User Interface

User Interface

Chat Window

In the Chat Window, you can talk to other players in your general area and communicate with party and Guild members. You can also review different conversations that take place in the various chat channels, such as General Chat, Party Chat, Guild Chat, and others.

If you are a Free-to-Play player, you are limited in terms of chat access: before Level 10, you may only send General Chat message to your origin planet. You may also send /tells to groupmates, guildmates and players who have friended you or recently sent you a /tell.

If you are a Preferred Status player, a player that has purchased something from, you will have full access to General Chat.

Mission Tracker

This pop-out menu contains all of your currently tracked missions. By default the Mission Tracker is expanded, but you can click the small tab icon in the upper right to minimize or expand your Mission Tracker. For more information, see Mission Log.

Mini Map

This ever-present on-screen map, located on the bottom right-hand side of the screen, allows you to view your current location, track mission objectives, view trainers, vendors, and more. For more information, see Map Panel.

Character and Target Portrait

The character and target portraits are located on the left and right sides of the health bar, resource bar, and Quickbar. The left portrait displays your character’s image and the right portrait shows your selected target's portrait. When targeting another player, right-click the target portrait to view additional options. From here you can whisper, add the player to your Friends List, invite the player to join a group, view more information, request a duel, and trade items. You can also right-click your character portrait to toggle your PvP flag.

Health and Resource Bars

The red gauge next to your portrait is your health bar. The bar diminishes as you take damage, and when it is completely empty, you are defeated and suffer penalties for the loss. When this happens, you have the option of either calling a medical probe to revive you from your current location or returning to the nearest medical center.

The resource bar is directly under the health bar and represents your class specific resource type.

Both the health and resource bars regenerate over time, but some classes can also use their abilities to refill them quickly.

Experience and Current Level

The number next to your portrait is your current level. You increase levels by gaining a certain number of experience points (XP). The yellow XP bar at the top of your Quickbar tracks your XP progress. Once the XP bar is completely filled, your character gains a level.

NOTE: When subscribers spend time in a cantina (including logging out while inside) the XP bar changes color. This change in color indicates that you are rested. While in a rested state, XP gained from killing creatures is greatly increased. Free-to-Play players do not have access to this bonus experience.


The Quickbar located at the bottom of the screen is where all of your assigned quick-select abilities are found. To add more Quickbar slots, go into your Preferences menu and select the amount of Quickbar slots you want to add. Abilities dragged from the Abilities panel into your Quickbar are conveniently assigned to key commands. For more information, see Abilities Panel.

Subscribers may have up to six Quickbars open – Free-to-Play players have only one, but may purchase access to additional Quickbars.

Companion Information

Once you gain a companion, you can choose to summon them to explore the galaxy by your side. When a companion is with you, their information is displayed in the lower left corner of the screen. For more information, see Companions.

Modifying the UI

If you are a subscriber, you can modify your UI by clicking the icon next to your Quickbars. This allows you to choose between several preset UI configurations, or allow you to go into a mode where you can freely move your GUI elements around. You can also reach the edit mode from the system menu by pressing ESC.

Once you have moved the GUI to a location you prefer, you can save that profile.

Free-to-Play players have limited ability to modify their UI.