Level 10 - Smuggler

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Congratulations on reaching level 10!

You’ve reached a significant milestone in your journey through Star Wars™: The Old Republic™. By this point you have fought your way through the uprising on Ord Mantell, fulfilled a few favors for Viidu, and chased the renegade thief Skavak as you try to recover your stolen starship. You’ve come far since landing on this contested world, but the real adventure is just beginning!

If you haven’t left Ord Mantell yet, you will soon be traveling to the Republic capital world of Coruscant as you hunt down the man who stole your most prized possession, your freighter. While this is an important mission, this is a moment where many new opportunities open up for you in the game, and we want make sure that you’re aware of all the new gameplay experiences available.

Choosing your Advanced Class top

First and foremost, upon reaching level 10 in the game you will be prompted to choose your Advanced Class. Having chosen the life of a Smuggler, you now get to choose your specialization. This decision will not only determine which Advanced Class you play, but it also determines your combat tactics, as well as what role you’ll be best suited for in a group dynamic.

Sammo Kob, located on Carrick Station as well as inside the Senate Commercial District Cantina on Coruscant, will offer to give you the advanced training you need to help you find Skavak. While these summaries can help you in deciding which of the Smuggler’s Advanced Classes you will want to take on, there are a couple of questions that you need to ask yourself. If you want to keep your enemies at a distance and using dual blasters to fight your way out of any situation, then the Gunslinger is the choice for you. Alternatively, if you would rather rely on your guile and quick wits and close-ranged shootouts, then the Scoundrel is your best option.

If you choose to follow the path of the Gunslinger, you will get two abilities: ‘Aimed Shot’ and ‘Smuggler’s Luck’. ‘Aimed Shot’ is a ranged attack that you can use from behind cover, dealing a heavy amount of damage while keeping you safe from enemy fire. Of course, the true nature of any Smuggler is to rely on lucky breaks, and with ‘Smuggler’s Luck’ you can greatly increase the chances that your next use of ‘Charged Burst,’ an ability you gained on your Origin World, deals extra damage. In a couple of levels you will also be granted ‘Slice Droid’, an ability that lets you hack enemy droids.

Becoming a Scoundrel will give you immediate access to ‘Stealth’, ‘Underworld Medicine’ and ‘Back Blast.’ Two of these abilities, ‘Stealth’ and ‘Back Blast’, work in tandem with each other by letting you slip out of enemy view before striking at the unprepared enemy with a powerful scattergun blast. As a Scoundrel, you can also restore the health of yourself and your allies with ‘Underworld Medicine’. In a few levels you will gain ‘Cool Head’, which allows you to jump back into the fight more quickly by restoring your spent energy more quickly.

For more information on both the Scoundrel and Gunslinger, visit our Advanced Classes page.

Once you have made your decision, you’ll want to make your way to your Advanced Class trainer “Lefty” Grandarak, and make the decision official. “Lefty” Grandarak can be found on either Carrick Station or Coruscant. Your mission log will guide you to Grandarak when the time comes, but for future reference he can be found here:

After you’ve made your selection, you’ll find the new abilities mentioned above will make you significantly more effective in combat. From now on, when you level up, in addition to training new abilities, you’ll want to further customize your character’s tactics by choosing specific options from your skill tree. You can open your skill tree at any time by pressing “K”, or clicking the appropriate icon on the interface. Unlike your Advanced Class choice, the selections you make here can be reversed however many times you want, so while you will want to consider each ability carefully, you don’t have to worry about making mistakes or exploring different possibilities.

The Esseles Flashpoint top

If you enjoy playing with others, or if you haven’t spent much time playing in a group and want to give it a try, you’ll find a rewarding challenge in taking on ‘The Esseles’ Flashpoint.

Flashpoints are group-based adventures where you and your team-mates progress through a series of missions tied together through an interactive storyline. These missions also generally lead to superior equipment than what you may find elsewhere.

You’re first given the opportunity to undertake ‘The Esseles’ mission when you take the shuttle from Tython to Coruscant. The mission is offered by a Priority Transport Officer on Carrick Station.

Before you embark on the ‘Esseles’, however, we strongly recommend select your Advanced Class as that will make you far more effective in combat, and will make tackling this Flashpoint considerably less difficult.

If you passed up this Flashpoint when you first left, or if you passed it up and haven’t returned, consider finding a group and going back to Carrick Station. ‘The Esseles’ Flashpoint is an experience you shouldn’t miss.

Light Side & Dark Side Points The Esseles Flashpoint features moral choices that will give you light or dark side points depending on your decisions. You probably already acquired some light side and/or dark side points during earlier missions. It’s important to note that building up these points will affect certain events in your storyline; the points can also give you access to unique appearances and even some custom pieces of equipment.

Your First Companion Character:

Corso Riggs

If you’ve completed all of your class missions on Ord Mantell, you’ve picked up your first Companion Character, a farmboy-turned-mercenary named Corso Riggs. When Corso joined you on your journey, you probably noticed that a Quickbar for your Companion Character appeared at the bottom-left corner of your screen. This is a smaller version of your Quickbar which shows your Companion Character’s level, health and four basic abilities and commands that you can control.

In combat, Corso will stand by your side, drawing enemy attention away from you with his blaster rifle. This will allow you to run into the fight with both blasters firing or to quietly sneak behind the enemy without attracting their attention, depending on the Advanced Class you’ve chosen.

Although Corso has all the tools to take care of himself in combat, you have the option to take a more hands-on approach to his combat tactics. By clicking the plus-sign icon next to the shown abilities, you can expand your Companion Character’s ability’s bar, giving you more control over what attacks and abilities Corso has.

Selecting Your Crew Skills top

You probably already know how helpful Corso can be in a fight, but you may not have yet discovered that Companion Characters in The Old Republic can help with another enjoyable aspect of the game experience: Crew Skills.

This is a great time to train some Crew Skills since you will soon be discovering resources as you explore Coruscant, and you may want to take advantage of them. While you do not have to take up Crew Skills right away, you’ll find it much easier to harvest resources on planets that you visit later in the game if you begin early on and build up your skills as you progress. Keep in mind, these missions do cost credits, but over time, the rewards will outweigh these costs considerably.

You might also find you don’t need Corso to tag along everywhere you go. Rather than simply dismiss him, you can make good use of Corso’s time by sending him out on his own to perform certain Crew Skills missions. Because of his nature, Corso is an excellent choice for taking on Underworld Training missions, but Companion Characters that you meet later on may have skills better suited for other missions.

You will be able to select up to three Crew Skills for your team to train. The skills come in three categories: Crafting, Gathering and Mission skills. While you can only choose to train one Crafting skill, you are not limited with other categories.

As a Smuggler, the crafting skills that will be of most use to you are:

  • Armstech:This Crew Skill allows you to create upgrades for your blasters and, later on, construct your own powerful sidearms.
  • Armortech:This is a Crew Skill that lets you put together better armor to protect you from enemy attacks.

You may not be interested in Crafting at all. In that case, you may want to focus your Crew Skills on Gathering and Mission Skills. To learn more about Crew Skills, check our Crew Skills page.

After you’ve given some thought to which Crew Skills you may be interested in, pay a visit to the Crew Skills area of Carrick Station or the Senate Commercial District on Coruscant, where you’ll find trainers for each of these disciplines.

Once you have trained your Crew Skills, you can access the Crew Window by pressing “N” or clicking the diamond-shaped icon on the top menu bar. From here you can send your Companions on Crew Skills-related missions and monitor their progress. You can also see whatever Crafting Recipes you have unlocked and what resources are required to craft a particular item.

Warzones top

Another exciting new dynamic that opens up for you at level 10 is opportunity to jump into player-vs-player Warzones. These are competitive, timed matches pitting two teams against each other in specialized areas where you will battle against other players and race to complete opposing objectives. Playing in Warzones will earn you valor points and commendations that you can use to purchase special items. You will also earn experience in Warzones, so don’t feel like it’s detracting from your progress in the rest of the gameplay experience.

To enter a Warzone, all you need to do is click on the small icon over your minimap, and indicate that you wish to queue. Within a short time, you will be invited to enter the Warzone. Once the Warzone is over, your character will be returned to the same location.

For more information on the specific Warzones in The Old Republic, visit the Warzones page.

Back to the Story

After you’ve selected your Advanced Class and Crew Skills, and checked out both Flashpoints and Warzones, you’ll eventually want to continue your mission to reclaim your starship from Skavak. You may have already begun to explore Coruscant and progressed further into your story. If so, you’ve already seen hints of the epic saga in which you are destined to play a critical role. The events that occur on Coruscant will set cycles into motion that you will be dealing with well after you leave this world.

Make sure that you take advantage of the opportunity to pick up other missions as you explore Coruscant as well. There are countless characters to meet and surprising things you can learn by taking part in these missions, and you can often complete these missions in the same areas you’ll be visiting in your personal storyline.

Did you know? You can find vendors who sell special light side and dark side equipment on certain planets. Social points earned during multiplayer conversations allow you to equip special equipment.

Take particular note of Heroic Missions that you may come across. These are more challenging than regular missions, usually requiring groups of two or more players, but they also usually offer better equipment and rewards. You can take one of these missions, “Enemies of the Republic,” by speaking with Ensign Belkan as you pass through the sector known as “The Works.”

The Greater Galaxy

As you continue your storyline on Coruscant, you can look forward to acquiring your own personal starship. From there, a much wider galaxy will be opened to you and you will be able to visit more than a dozen unique worlds where you will meet more Companions and made decisions that will determine your destiny. You can look at our whole galaxy of worlds on our Galaxy Map page.

We hope you continue to enjoy your experiences in The Old Republic. May the Force be with you.

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