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Came back and wanted advice

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Came back and wanted advice

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04.26.2014 , 09:38 PM | #1
Hey guys and gals,

Been out of the game for a bit, and so am coming back and wanted to know how certain things were with the state of the game class wise with recent updates. Been trying to decide on what to pick up again class wise so didn't know what direction to aim at. Mainly deal with the PvE side of the game, and like to live on the DPS side of the house. Before I took off I tried my hand at Sentinel/Mara, Sniper, Guardian, and ended my trip with Shadow. With some of the newer stuff didn't know what to jump behind again. Just want to have fun, blow some stuff up, and handle a lot of the stuff soloish due to time constraints sometimes.

I have tried to read up on some stuff, and things just seem confusing. Just wanted some advice and insight that people might have about the classes in general so I can get back into the swing of things properly. Just wanted a different way of looking at things that might help me grab one and have fun in the game again. Hope you guys can help.

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04.26.2014 , 10:26 PM | #2
Gonna use Pub side terms if that's all right with you.

Sentinel: Watchman is still underperforming due to lack of burst and long ramp-up time, Combat does quite nicely and has the best burst in the game, Focus was nerfed in PvP but remains good in PvE, and there's a 11/2/33 hybrid known as DoTsmash that is tricky to play but puts up big numbers.

Guardian: Defense is fine and got a really nice tool in 2.0 with the addition of Saber Reflect, Vigilance is no longer RNG-dependent and does fairly well, Focus was nerfed in PvP but remains good in PvE.

Sage: Seer is fine, TK got made less RNG-dependent, Balance had its force-management issues worked on.

Shadow: Kinetic Combat works well but no longer uses self-heals and rather builds up defensive buffs instead, Infiltration has good burst but is fiddly and doesn't do well in longer fights, Balance is a little gimped due to lack of burst.

Scoundrel: Sawbones lost the ability to keep tanks alive indefinitely with Emergency Medpac spam but is still good, Scrapper has much better sustained damage now, Dirty Fighting melts face especially when facing multiple enemies.

Gunslinger: Sharpshooter still delivers reliable sustained damage, Saboteur suffered a bit from the Freighter Flyby nerf but still has the best AoE in the game and can "wallbang" bosses that are tanked in a corner for massive damage, Dirty Fighting got some nice buffs recently and is competitive again, and there's a 5/18/23 hybrid making the rounds and putting up decent numbers.

Commando: Combat Medic has crazy crazy utility with multi-target Trauma Probe, Gunnery just got buffed and made less RNG-dependent, Assault Specialist still puts up excellent sustained damage but lacks burst. EDIT: There's talk of a 2/28/16 hybrid becoming viable with recent changes (it's been POSSIBLE in theory since 2.0), but there's not much information in on that yet.

Vanguard: Shield Specialist works well but suffers from a few weird idiosyncrasies of stat optimization, Tactics is decent overall but only excels in multi-target fights, and Assault Specialist is underperforming somewhat but is okay for the most part.
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04.27.2014 , 07:28 AM | #3
Thanks for the rundown