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STAR WARS: The Old Republic Fan Friday

Each Fan Friday we shine the spotlight on just a few of the incredible pieces of work that are done by the Star Wars™: The Old Republic™ community. This month we’re highlighting some of the awesome artwork and stories created by the fans, as well as sharing new Return wallpapers and forum icons.

Community Creations

Drawing inspiration from thirty-plus years worth of Star Wars lore, our community has consistently created beautiful works of art. We want to take the time out to highlight some of our favorite pieces from the members of our creative and passionate community!

Fan Art

Longtime community member MasamuneX created this incredible painting of a Rakghoul, entitled “What Lurks Below,” in his “Masamune Art” thread.

In “Darth Lanfear’s Art Gallery,” an Imperial Trooper unleashes a flurry of weapons fire in this painting from Darth Lanfear.

This incredible work, created by community member Dreddon in the “3D Bounty Hunter Fan art!” thread, shows us a Bounty Hunter on the dangerous streets of Nar Shaddaa.

Concept Art

Creating the look and feel of an entire galaxy is no simple task. It takes thousands of hours of work for the designers to create each temple, Starship, cantina and forest that players will see in their time playing The Old Republic™. But before anything makes it into the game, everything is first brought to life through countless pieces of concept art.

We wanted to share with you just a few of the incredible pieces of art that designers of The Old Republic have used in creating the striking visuals that you will come across in the game.

This is the initial concept artwork for the Sith Capital Ships that are seen in the “Return” cinematic trailer. Artwork like this includes great detail, such as the turrets and landing bay. These small details are important to maintain consistency.

The above concepts depict the Imperial and Republic Troop Transports that players will see when they take part in the Alderaan Warzone. These two ships play a central role in the Warzone’s objective. While players on both sides will see the exteriors of these transports, each player will also see the interior of their faction’s ship. The artists represented this in their concepts.

When creating the concept art, various elements of the environment that the artist has created are highlighted in order to point out elements that could potentially have ambient animations in the game. These ambient effects could range anywhere from the hologram of the starport, to the pulsing of energy through the tech column. These little details can go a long way towards creating a real, living world for the player to explore.

If you want to check out some of the other pieces of concept art that we have released, be sure to visit the Concept Art section.


We have created three new wallpapers for you to use, each one based on the popular “Return” Intro Cinematic that first premiered at E3 2011!

As the remnants of the Republic’s forces make their escape from the station, Dark Lord Vindican unleashes a powerful blast of Force Lightning on the Smuggler’s ship!

Young Jedi Satele Shan clings to the arm of Jace Malcom as they make their daring escape from the Sith sneak attack.

An enraged Vindican swears his vengeance on the Republic moments before his apprentice, Malgus, earns his title as ‘Sith Lord’.

Forum Icons

Back in August we posted a poll asking which set of forum icons the community wanted to see in our next Fan Friday. The results are in and the ‘weapons’ set won! Today we added this new series of icons to our forums, inspired by the many weapons that you will be able to wield in Star Wars: The Old Republic!

To use these icons on the forums, click “More” in the Icons box on the right-hand side of your screen when creating a new post. Once you do this, simply scroll down to find the icon you want to use and click it to insert it into the post.

Be sure to like our Facebook page and vote on our weekly poll questions, and follow us on Twitter for the latest news on Star Wars: The Old Republic. Also, don’t forget that Revan, the latest Star Wars™ novel from Drew Karpyshyn which tells the story of Revan’s journey after the first Knights of the Old Republic, will be available on November 15th. You can read our earlier interview with him to get a glimpse at what’s in store.


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