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Test Server: Up
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Welcome to the Test Center where you can see new and in development features before they hit the production servers. Please note that the Test Center is specifically for testing new features and code and may require unscheduled maintenance or rollbacks. Customer Service does not address issues on the Test Center.


Game Update 1.3 is Available On PTS!

We are happy to announce that our PTS server is now live with Game Update 1.3: Allies!

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Sign up to playtest Game Update 1.3

Game Update 1.3 is almost ready for deployment onto the Public Test Server.

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Public Test Center Blog: Testing 1.2

We are very excited to announce that Game Update 1.2 will be hitting our Public Test Server very soon.

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Welcome to the Public Test Server!

The Public Test Server is in place to test future game content and bug fixes and is available to all players with an active subscription.

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