Species Selection

Species Selection

The vastness of the galaxy is matched only by the sheer number of species inhabiting it. After selecting your class, you must then choose your species. Not all species are available to every class.

Freely Available Species

Both subscribers and Free-to-Play players have access to the following species:


Humans are the most common species in the galaxy, and they are the norm against which other species are judged. They are known for their versatility. Humans are found within both Republic and Imperial ranks.


The Zabrak have two visually different cultural groups that are split between Republic and Imperial space and allegiance. Both sides are fiercely independent and known for their horns and facial tattoos.


Cyborgs are Humans enhanced by cybernetic implants. Most cybernetics are implanted into humans to compensate for their injuries.

Subscriber Species

The following races may only be created by players with subscriptions. However, in the future, Free-to-Play players will be able to purchase access to these via the Cartel Market.


Chiss are secretive and mysterious blue-skinned people. They are the only official allies of the Sith Empire, making them a subject of interest to the other species. Only subscribers have free access to this class.


Miraluka is a species that closely resembles Humans. However, they are born without eyes, and instead view the entire galaxy through the movement of the Force within it. Only subscribers have free access to this class.


Mirialan are loyal to the Republic and deeply spiritual, following a religion built around a basic concept of the Force. They tattoo geometric designs onto their faces to celebrate life achievements. Only subscribers have free access to this class.


Rattataki are born and bred in a culture of war, and they never walk away from a fight. They are known to tattoo harsh, deep black symbols across their white skin and serve under the Empire. Only subscribers have free access to this class.


The Twi'lek have long been oppressed with only a small group escaping slavery, and free Twi'lek fight for the Republic. Their colorful skin and long head tails make them instantly identifiable. Only subscribers have free access to this class.

Sith Pure Blood

Descendants of the alien species that gave the name of the Sith Order and humans, Purebloods have a high percentage of Force sensitivity and sharp bone ridges. Only subscribers have free access to this class.

Gender and Appearance

Select the character's gender, and then adjust his or her appearance. Depending on your species and gender, there may be up to 10 features that you can adjust.

Use the sliders in the Appearance box to adjust each feature. Click the arrows on either side of the sliders to view the different options or select the random button to generate a character with random features. If you like an adjustment, you can click the lock icon to lock that adjustment in place. Make note of the slider numbers to share your customized feature set with other players.


Enter a unique name for your character. Other players see this name as your character travels across the galaxy. Your name must be unique. If someone has already selected your name, you will be prompted to choose a different one. You can choose to generate a random name as well.

When you first create your character, you may only choose a first name. Once one of your characters completes chapter one in the game (at approximately level 32), you will earn the right to claim your legacy name. Legacy names do not need to be unique. Subscribers then have the ability to display their legacy name overhead.