Crew Skills

Crew Skills

Your companions can help you in more than combat. Companions can also assist with errands and can have tradeskills assigned to them.

Subscribers can use up to three (3) crew members’ skills simultaneously, while Free-to-Play players can only use one at a time.

Crew Management

As your crew grows, so does your ability to craft. Open the Crew Window to order crew members to collect or craft new items. Select a Mission or Gathering tradeskill item to view available missions, and depending on the crewmember’s mission performance, they may return with a low, medium, or high supply yield. Successful missions increase your skill level with the corresponding tradeskill.

Crew Bonuses

Some crewmembers are particularly adept at certain trade skills, increasing the chance that they will return with high yields when undertaking the specific trade skill. The crewmember’s profile lists any bonuses when sending them out on assignment.


Slicing, Archaeology, Bioanalysis, and Scavenging focus on collecting crafting items throughout the galaxy.


Underworld Trading, Treasure Hunting, Investigation, and Diplomacy focus on collecting items throughout the galaxy, similar to the Gathering tradeskills. The items collected through Mission tradeskills, however, differ from those collected through Gathering and sometimes offer rare ingredients or even Companion Gifts.


Biochem, Artifice, Cybertech, Armormech, Synthweaving, and Armstech focus on the creation of equippable items created from ingredients discovered through the Gathering and Mission tradeskills.

Crafting Exceptional Items

There is a chance that an item you craft will be of exceptional quality. Exceptional quality items are labeled with a special prefix and possess an augment slot. Augments can be installed to make crafted items more powerful. Items that do not have augment slots may be augmented with the use of the appropriately powerful Augment Kit. However, Free-to-Play players may not add augment slots.

Reverse Engineering

After choosing your crafting skills, you’re given the ability to reverse engineer certain items in your inventory. Reverse engineering breaks items down into components you can then use to craft new items, including a higher quality version of that same item. You can reverse engineer most items that you craft and some items that you find in the world. To reverse engineer an item, open your Inventory Module and left-click the reverse engineering icon.

Reverse engineering an item gives you a chance to learn how to create a superior version of that item. The ability to reverse engineer items in your inventory chance is drastically reduced for Free-to-Play Players.