Map Panel

Map Panel

Getting your bearings straight is important for anyone exploring the various planets and locales within the galaxy. To access the Map panel, press M. The Map panel shows a large overhead Area Map, which displays what zone you are currently in. The dark yellow paths on the map show the major roads in the area. Follow those paths to get to your destination quickly. Click the window on the bottom right corner to switch between the Area Map and the World Map. The World Map breaks down every major area on the planet or location into sections.

NOTE: When you move while the Map panel is open, it fades into the background, but the Area Map is visible enough to navigate through an area. The entire Map panel reappears when you stop moving.


The maps display a number of helpful icons to guide you in the right direction. The legend on the left window displays the general icons you find on maps. Use these icons to locate special locations, like vendors or mailboxes. You can only select to view one set of icons at a time.

By default, your party member’s mission objectives are displayed on your map as purple icons. You can disable these icons in your Preferences menu. If you are unsure where your next destination is located, look on the map for any green-colored icons. They guide you to the nearest mission offer or objective.

Player Your Position: Displays your current position.
Companion Companion: Shows your companion's location.
Party Member Party Member: Displays where your group members are located.
Exit with Mission Exit: Indicate where you can move to another area. Hover over the icon to see the name of the area and a list of mission objectives/offers in the area.
Mission Offer Mission Offer: Displays available missions.
Mission Objective Mission Objectives: Displays where the specific task is located. (Party objectives are purple)

Click the menu to locate special locations, like a vendor, trainers, or mailboxes, as well as other options.


When you have a mission that is not on your current map, look for a green arrow icon for guidance. Hover over this arrow to get information about which missions can be completed in this direction. This icon shows where you need to go to get to your mission.

If you are in a group and your group members have a mission in a particular direction while you do not, the arrow on your map is purple instead of green. If you and your group have the same mission, then the arrow remains green.