Flashpoints & Operations

Flashpoints & Operations


Flashpoints are action-packed, story-driven adventures that test a group of players to their limits, putting them up against difficult foes in volatile situations. These events feature large, self-contained special areas with enemies that require skill and cooperation to defeat. Flashpoints are more challenging than single-player missions and offer more valuable loot and rewards. These scenarios become available after you complete certain missions or events (like traveling between planets). To participate in a Flashpoint, join or create a full four-player group and travel to the event’s entrance.

Players also participate in group conversations that can affect the outcome of the Flashpoint. During conversations, each group member selects a Choice Wheel response and gets a randomly generated number. The player with the highest roll speaks on behalf of the group and earns a Social Point bonus.

Free-to-Play players may only gain boss loot from three Flashpoint completions per week. Flashpoint completion is an attempt that involved defeating the final boss in the Flashpoint. Free-to-Play players can purchase a weekly pass on the Cartel Market to unlock this limitation.


High-level groups receive Operations that involve eight- to 16-player Instances that are similar to a Flashpoint. These missions have various difficulties, ranging from a standard challenge to an extreme trial. More difficult Operations have better loot drops, so the risks do have rewards. Due to the challenge of Operations, it's important to make use of every player's class and abilities. Teamwork is essential.

Free-to-Play players may not participate in Operations. Free-to-Play players may purchase a weekly pass on the Cartel Market to unlock this limitation.