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Very low frame rates

yoazzismine's Avatar

04.10.2014 , 06:02 PM | #1
Hey everyone, I experiencing extremely low frame rates and and can't figure out why. I played all the way back in closed beta and up until 08/12 before I had to quit, and fairly consistently held a comfortable 40fps on the max settings. Returned this past November to find extremely low fps on any graphics setting (13fps average on VERY LOW), and have submitted multiple tickets to get nothing but a generic "update your drivers" response. I have since upgraded to far a superior PC, yet I am still suffering abysmal fps.

I have an AMD 8350 Black series processor, 16gbs of RAM, and a Sapphire Radeon HD7770 (and yes the drivers and AMD Catalyst are up to date lol), 2 TB 6gbs internal HDD, and am on Win7 64-bit. I know this game supposedly "hates AMD", but I do not see how it could possible be running this poorly even on the lowest settings.

I mean this is absolutely infuriating as I have been with this game since testing and am giving them $15 every month, but I can't even walk around in my own ship anymore - much less play actual game content. Any ideas oh mighty interwebz, other than quit and play ESO rofl?

OwenBrooks's Avatar

04.10.2014 , 10:19 PM | #2
Google AMD FX Win 7 hotfixes, should be 2 of them, never know may help a bit

First thing to ask is windows power management set to high performance ?