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Can you fix the spawn walls please?

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Can you fix the spawn walls please?

Coyotecalls's Avatar

12.27.2011 , 05:30 PM | #1
I am tired of watching from behind a force field as the enemy team walks all over us.

I died and was placed into the holding room and I watched as one of the enemy team dropped down from their spawn point, lowered the red force field that separates them from the shuttle bay and then hoped down and planted a bomb on the door before I could even leave the room. The bomb went off before we could even get -to- it much less have a chance to disarm it.

The force fields stopping people from getting back into the game are annoying in -every- type of PVP and I have no idea why you think they are a good idea but the fact you can win matches by killing yourself at the right time to exploit the timers needs to be fixed.

What *********** moron at your company thinks "Hurry up and wait." is a fun game to play?
Wow, reading some of these posts, it's amazing we can actually function as a society at all...
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