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[Synthweaving] Are the augments getting upgraded for 28's to 31's, battlemaster schematics in packs

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[Synthweaving] Are the augments getting upgraded for 28's to 31's, battlemaster schematics in packs

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11.21.2013 , 05:28 PM | #1
Hello Swtor

I've watched all the pvp armor, mods and enhancements get a upgrade to new levels and the pve armor mods enhancements, ad new barrels , Its a nice change to the game for crafters and players.

My question is when are the augments getting upgraded from 28's to 31's ?

Also are a lot of the schematics missing to complete sets are they ever going to be added ? ( you must hear this thread all the time ).

There must have been a lot of time spent designing the armor sets and the so are the battlemaster and rated schematics ever going being added to a cartel market pack ?


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11.22.2013 , 09:35 AM | #2
On Augments: probably not until the next level cap increase which should also include a crew skill cap increase which would mean new trained and mission discovered schematics. Pre-2.0 the highest augments ever got was 22 and yet campaign set gear was grade 26. Post-2.0 augments are 28 and dread forged is 34.

On "missing" schematics: what's there is there. Chances are you are either looking for something incredibly rare or (more likely) it does not exist and never will.

On Battlemaster set: personally I find the set to be horrible looking so...good riddance
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