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Does the Sent have a harder time keeping up singularity than Guardian does?

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Does the Sent have a harder time keeping up singularity than Guardian does?

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11.28.2013 , 08:12 PM | #1
Posted this in the JK forum, but was thinking I could get more answers here.

Does the Sent have a harder time keeping up singularity than Guardian does?
I ask this because I have a jugg, and it's stupid easy to keep up singularity with enrage. Plus enrage active CD gets reduced with attacks.

But on a sent(im lvling one now) you have to rely on zen. But here's what I'm worried about, you need to stack 30 centering for zen. But right now that takes a long time as a level 30, even with the Valor talent. Does it get more easier to stack centering as you level up? Because It's pointless as hell to be focus right now at lvl 30. Combat does way better.

Once I get force exhaustion and valorous call It will get better, I know. But like enrage, zen will be a big part of your damage, and I can't build 30 stacks constantly.

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11.29.2013 , 02:58 AM | #2
Stay combat it is all and out the more fun spec to play... you can kill them healers so very fast :P

But yeah on jugg it is much easier, but juggs dont have the epic sentinel cooldowns, that is why sent/mara smash is way better then jugg smash.
Smash only begins to shine in the higher level (+40) anyway, so it is play the other specs until then. You get valours call (3m CD) n the late 40s which immediately grants you 30 stacks of centering, to be used for zen. And around that level you should also have force exhaustion (the other way to get your singularity up) and dispatch (sents mighty finisher). But yeah jugg/guardians have it a bit easier to gain their shockwave/singularity stacks up and it is not completely gonna change at 55. But you have or will have force camo, rebuke and guarded by the force, they have nothing that compares to that(plus 30% aoe damage reduction from the combat tree).
I have mostly played smash on the jugg and i find it really boring and only played it very little on the sent, i simple find combat more fun and more useful. The burst (when RNG aligns) is just ridiculous and you can get your 30 stacks just from your introspection, so you can pop transcendence (helping your team to get to objectives faster) at the begining, or even do an inspiration + zen opener (a lot of times taking one guy down before he even knows what is happening). As smash, combat only really shines in higher levels... without blade rush and dispatch (you can use above 30% in this spec), you lack very valuable tools. But yeah i love the spec and will stick with it.
I haven't played watchman yet, but really competent sents claim that in the lower levels it is the best sent spec, because its good damage and survivability.

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11.29.2013 , 07:01 AM | #3
Centering stacks like crazy if you have the right talents. Zen also builds more resource than Combat Focus. I say Guard Focus is easier in hit and run, but Sent Focus is easier with sustained.
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11.29.2013 , 07:35 PM | #4
Singularity sources:
At level 30: Centering building
At level 45: Force Exhaustion + Centering building
At level 50: Valorous Call + Force Exhaustion + Centering building

so it definitly gets easier. Until level 45 I'd not even get out of Combat (or Watchman) it's just not worth it yet. But once at level 50, both Guardian as Sentinels have quite a steady flow of Singularity, down-side for Sentinels is that in PvP they rely on Valorous Call (that recharge) to open with Force Sweep, not a biggy if you think about your survivability.
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