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Maintenance: August 11, 2022 | 08.11.2022, 08:00 AM
Hey everyone,

Maintenance for 7.1a has been completed and the servers are once again available.

Patch notes can be found here:

Thank you for your patience.

New Short Story -- "All That's Left" | 08.09.2022, 03:37 PM
Thanks to all who have checked out “All That’s Left,” it means a lot to hear that y'all are enjoying it! I’m really proud of the journey we have planned for Sa’har, and it’s exciting now that we’re laying the foundation for it.

Also, great job to all of you who figured out the identity of the mystery woman who gave Sa’har advice!

Thank you for the letters - keep them coming | 08.09.2022, 03:35 PM
Thank you for the positive feedback! I completely agree that these letters add depth and dimension to our relationships with such a diverse cast of characters. I’m so happy that y’all are enjoying them, and I look forward to adding more!

7.1 Modifications - What's available and how to get them | 08.09.2022, 03:07 PM
Hi players!

As you saw with 7.1, modifications are back! We’re reading through the feedback players are submitting and we wanted to add some clarity on what is now available for players and how they can obtain these items.

How to obtain 7.1 modifications
Both Republic and Imperial players can talk to Hyde and Zeek in the Supplies section of the fleet near the other modification vendors. Hyde will offer players 4 missions that will open up access to purchase mods. Please note that Hyde and Zeek will only offer missions to players who are wearing gear with an Item Rating of 324 or higher.

Here are the missions offered:

Zeek's Deconstruction: 328 Prototype
Completing this Mission will allow the player to purchase (each costs 100,000 credits)
  • Resistive Armoring 99
  • Versatile Armoring 99
  • Resistive Barrel 99
  • Versatile Barrel 99
  • Bulwark Enhancement 99
  • Proficient Enhancement 99
  • Savant Enhancement 99
  • Powerful Enhancement 99
  • Bastion Enhancement 99
  • Resistive Hilt 99
  • Versatile Hilt 99
  • Lethal Mod 99
  • Warding Mod 99B
Zeek's Deconstruction: 330 Prototype
Completing this Mission will allow the player to purchase (each costs 100,000 credits)
  • Resistive Armoring 100
  • Versatile Armoring 100
  • Resistive Barrel 100
  • Versatile Barrel 100
  • Bulwark Enhancement 100
  • Proficient Enhancement 100
  • Savant Enhancement 100
  • Powerful Enhancement 100
  • Bastion Enhancement 100
  • Resistive Hilt 100
  • Versatile Hilt 100
  • Lethal Mod 100
  • Warding Mod 100B
Zeek's Deconstruction: 328 Artifact
Completing this Mission will allow the player to purchase (each costs 200,000 credits)
  • Advanced Initiative Enhancement 95
  • Advanced Nimble Enhancement 95
  • Advanced Adept Enhancement 95
  • Advanced Vigilant Enhancement 95
  • Advanced Steadfast Enhancement 95
Zeek's Deconstruction: 330 Artifact
Completing this Mission will allow the player to purchase (each costs 200,000 credits)
  • Advanced Initiative Enhancement 96
  • Advanced Nimble Enhancement 96
  • Advanced Adept Enhancement 96
  • Advanced Vigilant Enhancement 96
  • Advanced Steadfast Enhancement 96

See you on the Fleet!

Maintenance: August 11, 2022 | 08.09.2022, 01:36 PM
Hey everyone,

We will be taking the servers offline on August 11, 2022 to deploy Game Update 7.1a.

DATE: August 11, 2022
TIME: 8:00 AM - 10:00 AM CT (1:00 PM - 3:00 PM UTC)

Patch notes will be available here tomorrow:

Thank you for your patience as we maintain Star Wars™: The Old Republic™!

Thank you for the map tweak | 08.09.2022, 09:16 AM
Originally Posted by Ardrossan View Post
Change the shade color to make it visually distinct from areas that have already been explored.
Totally hear you and that is definitely the plan (again what you are seeing isn't intended implementation).

Originally Posted by SoonerJBD View Post
See this is why people only post negative stuff. I post one positive thing about a change I like, and you immediately punish me by taking it away. Lesson learned. I’ll just keep telling you all the ways you disappoint me from now on.
Hey, so I definitely don't want you to feel at all like you were punished for raising this. We knew about this shortly after 7.1 went live and have been investigating to understand exactly what happened, any potential risks for it being live, and our ability to revert the change. Once I had that information in hand your thread was simply a catalyst to deliver that information. I totally hear your sentiments here though and want to reiterate that the QoL feature intended in the future is on the exact foundation of what you like here.



Outfitter 7.1 - thank you for the updates, still needs work | 08.09.2022, 09:08 AM
Originally Posted by WHTJunior View Post
What exactly is a spoiler when it comes to QoL? I'm really curious why you would withhold information that we could already be excited about? All this does, is let our minds run rampant over what could be on the way: hood toggle, multiple weapon options per outfit, outfit names, wardrobe to create companion uniforms, saved outfits per account, splitting dyes into single colors to allow manual primary and secondary application...

I mean, by not limiting it to what you are actually working on, you can't meet my new expectations. Anyway, looking forward to what you announce. When, exactly, can we expect this announcement?
That's very fair. There are a number of reasons we won't always be explicit about changes or features in advance, given the ever changing nature of development schedules and unforeseen challenges.

That said, I was hoping that my response being off of a direct quote to being able to name outfits might point a clear signal on what I was referring to . Being able to name outfits is just one of the improvements we are looking to implement in an upcoming release, along with some other QoL in Outfitter and beyond. Stay tuned to future communications (like PTS) for more details.

Outfitter 7.1 - thank you for the updates, still needs work | 08.08.2022, 03:20 PM
Originally Posted by Darthjantom View Post
Since you guys announced plans to increase the outfit slots in the near future, I am hoping you will also consider adding the ability to name outfit slots (like how you can name loadouts), that would make it way easier to find specific outfits.
Especially since otufits activate immediately when you click on them now so you can't even preview/check if you clicked the right one.
I can't get into spoilers but I'm looking forward to what you think in our next couple of updates. :-)

Outfitter 7.1 - thank you for the updates, still needs work | 08.08.2022, 01:06 PM
Originally Posted by KianSri View Post
Edit: Preview/outfit viewer dragging DOES work with right click, excellent.

THANK YOU for the weapons toggle, and for moving the outfit list to the side. Both extremely good changes.

But PLEASE, please, please move the commit/cancel confirmation button. It's literally impossible to properly see what any new shoe options look like before committing because that button pops up and covers them. This is such a glaringly obvious layout issue.

So, thank you, now keep going please!
Yep. Thanks for the notes. We've still got some cool changes rolling out for Outfitter (and other stuff) over the next couple of releases.

Thank you for the map tweak | 08.08.2022, 01:02 PM
Originally Posted by SoonerJBD View Post
I’m quick to air grievances, so I thought I should also share my gratitude for the seemingly minor tweaks made to the map function. I like to rerun the class stories, which means a lot of travel on planets like Hoth where it can be difficult to navigate unless you have already explored the map. Being able to actually see the roads in unexplored areas of the map makes it possible to avoid backtracking if you make a mistake or risking death if your attempt to navigate ledges down to a cave go awry. If anything, it would be nice if the hexagons over unexplored areas were a bit more muted. I have to look close and squint to Olán a route. Of course, I need a new pair of glasses, but it would help.
Hey there,

Ok, so this one is interesting. What is being alluded to is a quality of life change that changes how fog of war shows up in the map so you can now see a bit of what is underneath it. This is with the intention it is easier to navigate unexplored areas, get to Missions, etc.

Well... when I saw your post I thought "Huh, I know what they are talking about, but that's not in yet... is it?" Hence why this wasn't mentioned previously in our livestream or patch notes.

What you are seeing is an unintended and incomplete implementation of said QoL improvement. We are planning a host of improvements to maps which are currently targeting GU 7.2 which the proper version of this change would be a part of (and available to test on PTS). Since this wasn't actually supposed to be in this build we are going to revert this change in our upcoming bug fix patch (coming in the next week or so). This is just to exercise an abundance of caution to ensure that this change doesn't have knock on effects to maps that haven't reared their head yet.

Thanks all, look for details on said map changes when we started talking in more detail about 7.2.


Cost/reward of differing flashpoints desperately needs to be fixed. | 08.08.2022, 09:06 AM
Originally Posted by SoonerJBD View Post
Assuming you are running flashpoints to grind the mats to upgrade gear or even for leveling, there is simply never any reason to do most of the newer ones. Crisis on Umbarra, Objective Meridian and The Nathema Conspiracy are the worst. They are more difficult, but the bigger issue is that they take orders of magnitude longer than most other FPs and for no greater reward. Someone almost always quits the group the moment these pop. A tier below are Traitor Among the Chiss (which is only palatable if you have a stealth that can sneak you to the first boss and past innumerable trash mobs), and, oddly The Esseles because it takes forever even though you can sleepwalk through it.

If you are going to have such a wide variation in the difficulty level and time invested to complete certain flashpoints, there needs to be corresponding better rewards. If I got twice the materials or something from doing those longer FPs, maybe it would be worth considering. As it stands, I’m simply never going to do them. I will quit the group and switch to a different toon and hope for better RNG on my next group finder pop. This has been a problem for far too long, and I’ve never seen the Devs even attempt to address it.
Hey there,

It's like you are an audience plant! This is something we have been very recently talking about that we want to start spending some time on addressing. Taking content outliers (like Flashpoints that are dramatically longer than others) and working to bring them more in line with each other.

If I can hijack the thread slightly we would love to hear your "<insert content> is too <easy / hard / long / short> compared to other content of its type>". And beyond just general feedback about entire content, feel free to get really granular. Bosses that are particularly rough or unfun, travel routes that take too long, etc. This can be your airing of grievances but please be specific so that we can build actionable feedback from it.

I wouldn't expect these changes in the super short term (like the next couple updates) as it will take time to audit and start making changes. But it is definitely something we have interest in doing.

Thanks all.


Hot Fix: Gear Upgrade Vendors Taken Down | 08.05.2022, 05:41 PM
Hi everyone,

Servers are back online and the exploit fix has been deployed. A couple of notes that we wanted to bring to your attention:
  • If a player upgrades their gear at a vendor, their Loadout may show the older item until the upgraded version is equipped.
  • If a player completes Ruins of Nul, they may need to relog in order to receive the Digging Deeper story mission.

Thank you for your patience.


Hot Fix: Gear Upgrade Vendors Taken Down | 08.05.2022, 05:05 PM
Hi everyone,

We have a fix ready to go, however, in order to deploy it, we will need to bring down servers for an estimated time of 15 minutes beginning at 6:15pm CT.

Wil post another update soon.


Allow us to bypass all previous story to start Legacy of the Sith | 08.05.2022, 03:47 PM
Zitat: Zitat von Lt_Awoke Beitrag anzeigen

I was wondering if it would be possible to get an option (either a purchasable token or recognizing an achievement for completing it at least once on each side) to skip all the story related to Onslaught, allow us to start at Legacy of the Sith on alts that aren't as fair along as our mains?

I have 30 characters, and only 3 have completed everything up to the current story. The other 27 are either somewhere between Ossus and Echos of Oblivion. Previously, we were able to bypass all the previous content and start the new story by picking up the mission on our ships...why aren't we able to do that now?
Hey there,

Others in this thread have made some relevant points around things like Loyalist / Saboteur, but there is also a bit more to this decision from our side.

We wanted to avoid having just a bunch of different "boost" options at character create, especially to have clear starting points for new and returning players. When looking at those starting points we chose 3 different points based on each story as its own "saga". So you have the classic game (class story start), KOTFE (the Knights of saga), and Onslaught (the current saga). In this same example, you can't skip straight to KOTET from a boost, just like LotS.

All of that said, "catch-up time" is something that will grow as we continue to add more story content in the current saga. I'll chat with the team and see if there are adjustments to consider here.

Thanks for the feedback!


Feedback on new Manaan Daily area: Suggestions for improvements: | 08.05.2022, 03:45 PM
Zitat: Zitat von Shayddow Beitrag anzeigen
1. Unlike other "daily" areas there is no "Gear" rewards for doing this area- i.e. daily resource matrix. So even for people in all 326's, being able to obtain matrixes for alts in your legacy is a good thing

2. On Imp side, the main questgiver does not have the room that he is in highlighted on the map. You get off the elevator and have to remember where to go. (haven't done Pub side yet). Please highlight this.
Hey there,
  1. This is actually unintended. We have a small bug fix patch coming soon (ideally in the next couple weeks) where this is currently slated to be fixed.
  2. I'll check that we have this tracked to get fixed in a future release. As always make sure to raise any bugs you see in the bug report forums!

Hot Fix: Gear Upgrade Vendors Taken Down | 08.05.2022, 12:55 PM
Hi everyone,

As of the time of this posting, we have taken down the gear upgrade vendors located in the Supply/Stronghold locations on the Fleet and Ossus due to an infinite credit exploit that was reported to us. The team is currently working on a fix for this issue and when we are ready to deploy it, I will update this thread with further info.

I will update this thread on the status of this issue EOD.


Visual Graphic "clipping" (maybe) bug with strap attachment tuning/pistols | 08.05.2022, 09:52 AM
Hi Darev,

Thanks for your reporting about the Strap Tuning.

Our team is aware of this bug and is currently looking into it. I'll add it to the known issues list:
  • The Strap Tuning is not correctly displayed when used on Blaster Pistols.

7.1 Stuck in Ground when using Artifact on Nul | 08.05.2022, 04:27 AM
Hi MaximusRex,

Our team is aware of the bug when interacting with the artifacts in Digging Deeper and is currently looking into it.

For visibility, I'm adding it to the known issues list:
  • Players are stuck on the ground after interacting with the artifacts in Digging Deeper.

New Short Story -- "All That's Left" | 08.04.2022, 01:12 PM
Hey, everyone! Now that update 7.1 “Digging Deeper” has been out for a couple of days and we’ve had a chance to explore Manaan and a few secrets behind Darth Malgus’s plans, I’ve got a little something extra for you.

If you’re curious about what happened to Sa’har Kateen just after she escaped the ruins of Darth Nul’s fortress on Elom, I’ve written a new short story that answers those questions! Check out “All That’s Left” here:

Missile Backblast and Sonic Heal removed at 7.1 | 08.04.2022, 11:25 AM
Hi folks,

As intended,Missile Backblast was removed with 7.1, however, we have found that it is still possible to acquire, learn, and craft it with the corresponding schematic (Biochem Tactical 1).

As this Tactical has been removed from the game, using the schematic mentioned above will result in losing your Legendary Embers.

We recommend that players do not craft the Missile Backblast Tactical as this schematic will be removed in a future update.
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