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Tales of my soloing ( plus companion)

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Tales of my soloing ( plus companion)

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12.27.2011 , 05:33 PM | #1
First time I tried to solo in this game, it was just some minutes ago in Tantoine. After a glorious battle, I killed him, no rewards no mentions to my heroic fight. Ok, I still enjoyed searching for a target for 10 minutes.

Then I found a Smugler, a filthy Republican traitor, he runs away on his speeder, I could feel his fear, I aproach to him then Charge. I moved directly with no doubt to him, Im a Sith Warrior, no doubts allowed. But when I reach him, nothing happened, he could scape in his speeder to the guards while my charge just moved me into sand and made me unable to keep chasing this target.

For me it is so bad that Openfield dont gives PvP xp, or Valor or Whatever you want to call it, but with SW Lore I can accept it even enjoy being 10 min to chase a Jedi and kill him, even that he is able to resurect in 5 SECONDS near to me.

But I take it. But I cant stand that I charge to an enemy and charge doesnt do anything. Unacceptable.

Fix it:

- Working Charges so targets dont flee. In a PvP server fleeing from 1vs1, WoW culture destroyed pvp.

- Give Rewards to killing in open field. Valour at least, not much as you want. Titles too maybe, for killing JEdis or for Solo Kills.

-Make pvp areas more accesible to the other faction so you can pvp easily. That free pvp area is useless and separates both factions making it hard to find action. Even that I like exploration, but there are too many guards arround, its not clear where the other factions members are supossed to be.

With SW Lore History and Universe, Bioware can do much more with this game. And more knowing there are Mythic members working on this game. I hope they listen to us , the true pvpers.
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