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Marauder *sugestions,problems, 101*

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Marauder *sugestions,problems, 101*

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12.25.2011 , 01:51 AM | #1
hello, the current Marauder is broken and needs a complete overhaul "from a pvp Prespective"
i play a marauder, and have valor 32, i basicly only have done PvP
also have played the other class's, for a general feeling. (most of them to L20)

oke so what is wrong with the Marauder, from my prespective.

first the class machanics, 30 points fury is in a PvP map seldom archivable
and also like to point out it only boost the group, not the whole raid. (4 man)

remove this machanics, give those 2 skills a CD, sounds like a reasonable fix.

first the general play.
this class, have to many "tools" and that aint very handy in PvP, especialy if you have no macro's
some of those skills are complete worthless, but keep coming back in you'r face.

complete worthless in PvP, and takes to long animation + refuse sometimes to cast.

Force Scream
Basicly their is nothing wrong with the skill, but in PvP it sometime's keeps lock in animation
and player loss time, while trying to cast it.

Vicious Smash
not really a design fault, but do to limited buttons i removed this skill from hotbar

is to high, most people. have 1-4 and 3 mouse hot key's bound, leave only 7 skills under direct control.
Marauder have something like 15 skills, and all +- needed for successfull PvP.

small run down.

Saber Ward
Cloak of Pain
Crippling Slash
Pommel Strike
Savage Kick
Force Camouflage

makes Retaliation less of a core skill
remove Cloak of Pain, give Saber Ward bonus from the Rage/Annihilation tree
Pommel Strike, Savage Kick a more direct skill. so people gonna use it
remove Assault or Battering Assault (no need for 2 Fury builders)
or makes Battering Assault adv class only skill.

now lets move on the skills.
the current skill tree is srewed over the gamer, into trashing at least 5 points.
(especialy Rage and Annihilation)
i find it a little disapointing, that this pass beta.

Brutality (wasted)
Interceptor (worthless)
shii-Cho Mastery, it skill it self is good. but wasted with a multi build

Enraged Charge (very low contrubution for being better)
Erupting Fury (?? worthless no idea why it's even their)
Enraged Assault (on a test dummy i see it's a usefull something, but we talking about PvP, so 3 seconds is worthless
sudden add a damage boost to it Same go's for Rattling Voice.

quick recover (it's involve smash no need to say more)
Pulverize (it links to Vicious Smash, and push you to tab deeper into Annihilation)

encourge a mix of class's, give each form a boost to a other form.
so people can't basicly not trash points.

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12.25.2011 , 11:54 AM | #2
no comments?