As you get ready to depart from the initial planet on your adventure across the galaxy, you encounter your first ally. This companion wants to join your vessel as a member of your crew. Through the course of your adventures, more characters join your crew. Eventually you can choose which companion joins you on your journey from a full roster of crewmates.

You start your game without a companion, but you acquire one as the story develops and your level increases. Near the end of your first planet is where you have contact with your first companion.

Summoning Companions

You can use the Crew Window to summon your desired companion when you are not in combat. Only one companion can adventure with you at a time. Click the summon companion icon next to the crewmember’s profile to call them to your side. The summoned companion automatically aids you in battle, using his or her abilities to help overcome the enemy. If your companion (or any friendly player) happens to fall in combat, use the Revive ability to bring your ally back into the action.

Companion Quickbar

Use the Companion Quickbar to give basic commands: order your companion to remain passive during combat, use a particular fighting style, or use a specific ability. Toggled abilities are lit at the bottom with a blue light while active. Click the + icon to expand the Companion Quickbar, add additional abilities, and gain manual control of multiple additional abilities. For more information, see Companion AI.

To give items to your companion, select the Companion tab on the Character Sheet, click the item, and drag it within the corresponding slot within the companion sheet.

Changing Companion Appearances

Is the latest companion not meshing well with the look of your crew? Purchase New Appearance packages from Companion Customization Vendors to alter the appearance of your companions. Only subscribers can equip these items.

To give items to your companion, select the Companion tab on the Character Sheet, click the item, and drag it within the corresponding slot within the companion sheet.

Equipping Companions

Equip companions at the Companion tab in your Character Sheet, much in the way you equip yourself. All companions have certain restrictions on what they can or cannot equip.

Affection Points

Each of your companions has a unique personality. Light side or Dark side responses do not affect companions, but they do have their own morals and ideas with which they agree and disagree. As your crew’s leader, your attitude toward others often affects the way your companion sees you. When you respond in a way that aligns with your companion’s viewpoint, you are awarded Affection Points for that companion. On the other hand, acting in a way that aggravates a companion results in lost Affection Points. Increase your companion's affection to explore his or her personal story via conversation and missions.

Only your currently summoned companion is affected during conversations. You can also increase your Affection Points through other means, such as purchased companion gifts and gathering. Be aware, however, that certain gifts may not impress certain companions.

Selling Junk

Not everything you pick up is useful to you. Some items are simply too broken or don’t have a practical use for your needs. To help clear up your inventory and let you focus on the mission at hand, you can send your companion away for a brief time with instructions to sell all low-quality items in your inventory. Right-click the companion's portrait to have them sell junk, or open the Crew Window and select the sell junk icon next to the currently summoned companion to send them off.

Companion AI

You may wish for more control over your companion’s behavior. To customize your level of control, use the AI toggles for each of your companion's abilities to choose whether the companion decides when to his or her abilities, or whether you manually activate the abilities. Players who are not interested in managing their companion can leave the default toggles on and let the companion run on autopilot.