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What classes have you enjoyed the most?

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What classes have you enjoyed the most?

Master_Hitsugaya's Avatar

03.01.2014 , 04:01 PM | #1
Ok so I got my bounty hunter(powertech/pyrotech) to 55 last week and also have a lvl 44 Jedi sentinal(combat spec)
And. I have enjoyed both of these. I really enjoyed the first chapter of the bounty hunter story and after that it was kind of meh, but I have also loved bounty hunters combat animations and just playing one.

My Jedi knight is my only republic character and while I can't say there was anything outstanding I have enjoyed him overall.

So I was just wondering what classes people enjoyed and what the liked about them story? Combat?

magicfrek's Avatar

03.01.2014 , 04:10 PM | #2
In terms of story, I think the agent's is the most interesting, but the warrior gets the best companions. The bounty hunter has my least favorite story. This is just for Empire characters, I have not finished any of the republic stories.

For gameplay, Assassin and Juggernaut are my two favorites. Doesn't matter if I am tanking or dpsing, it is still a lot of fun. I also have fun dpsing as a powertech or marauder, and healing as an operative.
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Master_Hitsugaya's Avatar

03.01.2014 , 05:42 PM | #3
I actually have a lvl 23 sith sorc(lightning spec) and a lvl 17 Sniper( marksman spec) that I plan on lvling during the double xp weekend. I feel like I will enjoy them and I like that with the exception of thundering blast my sith sorc pretty much has all the skills I will use in his rotation (affliction,crushing darkness, lightning strike,reelessness, lightning storm, and chain lightning) while using overload/unnatural preservation/ static barrier as defense skills make the sorc nice( I am using HK-51 as my comp) I have not played the agent much.

jaytdasme's Avatar

03.01.2014 , 06:37 PM | #4
i have all Pub 55 classes. i have an assassin 55 and a sniper 53 but unfortunately by the time i made those dudes i stopped caring about story and was more interested in getting buff and rich. So i don't have much feedback for those.

My best experience was my knight. Trooper was first toon for me then sage but guardian became my main with scoundrel as second main. Jedi knight in my opinion has the most interesting story by far. Although being a tank i often feel useless (primarily in PvP) it's a very fun class. Scoundrel is also very fun class but it's such a challenging playstyle. I think that once you fully level and master a scoundrel/operative it in tern makes you an all around better player at the game and helps you preform better with your other characters do to it being so engaging and other classes are relatively more controlled and relaxed. therefore when i put as much effort into my Sin as i have been forced to with my Scoundrel, i find that i impress myself sometimes.

While all of the classes are fascinating and have their perks, as a fan of the the star wars universe, it gets hard to favorite a non-lightsaber user imo. I find i'm always coming back to the knight if not for any other reason than sentiment and immersion.
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TACeMossie's Avatar

03.02.2014 , 06:22 AM | #5
Combat Style?

Assault VG/Pyro PT
Balance Sage/Madness Sorc
Hybrid Sage/Sorc
Engineering Sniper/Saboteur Slinger

Story Line?

Agent, Warrior, Knight, Smuggler.
I missed a lot of the troopers storyline though cause I did literally everything possible, and ended up hitting the level cap at voss.
Lightside BH was also pretty enjoyable.

Assam's Avatar

03.04.2014 , 08:02 AM | #6
I have been fortunate enough to finish all classes and have enjoyed them all for different reasons

Jedi Knight stands as a favourite storyline for me as I really felt very Jedi Knight like and all of it had this wonderful epic feel about it. Best ending of the lot of the stories.

Consular, I played first, I can see why it is not everyone's cup of Tea but I really like the Force and diplomacy side of it all and it had a nice twist at the end. I do love the animations for the powers as well, very good.

Smuggler was hilarious fun, I didn't like the game play as much as I really enjoyed being a Smuggler, I felt like Han Solo so much. Getting into the most amount of trouble and somehow pulling through despite the odds was very satisfying

Trooper - in two minds about this. Played a Vanguard and am levelling a Commando. Love the military feel of it, love the "You can fix any problem by pointing a gun at it" - lets face it, some of the Commando guns are things of beauty. Liked the companions on the whole, couldn't grumble. But - I don't like one of the missions which I won't spoil, but the Lightside/Darkside choice ruined it a lot. Also the ending. Not really sure after all my poor Trooper went through that it was the best reward. I did love the story as a whole, it was really good, but very put off with those small things

Agent - very good story - very sinister and worth slugging it out despite not really enjoying the gameplay - bit like the Smuggler really. Will level a Sniper and see if that changes

Bounty Hunter - oh yes, loved it completely. Really good story, all 3 chapters rocked love the gameplay - I prefer fire over guns but that is beside the point. Blizz is also ADORABLE!

Sith Warrior not as epic as Knight - the Force Leap is slower - but oh boy did I love the story and being incredibly sarcastic towards my Master. Nice power plays and Vette was a good companion

Sith Inquisitor - Darth Zash was perfect - just perfect - like some eccentric and wonderful aunt who is the life and soul of the party! Played the Lightside on all my characters including my first Inquisitor, 2nd Inquisitor I'm playing Dark sided and ho boy what a difference!

I'm a big fan of the Lightside, its just me, I'm a naturally Light Side person - I felt the Inquisitor was the right class to go evil on and I do on the whole feel a little like Palpatine electrocuting people over a great many things! Bwahahaha etc!

So there you go, hope its not too long!
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DomiSotto's Avatar

03.04.2014 , 08:15 AM | #7
I am low level so far, but I love Smuggler (coolest animations & character feel award), Imperial Agent (story is AWSOME!) and Sith Warrior (they pumped a LOT of efforts in making it very appealing to play it).

I don't quite enjoy my Consular, apart from getting the Rajivari Lightsaber cutscene which was great, the story was good, but not supported by the cool-feeling quests (my husband's Knight's every story quest has a Heroic feel to it, mine were all about finding x parts of something). It picks up, but the whole self-sacrifice aspect in Act I is so far just doesn't have the pizzas. Because, honestly, do you think your character will die in Chapter I?

I am completely ambivalent about playing Trooper or BH, though I have a pet BH character concept that I might try and probably like. Sith Inquisitor looked too weak to play on her own (I had to send my IA to Korriban to keep my husband's Inquisitor alive), so I am not trying it until I can perma-pair him (or create a different character, not attached to my current incarnation in Legacy).

Master_Hitsugaya's Avatar

03.06.2014 , 12:22 AM | #8
I actually just finished my Jedi knights story and have to say I destroyed the final boss( might have something to do with my valiant armor being decked out in lvl 50 artifact armoring/mods/enhancements and the lvl 49 artifact augments) and of course HK-51 got accesses to his lvl 50 blue gear but I found the final boss super easy. Out of the 2 toons I have got past lvl 50 story wise Jedi knight/ gameplay bounty hunter.

I got my sorc and agent at lvl 25 and am waiting for the double xp event to try and raise them to 50 and have to say I am looking forward to them both.

VitalityPrime's Avatar

03.10.2014 , 01:07 PM | #9
Jedi Guardian and Sith Assassin

The Jedi Guardian is my main...and the only reason I play this game. I definitely prefer using one saber...and having tanking abilities...but having Force Stasis AND Force Push easily makes this the best my opinion.

The storyline was the perfect hero storyline. It's straight forward...but you are the hero of the story, so it works.

The Sith Assassin was created to offset my Guardian in terms of character, storyline, and mechanics. I love the Force resource mechanic for Assassins. It really reminds me of the Stamina mechanic for City of Heroes, which I loved. Not to mention having a character that is kickass with a doublebladed saber...and can shoot lightning.

The storyline was perfect to create a bad guy that you "cared" to see his least in the sense that you have the opportunity to make it so that there is a gradual descent into darkness...and you can show that there are reasons why this character became pure darkside in the end. (of course, this all depends on how you play the character and the choices you make.) I played my character as a powerful force user who could have been one of the best Jedi if he was taken in by them, like the Jedi or Korriban says, but he became a force of evil through the ways of the empire, lies, deception, etc.
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Adaliaya's Avatar

03.11.2014 , 07:40 AM | #10
I really enjoyed Sage. Consulars story was IMO very good, especially chapter 3.
My Sentinel was also good fun and her heroic story was interesting, but I felt it was for men because femKnights romance is so lame
Now I'm enjoying Smuggler, story is nah but cutscenes damn fun and Corso