Mission Log

Mission Log

To open the Mission Log, press L. Accepting and completing missions is the most effective method to gain experience, Credits, and items in the galaxy. The Mission Log lists all the missions you have accepted. On the left, your missions are categorized by Class, Planet, Open World, and PvP. Each mission is color-coded to indicate the difficulty level. Easy missions, colored gray and green, are below your current level. Yellow missions pose a moderate challenge and are at or around your current level. Difficult missions, colored orange and red, are above your current level. You can view the following information and options on the Mission Log.

  • Tasks: The box to the right displays the selected mission’s recommended level and informs you what objectives need to be accomplished in order to complete it.
  • Summary: Displays a brief description of the mission.
  • Reset: Resets your progress and returns you to the beginning of the mission.
  • Abandon: Lets you abandon the mission. You may pick it up again from the original mission NPC.
  • Track/Untrack: Toggles whether or not the mission appears on the Mission Tracker and the map.
  • Share: Shares the mission with party members. Some missions cannot be shared—when they are unavailable, this option is gray and cannot be selected.

Mission Tracker

When you accept a mission, its title and a brief objective description are listed on the Mission Tracker. Click a mission on the tracker to access the Mission Log. All accepted missions are automatically displayed on the Mission Tracker, but you can toggle individual missions off and on in the Mission Log.


To open the Codex, press L and click the Codex tab. The Codex lists all the information you have gathered on various subjects within the galaxy. You obtain a Codex entry automatically through exploration and discovery. Each Codex entry is organized into sections (Location, Species, Organizations, etc.), and each section has a progress bar and tally to indicate the amount of data available and how much data you have collected on a particular subject.

In order to see your progress and browse the codex entries, select that planet's entry. Each planet entry displays a breakdown of what information has been found on that planet. This breakdown can be maximized and minimized. Select OVERVIEW to compare progress against all planets.