, questions, comments, and concerns throughout these forums, and will do my best to address them in these regular reports. Thank you for your patience and for continuing to help me understand what is most important to you.

Until next time…

Will Galactic Renown start from level 1 onwards since its based on item rating? | 06.07.2019, 01:31 PM

I am seeing this question still pop up quite a bit so let me clarify. Renown is a max level supplementary gearing system, you will not start earning RXP until you are level 75. A lot of the things we talk about relating to gear being relevant to your character, such as targeting your item rating, are mostly referencing end game gearing only.

The reason for this is that throughout the rest of the game, the vast majority of Mission rewards, especially story, already drop gear intended for your character. Some content also already drops "relevant" gear such as from daily mission crates. What we are talking about is improving the gearing experience at endgame, there are not many changes planned for the rest of the experience.

That being said, if there are particular places that you feel lower level gearing is particularly rough, let us know!


How to Report Cheating and Win Trading | 06.07.2019, 01:21 PM

Hey All,

As we have added new ways to report cheating and win trading in PvP, I thought it might be helpful to condense the new and existing ways to do so for reference.

Reporting PvP Cheating or Win Trading

New email for reporting Cheating and Win Trading in PvP – . All emails sent to this address will go straight to the SWTOR Live Production team for review. Here is the most helpful information to include when sending a report:

  • Your account name
  • The name of the character who was cheating or win trading
  • The server you were playing on
  • The time when it occurred
  • Any screenshot or video evidence you have

Creating a Customer Service ticket in game to report cheating or win trading is still an option as well if you would prefer to do that instead. From the menu bar at the top of the screen, go to “System” and then “Customer Service”. Select the “Create Ticket +” button at the bottom right, pick the category, include as much information as you can, and then click the “Create Ticket” button.

How to Appeal a Punishment

If you believe that your account has been punished for Cheating or Win Trading in PvP without cause, there is only one place to go to appeal that decision:

This link and instructions for appealing will be included in an email sent to you if any action is taken against your account.

Please DO NOT send appeals to, or to individual members of the team.

Thank you,

Maintenance: June 11th, 2019 | 06.07.2019, 12:46 PM
Hey everyone!

We will be taking the servers offline on Tuesday, June 11th to deploy Game Update 5.10.3a.

DATE: 11 June 2019
TIME: 6:00AM - 8:00AM PDT (1300 - 1600 GMT)
VERSION: 5.10.3a

Final patch notes will be available on Tuesday, here:

Here is everything that will be changing with this patch:
  • All Quick Travel points on Dantooine now unlock as intended.
  • Reimplemented the 5.10.3 Conquest Point changes:
    • A percentage of all experience earned is now converted into Conquest Points.
    • The multiplier for earning Conquests points in a Guild has been reduced to 2x (down from 3x).
  • Due to the on-going conflict, both factions have increased their base defenses on Dantooine to appropriately deter the opposing faction.
  • Corrected a number of instances where German and French text was missing.

Thank you for your patience as we maintain Star Wars™: The Old Republic™!

Latest Cartel Market Additions | 06.07.2019, 08:50 AM
I'm glad to see people have enjoyed the new format! I want to also mention if you happen to have the Vectron Hunter Mount from the listed bundle, try putting it as a Stronghold Decoration.

San Diego Community Cantina | 06.06.2019, 04:42 PM
It is my pleasure to announce the specific details about our upcoming Community Cantina event happening this July in San Diego! The full information can be found in this article.

Latest Cartel Market Additions | 06.06.2019, 04:32 PM
Hello everyone!

Earlier today I published an article highlighting the new additions to the Cartel Market and I tried a few different things with the formatting. If you want to see all the new things, you can check them out here!

Reddit AMA Summary | 06.06.2019, 09:46 AM
Quote: Originally Posted by Sarova View Post
How will the above change Ossus where the gearing for some players is dependent on Unassembled Components and Masterwork Crystals? Will everything just be available for credits off a vendor there in Onslaught?
Correct, the current plan is players will be able to get that gear with credits (along with reputation requirements).


The Dantooinian Culinarian Achievement | 06.06.2019, 08:50 AM
Quote: Originally Posted by DarkLordSnake View Post
It seems the only obtainable resources for this achievement are the Charred Kath Shank and Irritable Bloatgourd.
Has anyone else found any others if they’re even on the live server?
Keep in mind that Dantooine has two states, when the event is active and when it isn't. If you can't find something while the event is live, you may need to explore when the event is off!


Reddit AMA Summary | 06.05.2019, 04:09 PM
Question - “Will there be gear pieces that can be used in multiple set bonuses? Will relics, earpieces, implants have set bonuses on them?”

Answer -

Question - "1. If the new gearing system is a success and overly loved by the community does the bioware team have it in their interest to, over the course of after the expansion plan to add more set bonus/tactical items as new content comes out IE: Flashpoint/operations/ new pvp game modes
2. Will there be a new set of Augments to come with the new gear changes (Item level increase?)
3. Will there be PvP set bonuses and PvE set bonuses?”

Answer -

Question - “Will we see the same stat-point inflation in Spoils of War that we currently have with 258 gear (and if so will operations be re-balanced around it) or should we expect stats to be closer to how they were in 242/248 (in effect, not raw amount).

Second, what effect will these changes have on high-alacrity builds that are currently possible due to these inflated stat pools? Will they only be viable on classes with alacrity bonuses, or will we see set bonuses/tactical items/amplifiers that will allow them to run effectively.

Third, will alacrity be "fixed" in Sow and round to the nearest hundredth, or are we stuck with the disparate alacrity breakpoints?


Answer -

Question - “What will happen to CXP packs? Will CXP boost consumables still be a thing? If so, will they be refreshable (the current ones aren’t, which often leads to them falling off at the worst of times). Will XP boost consumables impact Renown gain? More generally, how will all of the various boosts interact?”

Answer -

Question - “What about existing command crates? What will happen with them? Also, the command tokens in your command stash? Will they convert into credits with the expansion or be lost?”

Answer -

Question - “Since the levels for Renown will all be equally good, does that mean the RXP it takes to get from level to level will remain static as well? (hopefully)”

Answer -

Question - “Since all new gear is no-legacy bound, would I be correct to assume that I will not be able to sell or buy it from GTN anymore?”

Answer -
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