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01.02.2013 , 03:17 PM | #141
Species/Race: Mirialan
Name: Promathia
Middle Name:
Last Name: Danika
Nickname: Pro
Gender: Female
Date of Birth:
Place of Birth: Tython
Age: 17
Height: 6"0'
Weight: 146
Hair Color/Style: Browm
Facial Appearance: Traditional Mirialan facial tatoos
Eye Color: Brown
Body Appearance:
Home Planet: Coruscant
Current Residence: Coruscant
Allegiance: Centurion
Profession: Praetor
Armor/Clothes: Medium full body white cloak, brown boots, brown gloves with matching visor, brown belt
Primary Weapon(s): Pink-purple main hand lightsaber
Secondary Weapon(s): Blue off hand lightsaber
Miscellaneous Item(s):

Up until her meeting of Jedi Guardian Master Cordyn, much of Promathia's past is left to herself. It is certain during some point of her life she choose neither light nor dark, instead dedicated her use of the force to the Centurion order. In her eyes the order had told too many lies, and the sith were too selfish, hence her helping for the Centurion order under Master Cordyn as a Praetor

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01.05.2013 , 12:52 AM | #142
Species/Race: Chiss
Name: Lee'ona
Middle Name: none
Last Name: unknown
Nickname: dasher
Gender: Female
Date of Birth: unknown
Place of Birth: unknown
Age: approx 16 rotations
Height: 1.6 meters
Weight: 48kg
Hair Color/Style: shoulder length held back by cloth
Facial Appearance: freckled with a scar under her chin
Eye Color: red
Body Appearance: small
Home Planet: unknown, but first found on Hoth by republic researchers
Current Residence: Tython
Allegiance: Jedi order
Profession: padawan
Armor/Clothes: padawan learner garments
Primary Weapon(s): practice blade
Secondary Weapon(s): none
Miscellaneous Item(s): none

Found by two explorers researching the animal life on Hoth. Found a baby crying in a Wampanoag cave, likely the next victim. Raised for six years by the researchers while on Hoth, but when they returned to Coruscant to report their findings and ask for another grant a Jedi sensed the child's strength in the force and she was quickly brought into the order for training. Been there ever since.
Her masters believe she has potential and has a true innocence about her, but she is rash and too quick to act. They hope that with age and study she will outgrow these tendencies.

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01.06.2013 , 03:51 AM | #143
Hey everyone, I'm not sure if anyone knows or remembers me, I used to frequent this thread a lot back in the day (before the forums were wiped). Anyway, I've been going through the new entries recently and I have a suggestion.

I would like to invite everyone to do the Mary Sue Litmus Test. I'm quite curious what score people get.
"Should we arrive at certainty without doubt and truth without error, it behooves us to place the foundations of knowledge in mathematics." - Roger Bacon
This is Vireth Danea, my Sith OC.

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01.06.2013 , 12:58 PM | #144
Quote: Originally Posted by Kyneris View Post
Hey everyone, I'm not sure if anyone knows or remembers me, I used to frequent this thread a lot back in the day (before the forums were wiped). Anyway, I've been going through the new entries recently and I have a suggestion.

I would like to invite everyone to do the Mary Sue Litmus Test. I'm quite curious what score people get.
I got 4.

It took forever doing the test too
Semper Paratus

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01.12.2013 , 03:26 AM | #145
Species/Race: Twi'lek
Name: Tritikeng
Last Name: Davis
Gender: Male
Place of Birth: Ryloth
Age: 23
Height: 6' 5"
Weight: 221
Eye Color: Blue
Body Appearance: Muscular, red skin color
Home Planet: Ryloth
Current Residence: Korriban
Allegiance: Sith
Profession: Inquisitor
Primary Weapon(s): Training saber
Miscellaneous Item(s): one journal

Biography: Tritikeng was taken from Ryloth by slavers at the age of 7. Prized for his strong physique and seemingly instinctual ability to find treasures within a pile of scrap, he found himself tossed around between multiple masters, never being able to stay with one for long before being taken away by another. Most recently, he has found himself in the service of the Sith and forced to choose between fighting for the privilege of being the apprentice of one Lord Zash or becoming another body in a pile of failures. *

* Will be doing journal entries from him as he progresses in game, more of himself may be revealed through these.

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01.14.2013 , 11:06 AM | #146
Species: Human
Name: Ziada
Last Name: Zalesh
Gender: Male
Date of Birth: 15 BTC
Place of Birth: Naboo
Age: 29
Height: 6'8"
Weight: 230 lbs.
Hair Color/Style: Short, Spiked towards the front, amd brown
Facial Appearance: A triangle face with a medium sized nose green eyes and thin side burns with a thin goatee that hangs about an inch off the chin
Body Appearance: Tall and muscular
Home Planet: Coruscant
Place of Residence: The Guardian, his ship issued to him by the jedi council
Allegiance: The Jedi Order, The Supreme Chancelor
Proffesion: Jedi Guardian
Armor/Clothes: A Brown hooded robe with heavy durasteel armor underneath and shoulder pads and two plates of armor on his back heavily plated leggings, boots and gloves and a visor to protect his eyes
Main Weapon: An artfully crafted green saber
Secondary Weapon: The Force which he uses to strengthen himself and augment his speed and many other things
Biography: The distant ancrstor of Darth Masirif, Dark Council Member and father of Darth Masif the Emperors wrath,He is extremely powerful in the force and fiercely loyal to the jedi council although he disagrees with the rule of no attachments believing that by using his love for his padawan Kira he can strengthen his connection to the force.

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01.14.2013 , 12:56 PM | #147
This is my sith
Species: Sith
Name: Masif Zalesh
Nickname: Wrath
Age: 35
Height: 7'0"
Weight: 250 lbs.
Date of Birth: 500 BTC
Place of Birth: Dromund Kaas
Home Planet: Dromund Kaas
Place of Residence: The Citadel
Hair Style: None
Facial Appearance: An oval face with deep red skin and eyes. Tendrils that look like a beard and a golfen plate on his nose a gold nose ring and two golden ear rings.
Body Appearance: Very tall and well built.
Alliegance: to The Emperor alone
Proffesion: The Emperors Wrath
Main Weapons: Two sabers with two identical yellow crystals imbued with slight healing powers through years of darkside meditation
Secondary Weapon: The Darkside
Miscellaneous Items: A shock collar trigger to keep his twi'lek slave in line
Biography: Born to the powerful Dark Council member Darth Masirif, Masif passed his trials extremely quickly. At the age of 14, Masif was betrayed by his master. After 2 minutes of intense saber combat Masif killed his master and took hus lightsaber. Seeing high potential in the young sith, The Emperor trained him personally. Masif became The Emperor's wrath. As The Emperors Wrath Masif was given eternal life. At the age of 200 Masif went too deep into the Darkside and became so powerful that he exploded with darkside energy. 20 years later a young sith named Lord Scourge took his place

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01.23.2013 , 12:34 AM | #148
First Name: Ravvok

Last Name: Skathlonn

Nicknames: None

Species: Human

Height: 1.83 meters

Weight: 177 lbs.

Date of Birth: Eighth day of the sixth month,*16 BTC

Gender: Male

Age: 29

Hair Color: Silver

Hair Style: Swept and long

Facial Appearance: Lightsaber scar going up his face on the left, Sith star tattoo on the right

Eye Color: Darkside III coloring

Body Appearance: Athletic, tan

Place of Birth: Rekkiad

Home Planet: Raxxus

Current Residence: The Astral Annihilator (Fury-class interceptor)

Allegiance: Empire, himself

Profession: Sith Lord (Marauder)

Armor/Clothes: Eradicator's Warsuit, respirator covering mouth and nose

Primary Weapons: Dread Sith Militant Lightsaber (orange blade, synthetic Katak power crystal), Dread Battlefield Command Lightsaber (orange blade, synthetic Katak power crystal)

Secondary Weapons: The Force

Misc. Items: An amulet around his neck containing his father's lightsaber crystal, Sith holocron of his deceased father

Force Powers: Force push, Force crush, Force shock, Force concealment (short period of time), Force choke, Force Storm, Sith Battle Trance, Battle Meditation, Force roar, Force leap

Lightsaber Form: Juyo/Jar'kai/Ataru Mixture

Personality: While still a dark-sider, Ravvok has a strong sense of honor and patience. He is a good strategist and a cunning warrior. He can be brash, but is mostly calm and collected.

Roughly 20 years prior to the Sacking of Coruscant, a civilian space transport called the Okedda crash-landed on the surface of Rekkiad. Living amongst the frozen wastes, the survivors of the crash limited their rations greatly. Amongst the survivors was a renegade Sith named Darth Elisstias Skathlonn and his wife Kasinda. Kasinda was pregnant with a boy, and Elisstias knew he would be strong in the Force. When the child was born, Kasinda died in childbirth, leaving Elisstias to raise the newborn. Naming his son Ravvok, (mixing the words Ravage and a variant on the word Havoc together), Elisstias could sense the Force flowing through the young child. Soon another ship came to Rekkiad and rescued the survivors, of which few were remaining. Elisstias slaughtered the crew and the rest of the survivors, and took his son to Raxxus. There, young Ravvok trained until the age of 13, when the Sith finally caught up with Elisstias. Worrying about his own survival, Ravvok took his father's lightsaber and slaughtered the old man. He also took his father's Sith holocron and amulet, fleeing away from his home. He ended up being caught by the Sith about 4 years later, and was taken to Korriban for training at the Sith academy.

Mixing what Ravvok already knew about lightsaber combat and his father's holocron,Ravvok became a top-of-class duelist and caught the notice of Lord Morva, apprentice to Darth Sindo. Morva saw the potential in the 16-year old boy, and he ordered that this young Sith be taken under the wing of Overseer Renval alongside a few other apprentices. Ravvok found that his father's lightsaber was unfit for the boy's style and disposed of it, taking a training blade instead. Then began Ravvok's formal Sith training.

Renval's first main trial for the acolytes was to enter the Tomb of Marka Ragnos and each find a specific object. Ravvok was assigned to find a tablet of some importance. It wasn't very difficult, as the only thing that stood in his way were a few crazed soldiers and some psychotic apprentices, and they were little challenge. Ravvok retrieved the tablet, but devised a plan to gain more prestige with Renval. Intercepting another acolyte on his way out, Ravvok killed the young man in a duel and took his artifact. The acolytes returned to Renval and Ravvok presented his double reward. Renval was greatly surprised to see Ravvok's cunning, and opted to keep a close eye on him.

The second main trial was within the Tomb of Tulak Hord. There were four artifacts to be found in order to weed out the weak. There were originally 10 apprentices, but when Ravvok killed one, there were 9 left. This was meant so that it was cut down from 9 to 4. Ravvok was assigned to retrieve the tablet inside the Red Engine, and so were two other apprentices. Ravvok cut his way through the atrium and arrived at the Red Engine. The two others followed, and when the two arrived at the Machine Vault, they saw Ravvok kill the K'lor'slug broodmother, and sprinted for the tablet. Ravvok quickly intercepted them. He brought his blade through one with ease and began a lengthy duel with the other. The duel was slowly tipping in favor of the other until Ravvok found a weakness; his opponent's left flank. Ravvok feinted right, then up, then went left and impaled his opponent through the side of the other's ribcage. Ravvok took the tablet and returned back to Overseer Renval. Of course, he wasn't surprised when only two others came back. A Rattataki girl, and Pureblood male. The Pureblood held two artifacts, copying Ravvok's strategy. Ravvok took the liberty of finally memorizing his name: Skolao.

The third and final main trial was to go into the Tomb of Naga Sadow and retrieve an ancient artifact known as the Rod of Vitality. Apparently Darth Sindo had found out about Morva's operating-behind-his-back and disciplined the lesser lord in some way, and now wanted a near-impossible-to-reach artifact as a subtle way to kill off all Renval's acolytes. Halfway into the tomb, Ravvok encountered the Rattataki and the two fought. Ravvok defeated the girl and fought his way to the supposed location of the Rod of Vitality. Of course, he saw Skolao on the other side of the chasm, already nearing the rod. Ravvok sped up and killed his way to the other side of the chasm. He caught up with his rival just as the other was about to grasp the rod. The two dueled, and as the scales tipped in Ravvok's favor, Skolao began throwing punches here and there meant to knock his opponent off-balance. Ravvok knew this would prove fatal for his foe and caught one of the punches, broke Skolao's arm, cut off his other, and finished by sweep-striking his chest. He kicked his rival's corpse into the chasm and took the rod. However, the ground shook, and a terrible sight to behold came forth.

Ravvok stood with training blade in one hand, rod in the other, facing the Sithspawn terenatek. It was massive, and seemed hungry as if it hadn't eaten in thousands of years. Ravvok got into his readying stance, left foot forward and blade over his head, pointing at his foe. The demon moved first, charging, and Ravvok slid under it just in time. He cut one of the creature's legs, but that only made it even madder. Ravvok had to use everything he knew to defeat the beast, and then some. Finally Ravvok found the secret. He dodged the beast's pounding fists, jumped, vaulted off the creature's head, Force-dashed under it, and, with a mighty leap-of-faith, cut upward. This sewed a massive scar within the Sithspawn and it roared out. Ravvok landed safely, blade ready, but the opportunity never rose. The massive, demonic creature fell into the chasm, and Ravvok left the tomb.

The young warrior soon returned to Renval and presented the rod. Sindo was watching in the shadows, and stepped forward to praise the young acolyte for doing the impossible. the Dark Lord took the rod and ordered Ravvok to slaughter the Overseer. Ravvok did as he was told, and was placed under tutelage of Lord Morva. Sindo had recognized Morva's hand in the recruitment of the promising young acolyte, and gifted the lesser lord with an apprentice of his own. Ravvok then took on his own lightsaber, a gold-bladed Sith Militant lightsaber, and it would serve Ravvok well for many years.

Ravvok was 22 by the time all these events took place, and soon took the path of the Marauder due to his proficiency with dual-weapons. He had learned the tactic long ago from his father's holocron, but kept it in reserve for after he had passed the trials. He constructed his second quite different from traditional ways: For one, the hilt was curved and it had a smaller-emitter guard which circled the emitter. It was steel-plated with black leather as a grip. Soon after becoming a marauder, Ravvok lead many pivotal actions, including the arrest of rogue Sith Bezno Kaviss at age 23, and an assault on a Republic ship that had stolen schematics for upgrades of Imperial ships at age 25. One of his more famous actions was the defeat of Jedi Master Kovan Trev'el at a skirmish above Vjun. But when Ravvok turned 27, he played a pivotal role in the takedown of Lord Morva's master, Darth Sindo.

Ravvok was soon given a plan of action by his master. Taking a strike squad of experienced lightsaber pike-wielding shadowguards into Darth Sindo's base on Hoth, the team assaulted the compound with efficiency. Ravvok went to confront Sindo, and when he did it was the hardest the young man had ever fought. Sindo was a talented duelist, but Ravvok had all the training of his father, a master duelist, as well as being taught along the road by Lord Morva. It took all of Ravvok's energy reserves to keep the fight drawn-out. Ravvok knew he couldn't hold up much longer, and for the first time gave himself totally to the dark side. In his anger and hatred, he discovered a talent he didn't know he could use: a Sith *battle trance. Calling upon the dark side for strength and agility, Ravvok put down Sindo with ease as the elder Sith was taken off-guard by Ravvok's new move. After the fight, the younger Sith was exhausted and could barely walk. Nevertheless, he and the strike squad returned to Morva, their mission a success.

Morva became a Darth a year after Sindo fell, and his first action was to make Ravvok a Lord. Morva gave Ravvok permission to choose an apprentice, but the young lord soon found that most of the acolytes were incompetent and relied on each other for strength, creating a weaker generation whenever they teamed up to kill their Overseer. He found that this was what was bringing the Sith down. He also saw that the Empire would've destroyed the Republic long ago if not for the infighting. Ravvok began searching, but to no avail, so he continued to fight against the Republic and, secretly, his master who had risen to the Dark Council.
War Hero Drazir
Carnage Marauder
Ebon Hawk, U.S --> Star Forge, U.S.

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02.28.2013 , 05:58 PM | #149
Well might as well.
Species: Human
Name: Tridan Ampora
Nickname: Blue Jay
Date of Birth: (whenever convenient)
Place of Birth: Oceanic planet (forgot the name)
Age: 15 standard years
Height: 6'0
Weight: 135 lbs.
Hair Color/Style: long black with purple streak
Facial Appearance: Long scar across right eye. no facial hair.
Eye color: black (can glow purple)
Body Appearance: Kind of muscular
Home planet: Oceanic planet (again name)
Current Residence: Balmorra
Allegiance: My own
Profession: (former) Sith Assassin
Armor/Clothes: Black hooded cloak and pants. Yin Yang necklace
Primary Weapon: Double-bladed lightsaber (one side white, other black.)
Secondary Weapons: Two lightsabers (one blue, one red.)
Miscellaneous item(s): none

Not too much about me, just had a little run in with jedi forces, kinda killed instead of captured, disowned by sith, have 1 companion (Deskar- (former) imperial agent). Very wise. That's 'bout it.
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02.28.2013 , 06:01 PM | #150
Almost forgot.
Ship: The Condescension (Black ship, powerful cannons and turrets. can turn invisible)
"Having a mind isn't the same thing as using one"