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SWTOR Forum Guidelines | 03.01.2021, 11:40 AM
Hello everyone,

We wanted to post a reminder of Forum rules and etiquette when engaging one another here. In order to foster constructive discussions in a safe and healthy environment, we do enforce our forum rules and expect our community members to treat each other with respect, even when disagreeing. You can read the full Rules of Conduct here, but these guidelines will help you contribute to the community and keep it a fun, healthy, and safe space for everyone!
  • Be mindful and respectful of each other even if you have differing opinions. Tone over text can be misinterpreted. Before you click ‘Submit Reply’, think about how your tone can come across to another community member.
  • Do not attack, harass, bully, threaten, or insult another community or staff member.
  • Hate speech is not tolerated. This can include and but is not limited to derogatory or hateful comments about a person’s race, gender, sexual orientation, age, disability, appearance, nationality, country, and religion.
  • Calling out another player, community member, guild, or brigading (group coordinated harassment) against them is not permitted.
  • Do not spam. This includes spam reporting, spam messaging, and repeatedly posting the same message multiple times.
  • Report a problematic post using the report function so our team can review it. If you see negative comments being posted that violate our rules, please report them. Engaging can further spread the toxicity.
  • Creating false reports can result in actions being taken against your account.
  • It is at the sole discretion of the Community and Moderation Teams to remove content that they believe violates the Forum Guidelines and/or Rules of Conduct or is otherwise objectionable even without receiving a report of a potential violation.

Helpful reminders:
  • If you have issues with your account, please contact Support here.
  • If you need to report a player outside the forums for harassment, cheating, and/or abuse, please go here. Choose STWOR as the platform and follow those steps.
  • The Bug Report sub-forums and their guidelines can be found here.
  • The STAR WARS Discussion sub-forum is for any topic that is Star Wars related but non-SWTOR. The Off Topic sub-forum is for any topic that is outside of SWTOR and Star Wars as a whole.

Any post that has been determined to be in violation of our rules will be removed. It is at our team’s discretion if further action must be taken against any account that has broken our rules.

We will always strive for the Forums to be a healthy space for everyone who wants to participate in conversations here. Please know that the Community Managers and Moderation Team are working together to review player reports, keep the forums organized, provide our teams with important information from the Forums, and are always helping point players towards helpful information.

Thank you,
Community Team

Maintenance: March 2, 2021 | 02.26.2021, 10:21 AM
Hey everyone,

We will be taking the servers offline on March 2, 2021, to deploy Game Update 6.2.1.

DATE: March 2, 2021
TIME: 4:00AM - 7:00AM PST (1200 - 1500 UTC)
VERSION: 6.2.1

Patch notes are already available, here:

Thank you for your patience as we maintain Star Wars™: The Old Republic™!

All the servers just crashed? | 02.23.2021, 01:04 PM
Hi folks,

You should now be able to log back in and play. If you keep having connectivity issues, please let us know.

Thanks for your patience.

All the servers just crashed? | 02.23.2021, 12:21 PM
Hi folks,

Thanks for the report concerning the connectivity issues. Our team is currently looking into it. I'll update you when I know more.

Cut scene issue | 02.23.2021, 12:12 PM
Quote: Originally Posted by OFAWFletch View Post
yeah well, I have been a Swtor supporting since launch and expect some acknowledgement. regardless of the Texas power outage, when the power is restored its back to work. I expect a value to my subscription as everyone else. Making their millions they can look into it as a courtesy

As you are still experiencing an issue and the recommendations from others have not resolved your issue, I will be moving this thread to the appropriate sub-forum. You posted in General Discussion, so I will be moving this to the Bug Report sub-forum.

Secondly, I also encourage you to report this in-game as well and include as much info as you can such as the YT link that you posted later on in the thread. Use /bug. Please keep all that info in a consolidated format, so it will be easier to review, repro- etc...

Lastly, what happened in Texas was more than a power outage. While we do value all of our players, the safety and recovery for our teams is the highest priority right now. This is not a simple flip of a switch scenario and everything is immediately 100% again. Understand that and have more empathy, please.

I thought it was supposed to be bounty contract week... not Gree... | 02.23.2021, 10:30 AM
Hi folks,

Due to last week's situation, Game Update 6.2.1 was not deployed as scheduled. The effect of it is that this week's Conquest is the Relics of the Gree Event instead of the Bounty Contract Week. The Conquest and Event schedule will return to a normal rotation next week.

For those who are looking for Bounty Contract Week, we are exploring adjusting the schedule to account for the fact that it was missed this week. Keep an eye on the in-game event page for any updates.

We apologize to anyone that was looking forward to the Bounty Contract Event this week. We will also update the website schedule to reflect this.

Feb/Mar Events ? | 02.23.2021, 09:54 AM

As far as moderating the forums, posts that violate our rules are deleted. We encourage civil conversations and we ask that players follow our guidelines.
I am also asking you to be civil with me and other community members here.

If you are not aware of the situation in Texas, we experienced a state wide weather crisis. Most of us literally could not contact anyone for days while the worst of the ice storm hit us. There was no power, no heat in freezing temperatures, no internet, no water, and no cell service. My communication focuses during this time was doing what we could to provide shelter, warmth, food, and clothes for people who needed it most. As I wrote in my post yesterday, we are working toward becoming fully operational and will provide updates as we can. I am asking for your understanding in that this also includes adjusting and updating communications.

Quick Check In | 02.22.2021, 09:28 AM
Hi everyone,

Wanted to check in on a personal level and let you all know that we are still recovering from the Texas ice storms that hit us last week, but we are working to become fully operational. Many of us were without power, water, gas, internet etc... for the majority of the week, and we appreciate everyone who has sent us positive and uplifting messages.

We will have game focused updates soon, so please keep an eye on all our official channels as usual. We thank you for your continued patience as we continue to recuperate and bounce back from last week’s crisis.


Valiant Defender's Dualsaber Completely Bugged - Gold CM Item | 02.22.2021, 05:30 AM
Hi folks,

The bug reported on the Valiant Defender's dualsaber will normally be fixed with Game Update 6.2.1. More information about this update here: Game Update 6.2.1.

Spend Tech Fragments For Nothing? | 02.18.2021, 04:18 AM
Hi folks,

As noted in the 6.2.1 patch notes, this bug will normally be fixed with Game Update 6.2.1.

In the meantime, I invite you to directly contact our support team to request a restoration of the tech fragments used.

To contact our support team, you can directly create an in-game ticket:
  • Click on the question mark icon on the main menu, (or press Ctrl + /).
  • Click on Create ticket, then follow the on-screen instructions to provide details and submit your ticket.
As this thread is a duplicate of the following one: Not able to buy Barrel from Spoils of War vendor on saber user character, I will close this one to avoid confusion.

Never received coins | 02.16.2021, 07:52 AM
Hi Zerker-Kai,

For Cartel Coins issues, you need to directly contact our support team by phone: How to contact Star Wars™: The Old Republic™ (SW:TOR) support.

For more information, here is our article concerning SW:TOR and Steam: SW:TOR on Steam.

Maintenance: February 16, 2021 | 02.16.2021, 07:02 AM
Hi folks,

Due to the on-going severe weather situation in Austin, TX (where our studio is located), we are going to be delaying today's scheduled maintenance. It is still our goal to get out Game Update 6.2.1 as soon as possible. We will pass on updates when we have more information.

This does affect some other things as well:
  • Possible issues when reaching Support

Thank you for your understanding!

Maintenance: February 16, 2021 | 02.15.2021, 11:04 AM
Hi folks,

The patch notes for tomorrow's maintenance are now up and you can find them here: Game Update 6.2.1.

Maintenance: February 16, 2021 | 02.12.2021, 10:17 AM
Hey everyone,

We will be taking the servers offline on February 16, 2021, to deploy Game Update 6.2.1.>

DATE: February 16, 2021
TIME: 6:00AM - 9:00AM PST (1400 - 1700 UTC)
VERSION: 6.2.1

Patch notes will be available on Monday, here:

Thank you for your patience as we maintain Star Wars™: The Old Republic™!

(possible bug) not receiving monthing SWTOR grant fund ... for subscription | 02.12.2021, 08:20 AM
Hi Uriskall,

For Cartel Coins issues, you need to directly contact our support team. As your issue is a subscription and they need to verify the account ownership, you should contact them by phone.

Here is our article on how to do that: How to contact Star Wars™: The Old Republic™ (SW:TOR) support.

Game Update 6.2.1 brings Amplifier changes! | 02.11.2021, 03:07 PM
Hey everyone!

Today we published an article highlighting the Amplifier changes that will be coming with Game Update 6.2.1 on February 16th. In it we discuss UI changes, quality locking, and more. If you'd like to give the article a read, you can find it here.

Ambitious Warrior chestpiece bug. Wrong chestpiece. | 02.11.2021, 11:45 AM
Hi folks,

Thanks for the different reports concerning the Ambitious Warrior Chestguard.

Our team is aware of this bug and currently looking into it. I'll update you when I have more information.

Spoils of War Equipment Sets and Tactical Items Achievements | 02.10.2021, 05:08 AM
Hi folks,

Thanks for the different reports concerning the bug with Tacticals not being counted in the Spoil of War Achievement for Republic characters.

Our team is aiming to fix this bug next week with our Game Update 6.2.1. I'll keep you posted if there is any change.

Bioware, have you been changing things while the game is live? | 02.09.2021, 10:12 AM
Quote: Originally Posted by TrixxieTriss View Post
Thank you Jackie for confirming about the possibility that no changes were made while the game is live. I will endeavour to accumulate more info to see why things seem to have changed for us. Is it at all possible that some of the changes to uprising on the pts were accidentally pushed live when you did the backend maintenance at the beginning of the week?

We will run a repair on both seperate PCs and see if that fixes the graphics bugs. It’s very weird that it started on exactly the same day as each other. While that’s not impossible, it is improbable considering we did no PC software updates on either from the day before. Will report back if that doesn’t fix it.

To confirm, you are saying the activation lag bug is most likely your end or at least not totally our end?
Hi again, I have a few confirmations that nothing has changed.

For lag, I asked around and everything looks normal. As always if you or others experience any issues, please let us know.

Not able to buy Barrel from Spoils of War vendor on saber user character | 02.09.2021, 05:08 AM
Hi folks,

I have an update concerning this bug with the Unidentified barrels and hilts purchased from the Spoils of War vendor on the Fleet. Our team is aiming to fix it in our next Game Update 6.2.1. I'll update you if something changes.
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