All renowned heroes and villains require a means to travel the galaxy in pursuit of their goals. After proving your abilities and reaching the end of the second planet in your character's core storyline, you earn the privilege of captaining your own starship, large enough to hold you and your entire crew.

Starship Amenities

While a starship’s primary function may be space travel, there’s a host of other amenities on board.


Your entire career would be spent traveling if you had to talk to everyone in person. Luckily, your starship comes equipped with a Holoterminal for instant communication. It's especially helpful during missions and for emergency situations.

Cargo Hold

Use the onboard Cargo Hold to clear up your inventory and store items that you don’t directly need on your person. Free- to- Play players do not have access to the Cargo Hold, until they become 'Preferred Status players' by making any cash purchase on the Star Wars™: The Old Republic™ web store at Additional bays become available for extra storage when you reach level milestones indicated when using the Cargo Hold – these storage bays can be purchased for Cartel Coins, and subscribers may also use Credits to purchase them.


Your starship is home to both you and your crew. As your entourage grows, you can find your crew members hanging out in various parts of the ship. Check in with them now and then, as crew members will request your help at times, leading to missions that will strengthen your bond.

NOTE: The Holoterminal and Intercom can only be used when directed through a mission objective.

Galaxy Map

Use the starship’s Galaxy Map to travel around the galaxy with ease. Right-click the map control to view an overhead of the galaxy’s various space sectors. A player icon displays what sector you’re currently stationed in. Hover over a sector to view a list of the planets you can visit as well as the location of current missions.

Sector Icons

Each space sector is split in segments, and each segment is designated as an Imperial Space, a Republic Space, a Neutral Space, or a Contested Space. Hover over a space section to view its owner. Different icons within each sector indicate different actions you can undertake, from engaging in space battles to traveling to different planets and boarding mammoth space stations.


Hover over a planet to view its level range as well as any missions you have there. A blue stripe indicates that the planet is under the Republic’s control, while a red stripe indicates that the planet is under the Empire’s control.

Space Station

Space stations are much smaller than planets but often have useful things like trainers, vendors, and even Flashpoints. You’ll often be directed to space stations through missions, but they’re open to visit at any time.

Space Battle

Space battles challenge you to put your starship to the test and engage in full space combat. You must complete the assigned mission objective before the enemy can destroy you. As you play through the game, more space battles become available.

NOTE: When visiting planets and space stations, your starship is docked in the Ship Airlock. Return at any time to get back on board.

Space Combat

When engaging in space combat, your starship automatically flies through the best lines for attacking the enemy. It’s up to you to avoid incoming fire and space debris. Do your best to stay alive and complete your mission.

  • Move firing cursor: mouse
  • Move ship: W/A/S/D
  • Fire blasters: right-click (hold)
  • Lock onto missile targets: right-click (hold)
  • Fire missiles: right-click (release)
  • Barrel roll: SPACEBAR
NOTE: Your starship has a finite number of missiles, so use them wisely! Starship equipment can increase your missile storage capacity.

Space Missions

You may take part in any unlocked space battle on the galaxy map. Engaging in space combat missions will reward you with credits, XP, and fleet commendations.

Free-to-Play players may only take part in three (3) Space Missions per week. However, they can purchase a weekly pass that will allow them to unlock this limitation.

Fleet Command

You may take part in any unlocked space battle on the galaxy map. Engaging in space combat missions will reward you with credits, XP, and fleet commendations.