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The Grand Galactic Sale! | 09.16.2019, 07:36 AM
The second week of the Grand Galactic Sale has started! This week the following sales have been added:

- 40% off Color Crystals
- 50% off Appearance Options

Along with Character Transfers and Character Slots, these will remain on sale until October 21st. More items will get added next week, so stay tuned!

6.0 PTS Refresh #4 Operations Notes (13 September, 2019) | 09.13.2019, 02:17 PM
Originally Posted by RikuvonDrake View Post
We changing Izax now?
Whoopsie doops. That section has been removed, no Izax changes!


6.0 PTS Refresh #4 Operations Notes (13 September, 2019) | 09.13.2019, 01:44 PM

Greetings! Here are some notes related to operations changes contained within this last PTS update

Refresh Notes:

Nature of Progress Operation

All Modes
  • CI-Synapse Accelerator Serum (more commonly known as "The Stims"):
    • Use of CI-Synapse Accelerator Serum stims is now instant with a 0.8s GCD (previously it was a 0.5s cast with a 1.0s CD).
    • Appearances and VFX related to stim usage have been updated:
      • There is now a different use animation for self-use versus other-use.
      • There are now different visuals for the single versus the double dose buff.
      • There is now a separate effect on the character for the Overloaded debuff, and a red shatter FX for overdose death.
  • Reaching 100 stacks of tired is now fatal.
  • Unlocking of the elevator at the top of Spaceport Access Stairwell A is now tied to the defeat of a new pull of Trandoshans located at the top of the stairs.

All Modes
  • Derpridic Blooms no longer have collision.
  • Fixed the seemingly random invisible LOS blocks dotted around Red's encounter area.

Breach CI-004
All Modes
  • Lake Crabs should now properly reset when the Breach CI-004 event is reset (previously, a crab would never spawn again after it had been spawned the first time, even if the event was reset)
  • Remaining Flares and Stims will be removed when the Breach CI-004 event is completed.
  • Warden droids now play beam FX to the console(s) whose use they are locking.

Story Mode
  • Reduced the maximum range of the Lake Crab's Tongue Yoink ability from 40m to 15m in Story Mode

Veteran Mode
  • Reaper health has been increased

Super Mutant Trandoshan Action Squad GX: Shining Hunter Force of Justice Brigade
Musco note: This is not the real name

All Modes
  • Players will no longer take falling damage when jumping down into the Evolutionary Warfare Mutagen Lab
  • Reduced the additional damage taken by the Trandoshans from Death Pact (Was 5/25/100, is now 5/10/15).

The Huntmaster

All Modes
  • Players will no longer take falling damage when jumping down into the Combat Iteration Testing Arena
  • Players should no longer be held in combat in some cases after the Huntmaster is defeated.
  • Increased range on Huntmaster's default ranged attack to 100m
  • The Deliberate Charger now has interrupt immunity
  • The Deliberate Charger will now ignore the Huntmaster as a target after breaking the Fortress shield, and entertain the players instead.
  • Adjusted the Deliberate Charge "Arrow Parade" target indicator to not fade until much closer to the target, so that it's easier for the target to see regardless of their camera position and zoom.
  • The Huntmaster will no longer shoot after retreated beasts quite so tenaciously when a new Light Point appears.
  • Incendiary Grenade now produces a red text callout with the target's name.
  • Encounters leading up to the Huntmaster should no longer spawn when restarting the phase with a Huntmaster defeated lockout.
  • The Huntmaster's holdout radius is now colored "rorange" to helpfully suggest that standing within it is a very bad idea.
  • Fixed a bug where the visually displayed radius of the Huntmaster's Holdout position was slightly smaller than the effective radius.

Story Mode
  • Incendiary Grenade's channel time increased from 3.0s -> 4.5s to give story mode players a little more time to notice and react.

Apex Vanguard

All Modes
  • Fixed a bug causing the Apex Vanguard's melee attack to do 25% less damage than intended.
  • Zone Defense's maximum ranged increased from 30m to 40m.
  • Fixed an edge case where the Apex Vanguard wouldn't ever start up Darkness Overdrive if brought below 85% health before ever removing the battery.
  • Attempting to use a station without sufficient battery charge will now broadcast an "insufficient battery charge" error to the raid.
  • The Battery Carrier no longer magically becomes untired whenever they plug the battery into a socket.

Veteran Mode
  • Added colored pips to the flare station's overhead sign that convey the status of the three flare manufacturing slots. Known issue: These pips are only visible if your camera is within ~75m of the sign.
  • Missile damage increased ~40%
  • Stim station now produces a red text message when it shuts down due to the battery having been removed (to help clarify that the stim station keeps going so long as the battery is left in)
  • Increased the rate of tired gain in Veteran mode by 50% (1 per 3s -> 1 per 2s). Tired is still lost at the same rate (1 per 6s)
  • Fixed an issue preventing the Apex Vanguard from entering its final phase

Next PTS Patch Timing | 09.12.2019, 03:12 PM
Hey folks,

We discovered a few more issues and are going to bring PTS offline so we can get them resolved. Expect a new PTS build tomorrow so we can test Dxun through the weekend. We are going back to the original plan of continuing acquisition testing next week!

Thanks all.


Tech Fragment Vendor Feedback | 09.12.2019, 03:11 PM
Hey folks,

You probably saw some issues with the vendor (which I highlighted above). After some further testing we are going to bring PTS offline and as I originally posted, we will work through more acquisition testing next week. You can continue feedback here based on what you saw but know that this is all still in process.

Expect more complete implementation and information next week for testing! Thanks everyone.


PS - PTS will come back online tomorrow for Dxun testing

Tech Fragment Vendor Feedback | 09.12.2019, 12:59 PM
Hey all,

With the newest PTS patch now live, we have implemented the vendors where you can buy tactical items and set bonus shells directly. A few notes:
  • Prices are not final, they are a work in progress that are subject to change based on your feedback and PTS data.
  • The vendor is still in process of being implemented so expect some weirdness. Right now the names of items don't display in the vendor list and need to be "moused over"

Let us know your thoughts on pricing, availability, etc.

Thanks all.


What happened to SWTOR? Some insight by Jeff Nyman (game tester) | 09.12.2019, 12:55 PM
Just because this gets raised on occasion I wanted to jump in to the thread. The individual you are referencing is not a current or former employee of EA or BioWare and so I would caution insinuation of any internal knowledge here.

Going to move the thread to off-topic. Thanks all.


Next PTS Patch Timing | 09.12.2019, 09:31 AM
Hey folks,

We are going to be bringing PTS down today to start pushing our next patch. Unlike what I said above, we did actually get some of the new loot acquisition changes in. The things in this next patch are:
  • Dxun Changes
  • Vendors have been added that sell tacticals and set bonus shells directly
  • Loot now drops only for your current discipline
I will spin up new feedback threads with more details once we are ready to bring PTS up fully, hopefully today or tomorrow.

Thanks all.


Any news on Bounty Week and why it's not monthly anymore ? | 09.11.2019, 01:51 PM
This is something that I can add further clarification to!

To lead up to the release of 'Onslaught' we replaced an iteration of Bounty Contract Week with an additional week of the Pirate Incursion event. After this month there are no more planned instances of the same event repeating back-to-back. Here is the planned schedule for October/November:

- October 10th: Relics of the Gree
- October 22nd: Rakghoul Resurgence (Tatooine)
- November 5th: Bounty Contract Week
- November 19th: Pirate Incursion

The Grand Galactic Sale! | 09.11.2019, 01:28 PM
Quote: Originally Posted by Floplag View Post
Can we confirm that as items are added the others stay on sale?
So i can use the transfer sale anytime between now and the end of the sale, not just this week?
Official confirmation would be nice... Devs?
That is correct! Character Transfers and Character Slots will be on sale for six weeks in total. Everything that goes on sale on September 16th will then be on sale for five weeks etc.

Next PTS Patch Timing | 09.10.2019, 11:11 AM
Hey folks,

Some quick updates on timing for Phase 2 PTS based on my post from last week. We will likely have another patch this week which will solely contain changes for Dxun.

If you are helping us test loot acquisition on PTS, take a breather. The list of changes we posted about last week are coming, but most likely not this week. It is our goal to get a patch up (hopefully early) next week which will contain everything so all of you can help us test those changes in earnest. I will share more details on timing once I have them.

Thanks all.


Maintenance: September 10th, 2019 | 09.10.2019, 09:44 AM
All servers are once again available, thanks everyone.


The Grand Galactic Sale! | 09.09.2019, 12:35 PM
Good catch! That was a miscommunication on our side. Transfers are meant to be 70% off, we are updating all messaging to reflect that now.

The Grand Galactic Sale! | 09.09.2019, 10:29 AM
Hello everyone,

The Grand Galactic Sale is now happening! Currently Character Slots and Character Transfers will be at a discount until October 21st. Each Monday new items will go on sale. When this happens, the article will be updated and I'll post an update in this thread.

The Next PTS Patch and Future Changes | 09.06.2019, 04:26 PM
Quote: Originally Posted by EricMusco View Post
If you are seeing either of these things from crates, that is a bug. A Renown crate will always give you an item and the only way a shell would drop is if it was a set piece. An empty green shell dropping would be a bug.

I actually believe both of these issues are addressed in this patch but I will verify.

Let me correct something from my post. If it appears that you have an empty green shell in your stash, that is actually not a bug in of itself. The way that item works is when you pull it from your stash into your inventory it will then fill that item with mods for you based on your item rating and Discipline. Even though it looks like an empty green item, it is actually a great item to get.

The bug we need to address is that it looks like a very bad item in your stash and doesn't relay to you that you need to pull it to your inventory. We are working on a solution for that.


The Next PTS Patch and Future Changes | 09.06.2019, 03:43 PM
Quote: Originally Posted by SteveTheCynic View Post
It occurs to me to suggest that they've heard all the cries of "No RNG for gearing" and given us "Less RNG" and "Directed RNG", neither of which are "*No* RNG".

I'd really like for the Renown crates to never, ever do either of these things:
* Be empty.
* Contain one object, an empty green shell.

And before you say it, no, I'm not kidding. I saw both of these things the other day.
If you are seeing either of these things from crates, that is a bug. A Renown crate will always give you an item and the only way a shell would drop is if it was a set piece. An empty green shell dropping would be a bug.

I actually believe both of these issues are addressed in this patch but I will verify.


Maintenance: September 10th, 2019 | 09.06.2019, 02:47 PM
Hey everyone!

We will be taking the servers offline on Tuesday, September 10th for back-end maintenance.

DATE: 10 September 2019
TIME: 5:00AM - 9:00AM PDT (1200 - 1600 GMT)

Thank you for your patience as we maintain Star Wars™: The Old Republic™!


PTS Down any idea when it's due back up? | 09.06.2019, 02:19 PM
PTS is once again available!


The Next PTS Patch and Future Changes | 09.06.2019, 12:18 PM
Hey folks,

There is another PTS patch coming today that will make some additional changes to Spoils of War. Let’s talk about everything that is changing and why; I will also call out the portions that are in today’s patch vs what is coming later.

TLDR - Gear will now drop only for your current Discipline, random vendor will now always give upgrades (with proper targeting), and we are adding supplementary vendors that sell set bonus shells and tacticals for tech fragments.

Gear for My Main Only
As stated in my previous post we wanted to ensure that players had some capacity to gear off-stats or alts while playing. Your feedback has made it clear that getting gear drops that aren’t meant for your current character is frustrating, so we are changing it. But, we also want to give you the choice to get alternate gear as well. Here is what is changing on this front:
  • All personal loot will now look only at your Discipline.
  • All group loot only looks at base/Advanced Classes.
    • This is in today’s patch.
  • We are going to implement a toggle on your character portrait which will allow you to select what Discipline you want that gear to drop for.
    • Ex: You’re playing on your Operative as Concealment, but you really want to focus on getting Medicine. You can switch your toggle to Medicine and you will receive that Discipline’s gear instead of Concealment.
    • This will be in a future PTS patch.

Random Tech Fragment Vendor and Vertical Progression
The random Tech Fragment vendor’s intention was to be a supplementary way to get gear that would help protect you from a streak of bad luck. Since this vendor is also random it is leading to frustration where you use the vendor seeking an upgrade, and instead it is either for the wrong spec or too low of an item rating. We’ve addressed the gearing issue above, so let’s discuss receiving a lower rated item: Here is what is changing:
  • Any item purchased from this vendor will now always be of a higher item rating than your character’s currently equipped item rating (this is not by slot, but the average displayed on your character sheet).
  • This means the best use of this vendor is to spend fragments on whichever item slot has your current lowest item rating gear. This would effectively guarantee an item rating increase for that slot (unless it is at max item rating, of course). For example: if your currently-equipped boots are item rating 270 and your character’s average item rating is 274, and you buy new boots from this vendor, those new boots are going to be above item rating 274.

Just to reiterate, the ‘random’ vendor is intended to be a mechanism to help address “vertical” progression (meaning your path from the start of level 75 to max item rating). To address concerns about horizontal progression, such as getting the exact sets or tacticals you want, read on...

Working Towards Specific Drops, Not Random
Although the underlying system of Spoils of War is there, it is clear that there needs to be a mechanism to work towards getting the exact item(s) you want. Our intention is that this type of system would need to be supplementary, but the current solutions we have in place are not enough.

I want to add some clarity to a system that is already in place to assist with this. Each content type will drop specific gear types, depending on difficulty. Example: the final boss of Master Mode Flashpoints have a 100% chance to drop from a pool of mostly tactical items and some set bonuses for the group. They don’t only drop in Flashpoints, but if you are targeting a specific type of drop, you can hone in on it by running specific content. To be clear, Daily Areas, Conquest, Flashpoint, Operations, Reputation Vendors, Crafting, and PvP all will have these focused loot drops. Now, we may need to focus this more so that you have more control over drops, so please keep the feedback coming on that front. Also as a reminder, these are just bonus drops in addition to all of the personal loot you will get which can also contain any set and tactical item.

Let’s talk about what is coming next. We are going to add vendors to the game that will sell all set items and tacticals for Tech Fragments. This is not meant to be a primary source of acquiring the gear but it will ensure you can get exactly what you want over time. Since this is meant to be supplementary, expect higher pricing on it.

Kai Zykken will remain in-game as a vendor with his current functionality. His purpose will now be to have a random selection of items that will be at a reduced price from what is on the standard vendors. This still gives you a compelling reason to check his wares every week as you might be able to get exactly what you want, but at a reduced rate from what you would normally pay.

Since these vendors were not available in the initial implementation of the vendors and Tech Fragments, expect when they are implemented in a future PTS patch there will likely be a shakeup in Tech Fragments acquisition / costs. Again, this is not in today’s patch.

Thanks all! As always, this is not a comprehensive list of everything we are tracking and working on, so look for additional information as PTS progresses and keep your feedback coming!


PTS Down any idea when it's due back up? | 09.06.2019, 10:51 AM
Hey all,

It will be back up this afternoon with a new patch, some minor changes coming. I will have a (lengthy) post in a bit highlighting what is in today's patch and bigger changes coming down the line.

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