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Listen to the hardcore players.

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Listen to the hardcore players.

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11.19.2012 , 06:58 PM | #391
Quote: Originally Posted by Scan View Post
QFT 100% right.

I agree farmville style players NEED to be catered too, but there is NOTHING in SW:TOR for the competative raider, as i said im not what i would consider ultra hardcore, but even our guild had a raiding party of 50's BEFORE early access was finsihed and we had completed NM EV before the end of January!

If there had been at least one or two bosses requiring a few months practice with rewards to suit then we would still be playing, never tune these bosses or the titles they gave, then when new content hits just remove the boss forever, JUST ONE OR TWO BOSSES out of reams of content would not be missed.

These bosses would then become legendary within the lore of TOR. My most vivid memory of WoW was the Vanilla defeat of C'thun (it took six weeks of practice as a 40 man raid), we were the first ally guild on our server to down him and if anyone knows what it took then they know of the pedigree required. My respect to anyone that killed the Sleeper in EQ or C'thun in Vanilla.
Wow, would THAT make you feel important enough rofl

Theres no such content because diverting so much resources to developing content for 0,1% of players is plain stoopid.

Go back to EQ.

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11.19.2012 , 07:18 PM | #392
Quote: Originally Posted by Avatarless View Post
So.. this is why WoW, with it's over 10 million subscribers once again, moved away from catering to the hardcore and made their game more casual friendly.

Obviously a poor business choice. In my experience it's the 'hardcore' players that are the first to jump ship when the next new MMO comes out cause they want to 'conquer' that as well. This game needs loyal players at the moment to keep it afloat.
yup, but hardcore players don't care,
they always speak loud at forum about GAME too EASY,
the causal ppl r silence , they just keep unsub, not say anything, cause they don't care,
and the fanboi tell them to shut up and leave quietly,
so u can see once again , after f2p, the server online ppl is fewer than server merge at 2012.06!
well done, BW, average PUG still failed at hm ec, what the hel is that?
and hm tfb is not hard but still freak average ppl away from it?
why is that? cause u listen to hardcore nerd, then u keep ur sub away from ur company pocket.

we have a good team once,
easy progress endgame raid,
but we know ppl don't like hardcore stuff these days,
EQ already prove it it wrong, and BW still didn't learn mistake from history,

now our RL gone because he is sick of members don't show up,
and why is that? cause u , BW, listen to the hardcore ppl, make this game don't entertain average ppl,
so they don't show up on schedule , then u will suffer of sub dropping again, this fake f2p won't save it, watch.
English is not my first language, still working on it.