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Best Class And Story

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11.13.2013 , 02:44 PM | #21
Healing Operative to play (we're in a good spot for group play and we solo remarkably well) and Agent for the story.

Though it isn't commented on often, I find the Agent's story benefits the most from all the planetary side quests. While it doesn't make much sense for Ensign Soandso to ask Dark Council member Darth McToughGuy for favours, it works pretty well for the Agent. Makeb was also pretty much right up the Agent's alley.

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11.13.2013 , 09:10 PM | #22
Quote: Originally Posted by VitalityPrime View Post
That's great and all...but wouldn't it be better if you actually gave reasons why you don't like the classes that so many other like? Without saying really just seems like you're going against the grain just to simply go against the grain.

Not to mention that you're rating some class stories without even playing through the full story.
I apologize for not getting back to this sooner, but I've been busy with IRL stuff.

The primary reason I hate the Agent and JK stories are due to IRL phobias which, due to a traumatic event, turned into horrible triggers. Fortunately, I finished the Agent story before this event. I do not know if I will be able to finish the JK story or replay the Agent story, but spacebarring and screaming will be involved.
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11.13.2013 , 11:39 PM | #23
Imo 1-10 doesn't really serve here. Rather, is the story worth following? yes/no

Ones I've played half way or further:
Finished the listed force user stories, while my Smug and Bh are around lvl 35 or so.

Smuggler - Spam Spacebar
BH - Spam Spacebar
Sith War - Worth following
Sith Inq - Spam Spacebar. If you are a gigantic StaWa fan who has read Darth Bane books and love em more than your mom, then worth following prolly.
Jedi Knight - Has tons of interesting elements. Repeatedly manages to sideline the said elements, instead investing ridiculous amounts of time to useless ****. Spam Spacebar.

When it comes to mechanics, I find Jedi/Sith classes most fun. Except stealther, playing one is/feels dirty:l
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11.14.2013 , 02:52 PM | #24
I would rate the stories I played as follows:

1- Sith Warrior (great).
2- Inquisitor (avg.).
3- Jedi Knight (cheesy avg.).
4- Imp. agent (boring with the exception of chapter 2).
5- Bounty Hunter (boring).
100- Consular (it sucks bad).

If it comes to chapters, I found warrior chapters 1, 3 are the best chapters 1 and 3. Imperial agent had an epic chapter 2, but for me the story fell apart in chapter 3 and chapter 1 was boring, but with an epic ending.

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11.15.2013 , 03:05 AM | #25
The consular's issue to me is less its story (I actually rather like the plot, especially Act 3), but the voice acting. They are both terminally zen, although the male one at least finds some times to shine, where the female just sounds the same no matter what is happening. Does that make sense for a Jedi? Sure. Is it pleasant or interesting to listen to for hours? NO.

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11.15.2013 , 03:36 AM | #26
Quote: Originally Posted by Birna View Post
The consular's issue to me is less its story (I actually rather like the plot, especially Act 3), but the voice acting. They are both terminally zen, although the male one at least finds some times to shine, where the female just sounds the same no matter what is happening. Does that make sense for a Jedi? Sure. Is it pleasant or interesting to listen to for hours? NO.
Weird, I have the opposite reaction. For me the male voice makes me alternate between wanting to fall asleep and punch him in the mouth. The female voice is at least tolerable when rambling about the Force and the Jedi Code.

I'm only partway into Chapter 2 so far, but the issue I see with the Consular isn't the story in terms of what your character is doing, it's in the payoff, or lack thereof. The end of Chapter 1 felt distinctly underwhelming compared the other classes I've played (Sith Warrior, Bounty Hunter, Agent), in the sense that it doesn't really feel like you had accomplished something serious.


Basically, they seem to take the 'self-sacrificing Jedi' thing to mean that no matter what you accomplish, everyone else just goes "Yup, that's what we pay you for, now go do this."

I don't mean they should have gone overboard, I find the Jedi Knight almost unplayable due to how absurdly everyone overreacts to everything he does (complete your first class mission, Grandmaster of the Order is doing your laundry), , but c'mon, some recognition would be nice.

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11.15.2013 , 08:30 AM | #27
Quote: Originally Posted by Master-Nala View Post
People broadcast their love for the Agent story without much elaboration, it doesn't seem reasonable to force this requirement on others.

My disdain for the Agent story broadly (and without spoilers) is that you are a lackey of the Sith Empire, this is readily and painfully made apparent to you. You're supposed to be this super secret agent, but everyone and their brother knows you are a spy. I've played the story TWICE, and honestly can only surmise that several "cool' things that happen during the story makes people like it so much. As a narrative, it's terrible. And the final Every other class gets someone SIGNIFICANTLY more consequential. I could go on, but I would fall in spoiler territory.

By contrast, everyone rags on the Consular story, which is completely in keeping with a Jedi and has a better twist at the end. I've come to the conclusion that what's really going on their is that people don't want to play a Jedi like a Jedi is described (serene, reflective, self-sacrificing); they want to solve problems by shooting or poking people in the face. That's cool, but it does not mean the narrative is lacking.

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You completely missed the point of the agent at the end yeah sure I agree jc feels like the more political Jedi. But I find that at the end of agent obviously spoilers. You don't do anything were your character itself is going to be remembered for he's not in it for fame he's Sam fisher. The guy who does all these things but never takes credit for it. At the end of the agent no matter the ending he goes back into the shadows of being something he always was. If he becomes a agent again does same work etc.. If he erases his name he goes on. As say the BH will be remember for what he does at the end by the world same as JK etc., Agent just goes along as if he never existed. But that is not ment for everyone I personally hate being the chosen one or ultimate ****** sith I like playing u could say the underdog which basically does more for the imperial population then any other class but never gets recognized for it like a sith or hunter would.
Ahhh This takes me back.

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11.15.2013 , 09:58 AM | #28
I liked all the political stuff with the Consular but the two mysteries were so obvious it didn't feel like a twist to me.


When the Chapter 1 revelation comes out, all the Jedi around you are shocked and dismayed as if this was the greatest mystery ever. I found the scene funny :-) Chapter 1 was not helped by the fact that the big DS/LS choice at the end of each planet is essentially the same.


Chapter 3 was a lot better. They make it pretty clear who's going to be the secret big bad guy, but the mystery isn't dragged out for planet after planet like in Chapter 1.