A Guild is a group of like-minded players who come together to progress in the game. When choosing a Guild, it is strongly recommended you find one with players who share your interest and play patterns. To join an existing Guild, you need to be offered an invitation from a member of that Guild.

To create a Guild, you must:

  • Form a full four-member party (each founding member cannot be a member of another Guild). The leader of the group becomes the Guild Leader. In order to be a Guild Leader, you must be a level 10 character. The Guild Leader can create new ranks of the Guild, and assign powers to those ranks. He or she can also send a message of the day that Guild members see upon login.
  • Pay a one-time 5,000 Credits fee.

Once you have met these requirements, visit the Regional Guild administration office (located on Coruscant for Republic and Dromund Kaas for Empire). Type in the Guild name and click CREATE to start the organization.

Guilds created by and run by Free-to-Play players will find that their Guild features are limited, including being unable to acquire a Guild bank, display their Guild tab overhead or modify the ranks of their Guild.

Guild Window

To open the Guild window, press G. View a list of Guild members currently in the game in the Guild window. Each member displays a level, class, location, Guild rank, and Member note.

The total number of Guild members is displayed on the top-right corner of the panel. Check SHOW OFFLINE MEMBERS to display all members of the Guild, including those not currently logged into the game. The bottom of the panel displays the Guild’s Description and Message of the Day.

Guild Leader Options

The Guild Leader has a number of special features to help organize the Guild’s general activities and events.

  • Roster: View a list of the Guild members, including detailed descriptions of every member.
  • Manage: Add and remove members.