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The Super Secret Space Project is revealed... or at least teased!

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The Super Secret Space Project is revealed... or at least teased!

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08.31.2013 , 09:50 PM | #1

Provided by BioWare at the Community Cantina in Seattle on Saturday 31st August 2013.

Teo, co-host and producer of OotiniCast

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08.31.2013 , 09:52 PM | #2
words just can't describe how happy I am with this

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08.31.2013 , 10:00 PM | #3
Quote: Originally Posted by metwars View Post
words just can't describe how happy I am with this
Me too!

Apparently they're not giving out any more information about it at the Community Cantina. All we have is what's on the video. But wow, that's awesome just in itself.
Teo, co-host and producer of OotiniCast

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08.31.2013 , 10:02 PM | #4
So, we do not even fly our own ships then?
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08.31.2013 , 10:04 PM | #5

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08.31.2013 , 10:07 PM | #6
Finally and it looks damn cool. yay
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I am also getting something out of it so Thx

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08.31.2013 , 10:10 PM | #7
GG bioware
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08.31.2013 , 10:29 PM | #8
Looks promising, but still wish that they could have advanced the technology so that we could have space missions like the games: x-wing, tie fighter, and x-wing vs. tie fighter. Oh, they do have the tech seeing how those were the best lucas arts games ever, and that was from about 20 years ago. A boy can only dream though.

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08.31.2013 , 10:30 PM | #9

I never thought I'd live to see the day.. Just when I saw the YouTube link I went to grab a snack to get comfortable.
All my months of hoping, praying, begging, sacrificing, and bargaining has finally come true.

BioWare... Thank you.
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08.31.2013 , 10:34 PM | #10
If this is true, and not just some gag by bioware, I can die happy...
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