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Lvl 53 and feel like a newbie- where's all my health?

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Lvl 53 and feel like a newbie- where's all my health?

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11.16.2013 , 01:38 PM | #11
Do GSI Dailies for experience and basic coms.. most of this missions are very simple and doesn't require any fighting

You can try to do the Group Finder Flash point Dailies rewards.... in most FP the people will carry you through if you know tactic and don't play vital role like healer or tank.And remember to go to the Fleet for the those dailies.

When you hit lvl 55 do the weeklys at Cz-198 they give you big chance to get blue 66 gear just do the Czerka FP when you get enough of those pieces

If you like PvP this is good way to get good PvP gear which i don't know why i have very subjective feeling that is better then the PvE 69,72 i have... or maybe it is just Treek so good..
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