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Open World PVP Ideas

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Open World PVP Ideas

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12.26.2011 , 04:12 PM | #1
I think open world pvp is something everyone would like to see be fleshed out. I figured a thread to discuss ideas would be convenient for others who are interested.

So here is an idea that just popped into mind. Very basic but please if something sounds incredibly stupid just say so.

Make open world objectives that when held give some kind of small bonus to same side players on that planet and give some kind of commendation or something for fighting to take that objective. I imagine this objectives and bonuses would be planet specific. Why? I think it would encourage people to specifically like taking objectives and fighting over a planet. In my mind that makes for some fun encounters though I can see it possibly failing miserably if there aren't enough people.

Have it be active at specific times during the day so people know when to look for a fight and also can't simply sit there and do some weird kind of objective farming all day. when one side wins have it lock until the next time during the day when it can be contested again.

Maybe these objectives unlock unique world bosses. Maybe they allow your side access to a special vendor who sells something special. Or like I said they give your entire side some kind of bonus. Maybe everyone gains 10% more xp as long as you control the objective (which resets on some kind of hourly or daily schedule, or even weekly, it would depend on the objective).

Infact having some kind of varying schedule of objectives would be kind of interesting. Some objectives that are smaller and maybe there are several of across the planet refresh on some kind of hourly schedule while some others that there are maybe only 1 of refresh on a daily or weekly schedule.

Ideas. Criticism. Everything is good. Ideas are good and while I know Bioware can't see and listen to every little thing, maybe if enough people show interest in a few strong ideas Bioware will experiment in the future.