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Easier time to level - operative or mercenary

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Easier time to level - operative or mercenary

uanaka's Avatar

12.08.2013 , 12:27 PM | #1
Hey guys!

So coming back to swtor I decided to try out a healing class. I already have am assassin so I don't want to go through the inquisitor story line again so I am left with a mercenary it operative. Although I want to heal, which advanced class would be easier to level with? Should I start off with my talents into the heal tree or should I wait until I'm higher level to respec into the heal tree by going dps first?

If so, which spec should I chose for each if i decide to dps first? I understand each advanced class does have is own niche but I'm up to the challenge of learning, however I just don't want to make both classes to try it out, cause I tend to quit even faster trying to level up two toons.

I do intend to off pvp basically every time I go back to fleet or change planets.

kevinatorz's Avatar

12.08.2013 , 10:05 PM | #2
Operatives are a better healer in my opinion.

uanaka's Avatar

12.09.2013 , 12:25 AM | #3
But what about which is a better leveler? Like even if I went heal spec all the way, who would have the easier time to level up?

FoFo's Avatar

12.09.2013 , 08:57 AM | #4
Mercenary would probably be slightly easier to level, although Operatives are better healers at the moment. I would play each class to around 15 to 20 ish and see which one you enjoy more. Classes will always change, go with whatever you enjoy playing the most. And leveling as healing is pretty slow. I would recommend leveing as DPS spec. If you do decide to level as a healer you will have to make sure your companion gear is always up to date.
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12.09.2013 , 11:03 AM | #5
Merc is probably easier to level and swapping between specs is a lot easier IMO. Less of a learning curve but the story is pretty dull if you ask me.

Op has my personal fav storyline (If you haven't played an agent, DO IT!), having stealth is pretty nice and more desired as a PvP healer over a merc.

I wouldn't level as a healer personally but I always take the field respec ability so I can respec whenever I want.

Bwuce's Avatar

12.09.2013 , 12:25 PM | #6
PVE merc:, you have more aoe so you kill much faster, you also start with Mako your healing companion so you can just focus on dps'ing in pve even if you are heal specced. I really enjoyed bountyhunter animations, they offered a lot of variation. (flamethrowers, wrist rockets, jetpacks etc)

PVE Operative: as an operative your healing starts slow imo, i advise you to put 2 points into the grenade cooldown so you can spam it a little more, this should make it fairly fast to level but not as easy as the bountyhunter imo. The great thing about operative is stealth; you can go straight for your objective. This is especially nice if you do pvp/starfighter as well since you gain a lot of xp there and aren't dependant on your xp from pve. This makes your pve "faster" in a way but you gain less xp since you kill less.

PVP merc: to me, less fun, since it's all fairly static combat, you are amazing if they let you freecast though and you have excellent dmg skills in -between healing if your energy allows you to do it (death from above etc).

PVP Operative: many heals can be used while moving, you have versatility since you have stealth, vanish etc. i like the CC operatives offer too. You can make a stealth tank/healer combo with an assassin and many more other options, which I, personally enjoy, i like having options.

Levelling is almost too easy at this moment in SWTOR imo, i just returned and did some pvp, some galactic starfighter, a black talon and i already started outlevelling my class quest

CecilPaladin's Avatar

12.09.2013 , 08:59 PM | #7
I have a 50 Merc dps and 52 Operative healer.

Leveling: The Merc was much easier to level. You get a healer pet at the start, and you tons of aoe damage and wear heavy armor. It's basically tough to die, unless you take on Heroic 4's by yourself. Leveling the Operative was a pita, and I almost gave up at a certain point. BUT the operative story is the best in the game, and the ship is really cool too.

Raids, PvP and Heals: The Operative is the best all around healer in the game atm. You will do fine on raids. You will do fine in PvP. It's not even that hard to heal end game. Merc healing on the other hand, I've heard stories (no personal experience).

Suggestion: I would suggest you wait till the Xmas holiday season. They will probably do a massive double experience weekend or something and you should just race to 55 during that period. I'd personally suggest you do the operative. They are just more useful end game for both PvE raids and PvP. Stealth is the only thing missing on the Merc side, and its a huge advantage. You only have to level once, but you end up playing your 55 toon much longer usually if you do raids, flashpoints, and pvp. My 2 credits.

uanaka's Avatar

12.10.2013 , 01:31 PM | #8
I'm leaning more towards the mercenary because I already have a stealth character. Is there an operative dps tree that does not rely on stealth?

ishbindeinvater's Avatar

12.10.2013 , 02:11 PM | #9
Quote: Originally Posted by uanaka View Post
I'm leaning more towards the mercenary because I already have a stealth character. Is there an operative dps tree that does not rely on stealth?
lethality doesnt need stealth but it begins to shine when you get cull, before i would recommend concealment or healing FPs

easier to level? merc is simpler to play, spamming tracer missile. the healer companion makes starting out way easier.

op can play strangely. covering infight for one explosive probe while hitting with shv and lacerate is .... strange.

the easiest classes to level IMO is the AP PT and the lightning sorc

dipstik's Avatar

12.10.2013 , 03:25 PM | #10
stealth+rocket boots