Lieutenant Pierce

Full Name: Unknown
Rank: Lieutenant
Commanding Officer: Moff Hurdenn
Romance: No

Ambitious, ruthless, and utterly loyal to the Empire, Lieutenant Piece has garnered a reputation among his fellow soldiers as both a fearless warrior and an ambitious profligate. A child of the Imperial world of Ziost, Pierce always envisioned himself as a decorated hero to the Empire who would walk onto the most violently dangerous battlefields in the galaxy and lay waste to the opposition.

Pierce’s military career is marked by commendations of bravery, as well as reprimands for acts of recklessness. Pierce’s success rate remains among the highest in the Imperial military, though he is known for often ignoring orders and taking reckless risks to complete his mission. Although Pierce possesses a blatant disregard for the chain of command, his effectiveness has ultimately landed him the command of a small group of elite Black Ops specialists.

While his recklessness has stunted his climb up the Imperial chain of command, Pierce is often called on to take on the most dangerous missions and wreak the most destruction on the enemy. For Lieutenant Pierce, that works out for him just fine – for now.

Bonuses: +10 Cybertech Efficiency, +2 Investigation Critical

Likes: Personal gain, hurting the Republic, danger and laughing at authority

Dislikes: Rules, kissing up, peace

Primary Stat: Aim

Secondary Stat: Endurance

Primary Weapon: Blaster Rifle or Blaster Pistol

Secondary Weapon: Shield Generator


  • Weapon: love
  • Military Gear: love
  • Courting: indifferent
  • Luxury: indifferent
  • Technology: like
  • Republic Memorabilia: like
  • Imperial Memorabilia: like
  • Cultural Artifact: indifferent
  • Trophy: like
  • Underworld Good: like