Player vs. Player

Republic vs. Empire

At present, the Jedi and the Sith have established an uneasy peace, following a conflict that has gone on for many centuries. Despite the cease-fire, hostilities still continue in scattered sectors of the galaxy. Citizens of the Republic and the Empire alike are in constant danger when traveling these areas.


Practice Duels

Before setting out into contested territory, you can spar with allied players. Right-click a player’s portrait and select REQUEST DUEL to challenge another player to a friendly sparring match. If accepted, engage in a one-on-one battle against each other until one of you is near death.

Open World PvP Territorial Zones

An open world PvP territorial zone is an objective-based area where players work for different factions in order to capture enemy objectives within the world. This mode focuses on guerrilla-style warfare as opposed to combat in large groups.

In most open world PvP areas there are two bases. The goal is to destroy the enemy base and control area. You receive rewards and loot when you complete this task. However, the enemy group can swoop in and retake the objective at anytime.


There are several sectors in the galaxy where the Sith and Jedi are fighting to secure territory. These Warzones are live battlefields where players from both factions fight each other for territory. As a member of either the Republic or the Empire, you can enlist yourself into these Warzones to gain special rewards.

To queue yourself or a group to a Warzone, click the Warzone button on the Mini Map. The Warzone window opens to display PvP stats including your Valor, Rank, and PvP Currency. Select QUEUE SOLO to enlist individually, or form a group and select QUEUE GROUP.

It may take several minutes after you queue a Warzone before you enter the battle. Before the battle begins, pay attention to the descriptions and objectives displayed on the loading screen. You have to complete these objectives in order to win the battle. Win or lose, combatants come back from these skirmishes with lots of XP, Credits, and special rewards.

  • PvP Commendations: Earn medals during a Warzone and receive Commendations for your service. These tokens can be traded in for specialty PvP goods.
  • PvP Valor: Some PvP items require you to be of a certain Valor Rank in order to equip them. Gaining Valor points results in earning a higher Valor Rank. Earn Valor through participating in PvP.

Players may form groups of eight (8) in order to take part in Ranked Warzones. In Ranked Warzones, the success of the team affects the overall PvP Rank of the player. Free-to-Play players may not take part in Ranked Warzones.

Free-to-Play players may only complete in five (5) Warzones per week. A Warzone completion is any Warzone attempt where a Free-to-Play player earns at least one medal. Free-to-Play players may purchase a weekly pass on the Cartel Market to unlock this limitation.