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Producer's Road Map 2014

First BioWare Post First BioWare Post

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02.03.2014 , 01:45 PM | #21
Quote: Originally Posted by Nothematic View Post
Man I can't wait for 2.8. Biggest update yet and the (almost certain) possibility of a new expansion like RotHC this year? I can't be the only one thinking it's going to almost certainly be at least a new planet, possibly more? Thanks for all the work you do guys, loving the game and I can't wait to see what else you come up with (HUTBALL MAPS! YES!)
5 levels would be awesome. I can think of a few skills I want with them already.

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02.03.2014 , 01:45 PM | #22
Quote: Originally Posted by cycao View Post
Hey don't take away my PvP content.
I didn't say anything about taking away. I PvP, too. I'm just selfishly saying "no," because I'm still working on the current set.
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02.03.2014 , 01:46 PM | #23
Quote: Originally Posted by alxmdsn View Post
Not quite sure how I feel about this.. I was expecting much bigger stuff. Not only do we have to wait two months for 2.7 (so much for the 6 wk content cycle) but we aren't even getting any new ops. Im excited to see where the story goes but imo NIM versions of DF/DP aren't enough raid wise. Don't misunderstand my reluctance, i love this game so much, mainly because of my love of Star Wars. It just seems like a kind of lackluster first half of the year compared to last year.
I think you missed the fact 2.6 goes live tomorrow. Then update 2.7 is in April, which does in fact follow the 8/9 week cycle.
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02.03.2014 , 01:46 PM | #24
The Korriban and Tython flashpoints sound very, very interesting, and I can't wait!

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02.03.2014 , 01:46 PM | #25
Very scarce D:

Super existed for March! And hoping for the June update to feature a hood toggle.

Could "confront each other directly" mean mix of PvP and PvE ? ;l

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02.03.2014 , 01:46 PM | #26
Bit of a joke splitting up NiM DF/DP the roadmap looks more like a sinking hole than anything exciting people have warned bioware about low content pushing and they are losing people on this up hill battle, ESOL/Wildstar might not be big for some players but Bioware you need to do more than what you have listed to keep players around this is really a bad day for the SWTOR community. Now will I continue to play a game I have supported since early access the answer is still blank but with what I see most likely no the content is weak and just doesn't interest me in the long term.

What about the issues like Nightmare/Hardmode lockouts.

and yes they have L55-60 in progress in austin right now.

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02.03.2014 , 01:47 PM | #27
The Korriban and Tython flashpoints sure look promising but I really hope this new storyline doesn't end up being gated behind raiding later. I hate it when that happens (as it did with Oricon).

Quesh Huttball being finally confirmed is good news, can't wait to play it! I love Huttball and would be able to play it infinitely. I'd have wished for this road map to get a bit more specific about the things coming later, but I understand your wariness.

Also, please give us the option to opt out of double xp. Yes, most people love it. But no, not everyone does.
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02.03.2014 , 01:47 PM | #28
all that time and we might see one more huttball map for pvp?

Well I'm certainly not waiting 6 months for one huttball map, GG pvpers
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02.03.2014 , 01:47 PM | #29
so they're announcing that they're announcing new content. I mean thanks devs for reaching out and telling us some new info, not to be ungrateful. But ill save myself the hassle and get excited when i actually see the content

I see myself with not re-subbing and riding out the content on pref status from it though. Wildstar/ESO look promising, least theyll have new content for a bit

phill-fry's Avatar

02.03.2014 , 01:48 PM | #30
The road map for this year sounds Pretty Good, can't wait to see what 2.8 has in store for us.

Good to know we're finally getting on with the war!
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