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What's your In Character's opinion of your companions?

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What's your In Character's opinion of your companions?

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11.14.2013 , 11:29 AM | #11
Quote: Originally Posted by PLynkes View Post
Okay, my go. Adelita, Jedi Knight...

Kira is like, totally my BFF. When not fighting bad guys or doing makeovers on each other, we like to go clubbing on Nar Shaddaa. She always drinks way too much, though, and I often have to fish her unconscious carcass out of the garbage compactor. And I do wish those paparazzi shots of her flashing her knickers getting in and out of hover taxis wouldn't keep appearing on the Holonet scandal shows.
How dare you try to slander Kira.
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11.14.2013 , 11:46 AM | #12
Quote: Originally Posted by VitalityPrime View Post
How dare you try to slander Kira.

I didn't take this photo, it appeared in one of the Hutta tabloids. It's Kira after a girls' night out on Alderaan.

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11.14.2013 , 11:49 AM | #13
Encuror - Male Cyborg Trooper.

Aric Jorgan - Total ***hole, I hate this guy. While havoc squadron was backstabbing the republic and stealing weapons of Mass Destruction right under his very nose, he spent all of his time riding my *ss and complaining about how I wasn't getting the job done. Worse day of my life was finding out I had to take him along with me. I can't believe after all of his failure he thought I would consider making him my XO. Telling him he wasn't good enough was me being far too kind. Oh the ship needs it's sanitation system scrubbed out again, I guess we have the man for the job.

Elara Dorne - Total Professional and we seem to agree on just about everything. I really like and trust her to have my back in battle and to help me make the best choices for the Squad. The only worry I have is that we may think abit too much alike, but that's a minor worry at best. I don't care about her past, and certainly don't hold it against her. She's made all the right choices and it wasn't her fault she had the bad luck to be born in the Empire.

M1-4X - Tough as nails, and good to have in a fight. Slightly too gun-ho for my tastes, but he follows orders and is always there for the team so it's a problem I can get past.

Tanno-Vik - Dealing with this guy just makes me feel like I need to wash my hands afterwards. He's good at what he does, but from a morality stand point I don't like where his priorities are at. I'm pretty sure if given the chance he'd sell out the team for the right price, which is why I make sure he doesn't have a chance to take offers from others and make sure that he makes enough with the squad to not go looking.

Sgt. Yuun. - I don't follow the same beliefs as he does, but he's loyal and good in a fight. I have no problem with different religious beliefs as long as the solider performs their job well, and he most certainly does. No doubts about his loyalty to the Republic or to the Squad and I trust him with my life.

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11.14.2013 , 11:50 AM | #14
Quote: Originally Posted by Excise View Post
I like the valley girl-esque Jedi!
I assumed this thread was made for in-character opinions of the actual companions...not made up companions.
"A great leap forward often requires first taking two steps back"
"And sometimes all it requires is the will to jump"

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11.14.2013 , 12:14 PM | #15
Quote: Originally Posted by VitalityPrime View Post
I assumed this thread was made for in-character opinions of the actual companions...not made up companions.
Actual companions, yes. The character him or herself will be made up, though. i.e. the Valley Girl comment was in reference to the Jedi Knight, not Kira or any other companion.

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11.14.2013 , 12:42 PM | #16
Dalkery my smuggler

- Corso, such a jiminy cricket. I became a smuggler to make money. Where the money goes I go. But not Corso, he is always nagging me to "do the right thing."

- Bowdaar, big, strong, but not the brightest bulb in the chandelier. He and I are on the same wavelength when it comes to profit, but he gets into trouble and I am stuck bailing him out.

- Risha, I thought I loved her...that's why I thought I married her. But the reality is, I married her for her potential position as ruler of a planet and the wealth and power that would afford me.

- Guss, he just makes me laugh.

- Akavvi, she's the oddball. I put up with her because of her ability to make stuff I sell profit from. Otherwise she's just kinda there.

- HK-51, I appreciate and understand his desire to "delete troublemakers," but that's all he ever wants to do. He really needs to lighten up.
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11.14.2013 , 01:06 PM | #17
Wow, this sounds fun. I guess I'll give it a go.

From the perspective of Villaras, Sith Warrior:

Vette: My gal-pal. She's been through a lot in her young life, and she's still so feisty, so unbroken. Someone with an indomitable spirit like that earns my respect and trust. She has never been, nor will ever be my slave. She's my little sister. I need people like her to keep me company, considering the power plays and ruthlessness in the Sith Empire.

Malavai Quinn: My husband. I've always admired his dedication and prowess, his undying loyalty to the Empire, and his wish for people to love the Empire the way he does. Tactics and strategies come easily to me in the moment, but he always endeavors to be one step ahead of the curb. And he usually always is. It's difficult to rationalize what happened between us, but I try to see it in his eyes: he was indebted to Baras for 10 years, and he had only just met me. We had only just started getting closer, but his original loyalties came first. I would not be surprised if my former master sowed seeds of doubt in Quinn's mind. I forgave him, wholeheartedly, and we have since married, but things are not quite the same. Perhaps this will change in the future, for both our sakes.

Jaesa Willsaam: My baby. She has truly seen what it's like to walk in my shoes, to walk the light path, while wearing the facade of a Dark Lord. I'm able to tell her exactly how I feel about everything, tapping the passion I feel for a lighter, more welcoming and benevolent Empire. I have seen her broken - she has not walked the path as long as I have, and she is coming to terms with how difficult it actually is. Sith like me die every day, for compassion and mercy is seen as weakness, and perhaps, yes, it is my weakness, but I have not met an enemy I could not defeat. Jaesa understands, and as I impart my own wisdom, she grows in strength.

Lieutenant Pierce: The brute. I respect his desire to get things done, but I would really like to throw a book at his head and tell him to read. The man does not think; he acts. Had I not been compelled to take him on board, he would not have left Taris. He was ready to take me on a suicide mission to defeat General Faraire and the Siantide droids, and he had the gall to mock Quinn for staying at the base and coordinating attacks. Apparently, a tactician is not a real soldier? Besides, I am stronger than he is, and I do not need him, but he sticks around. Anything to get off that rakghoul-infested rock I found him on, I suppose.

Broonmark: The monster. He's cute, the Talz are kinda cute. His desire to be awash in rivers of blood stems from a broken spirit. His desire to kill is mindless, senseless, and overall disturbing. I haven't had need for him, since I am stronger and more disciplined. Imagine that, a Sith, more disciplined than a bloodthirsty monster! That's some news I don't need getting out, besides the whole Jaesa thing.

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11.14.2013 , 01:36 PM | #18
Pythas Smuggler Human Male

Corso - Good Companion that I don't always agree on the little things, but we agree on the big things. A little too attached to his guns and weapons, I'd say the kid needs a girl friend, but I think his guns already have that job taken. Loyal Friend, and cares way more about people than most do in this Galaxy. He's good people and I'm glad to have him on my ship.

Bowdarr - Amazing fighter, and probably the person who has most impacted me. Before meeting him I cared more about credits than people, I wasn't some murderous monster but I was able to turn a blind eye to some of the unsavory side of what I did. He changed that, seeing what slavery does to somebody in person and how just telling him that I considered him a friend and not property did for him.... Something changed in me, and I find that I have a desire to make the Empire and Hutts pay for the innocents their actions have harmed, as well as feeling I need to atone for my past. How the heck did this happen?!?!

Risha - Really attractive and the old me would have been charmed out of his boots by her. In fact he was. I flirted shamelessly with her from the moment we met but she didn't return it... so I stopped. My new change in attitude has her casting nasty glances at me when I give up money to help people, or promised the Republic I'd help them in order to stop the Empire. There is no chance anything happens between us now, but the weird thing is since I stopped flirting with her, now she's coming on to me.. and all of that started when we got a new crew member. I'll never understand some women.

Akaavi - Strong, Capable Fighter with tons of loyalty to her clan even if it is no more. She says she's not going to be here for the long haul, but I think the longer she's been here the more we have started to become her new clan... or maybe that's wishful thinking. While we don't exactly match in morality, she has a very harsh warrior code, she seems to respect my more shoot first instead of talk my out approach to things. There also seems to be some level of attraction between us. Of course now that I've started to make a move on her, Risha acts like we had something.....

Languss -- Too new to the crew to have much of an opinion on him but I think I like him in that he reminds me somewhat of my old self, and while I can never go back to being that, seeing it around is sort of nice.

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11.14.2013 , 02:57 PM | #19
For my LS IA Sniper:

Kaliyo: B****es be crazy. Kaliyo is an enigma. She's a habitual liar and killer for amusement who seems to have a thing for me. Terrific. However, she was the first one to join up on my crew, and stuck around even after the chaos of the Star Cabal disbanding Imperial Intelligence. I remain cautious, but she does appear to be dependable in a tough spot as long as I keep my guard up. That said, her first loyalty is definitely not to Intelligence or the Empire. Likely harbours resentment over failed attempt to marry me. Rejected!

Vector: A Killik joiner who has retained an amazing measure of independence, demonstrating extreme willpower and loyalty. Admirable. A diplomat at heart, Vector is not the ideal companion in a firefight, but he is nevertheless able to hold his own and will throw himself at enemies. If in need of a diplomat, Vector should be first in line.

Ensign Temple: Young and attractive but not na´ve, Ensign Temple is a proud and loyal Imperial. A capable and willing trainee, she should be guided in the tactics and principles of Imperial Intelligence operatives. Following the disbandment of Imperial Intelligence, her future beyond this crew is uncertain, but in the meantime she should be guided closely. Caution is advised while she is in the presence of Sith given her minimal untrained Force abilities, but whether these will be more of an asset or a liability in future missions is yet to be seen.

Doctor Lokin: Just as slimy in human form as in rakghoul form, "Doctor" Lokin has confessed to lapsed medical qualifications, but still remains the most capable of the crew in terms of medical knowledge and abilities. That said, he is extremely helpful in a firefight and has a long, distinguished history serving the Empire. Should be respected.

SCORPIO: A dangerous scrap-pile that, for the safety of myself and the crew, should be sent out the airlock or alternatively abandoned on a desolate world at the first opportunity. It's biggest flaw is its corrupted and thus far irreparable personality subroutines, which cause it to exhibit classic symptoms of a narcissistic personality disorder.

HK-51: Complimentary Statement: HK-51 is a well-designed droid which has thus far proved loyal and more than capable in a firefight. It is less single-minded than its function and first impressions suggest. It is useful in facilitating communications and putting an end to hostilities.

2V-R8: Sometimes amusing, and at other times irritating. 2V has minimal capabilities as a healer and may be called upon when Doctor Lokin is on a mission, but otherwise it should be left on board the ship to perform maintenance tasks.
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11.14.2013 , 04:21 PM | #20
I have a female LS BH, this what I would say she thinks of comps:

Mako: she was with me from the start of our journey when we were nothing. She had a major role in supporting me through the great hunt then clearing my name. She is like my sister!

Gault: as the story progress, he understands that I am not some BH, I am a living legend. He knows he is safe with me, and that if he crosses me, there is no place in the galaxy that is safe. I defiantly do not trust him, but he is useful. He is fun, but not always.

Torian: good kid. Just way too serious. Kind of boring. He fits Mako pretty well.

Blizz: we are making as special trip to Tatooine to get some of whats Blizz is on. Beyond hilarious. Every single word he says makes me laugh. He is effective in battle too!

Skadge: why did we pick this idiot from Belsavis... Oh well. I throw him on whoever I don't like.

My sorc/sin (I played both LS and DS):

All comps = tools. Khem is interest in the beginning, but got boring real quick.