Skill Tree Panel

Skill Tree Panel

Shortly after leaving the starting planet around level 10, you choose an advanced class in a mission. At this point, the Skill Tree panel is unlocked. To open the Skill Tree panel, press K.

Choose Your Path

Each advanced class has three Skill Trees from which you can choose. Each tree focuses on improving a different skill set. Your choices influence what skills are available and the group role you will play (tank, healer, damage).

Starting at level 10, you receive a single Training Point each time you gain a level. You can spend your points at the Skill Tree panel. Initially, you can only choose from the bottom row of each Skill Tree. Spend five points in a single tree to open up the next row of skills. Spend a total of 10 points on a single tree to open up the third row, and so on, until you reach the top skill.

You can focus solely on a single tree or spread out your Training Points between the three. Keep in mind that you’ll only earn enough points to reach the top tier of a single tree, so plan your choices accordingly! Additionally, skills in higher tiers tend to be more powerful, making it beneficial to focus your choices.

NOTE: Skills with a blue border give passive benefits, increasing the effectiveness of your abilities. You can often invest Training Points in passive skills several times, multiplying the effect of the given benefit. Skills with a green border represent new activated abilities for use during combat.
NOTE: There is an option to remove your Training Points from one tree and apply them to another tree for an in-game Credits fee. This fee increases the more frequently you use this option. However, the fee reduces to a standard fee with time.