The default control scheme for Star Wars™: The Old Republic™ is listed below. To customize your key bindings, click the gear icon on the tool bar at the top of the game screen to access the Preferences window. Click the Key Binding tab in the lower left and assign your custom key commands.

Movement and Attacking Commands

  • Move W/A/S/D + arrow keys
  • Strafe Q/E
  • Target enemy left-click enemy
  • Attack and support commands 0 – 9, -, or +
  • Hide/show UI ALT + Z
  • Companion commands CTRL + 1 – CTRL + 0

General Commands

  • Select menu or game option left-click option
  • Collect fallen loot or item right-click highlighted area
  • Character Sheet C
  • Inventory I
  • Abilities P
  • Mission Log L
  • Social Window O
  • Guilds G
  • Game Menu ESC
  • Customer Service Help Request CTRL + /

Chat Commands

  • Say /S
  • Yell /Y
  • Whisper to send a private message to another player /W then enter the player's name
  • General chat channel /GENERAL or /1
  • PvP chat channel /PVP or /2
  • Trade chat channel /TRADE or /3
  • Chat only with party members /P
  • Chat only with guild members /G
  • Look for a player /WHO then enter the player’s name