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Next expansion share your ideas be creative :)

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Next expansion share your ideas be creative :)

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09.24.2013 , 11:47 AM | #21
Quote: Originally Posted by Argonloris View Post
I ran an idea a while back.
Skip the original post as it involves prior concept work. The actual concept story is a few posts down.
That is damn good.
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The Powers of Time Lost: That Different RP Idea
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09.26.2013 , 04:54 PM | #22
How about a Mandalorian-focused expansion set on Geonosis?

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09.26.2013 , 05:16 PM | #23
Here is another idea, or rather a theme. Loose ends. There are a lot of decisions in the first three chapters that don't have consequences. I think it would be a good idea to have those consequences catch up to the player as part of another story. For example, I've played the trooper and agent, and both of these stories have a big bad that gets away. In the troopers case, if you take the light side ending your main enemy is back on the loose, and in the agents case no matter what you do the big bad from chapter 1 escapes. I would love to see these two make a comeback. Additionally it would be nice to see Revan again, and this time as an actual character with presence, not some flashpoint boss.
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09.26.2013 , 06:05 PM | #24
Quote: Originally Posted by wishihadaname View Post
Here is another idea, or rather a theme. Loose ends. There are a lot of decisions in the first three chapters that don't have consequences. I think it would be a good idea to have those consequences catch up to the player as part of another story. For example, I've played the trooper and agent, and both of these stories have a big bad that gets away. In the troopers case, if you take the light side ending your main enemy is back on the loose, and in the agents case no matter what you do the big bad from chapter 1 escapes. I would love to see these two make a comeback. Additionally it would be nice to see Revan again, and this time as an actual character with presence, not some flashpoint boss.
Lord J'mpok Mogh
His Story: Sith Happens
The Powers of Time Lost: That Different RP Idea
"Aim for the trolls! Kill the trolls!"- Gandalf, Return of the King

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09.26.2013 , 06:05 PM | #25
New planet: Umbara

A planet shrouded in darkness with the most peculiar lifeforms and natives with even more peculiar technology. On the surface, the war has shifted there as both sides attempt to claim and study some Umbaran technology for the war effort.


However, following the Dread Master's deaths, rumors circulated in the underworld of ancient Sith ruins and unknown secrets of the Dark Side buried on the world that they had been heavily interested in, attracting the attention of several on the Dark Council. With a potential goldmine in both Umbaran technology and unknown Sith secrets, as well as a potential foothold in the Expansion region, the Empire has prioritized a prolonged war effort on Umbara until the necessary samples and/or information are acquired. So long as the Republic does not become fully aware of why the Empire is there and is forced to waste resources there as it did on Hoth, the Empire will stay in the lead.


With the Dread Masters gone, the Hutt cartel pushed back, and the Empire on its heels, the Supreme Chancellor and the Galactic Senate push for more aggressive policies to wipe out its enemies. Among its most vocal advocates is the senator of Umbara, who has reported that Imperial ships have been gathering in the nearby sectors and fears that the planet will become the newest battleground. Taking preemptive measures, the Republic reinforces its presence on the planet. Before long, the Empire arrives and fullscale war breaks out. Although trying to curry favor, Umbara's senators have heavily criticized the Republic's incompetence in the past and the Empire's new pro-alien policies have sewn seeds of separation.

Class Interests

*Sith Inquisitor: Darth Rictus of the Pyramid of Mysteries and Darth Aruk of the Pyramid of Sith Philosophies wishes to collaborate with the Inquisitor to forge an alliance on the council, potentially building up a power play to increase their influence. Regardless of whether this alliance is formed, all three have interest in investigating these ancient Sith secrets.

*Imperial Agent: Darth Rictus and Darth Aruk wish to deploy the Agent into the field in order to covertly investigate the ancient Sith secrets. The Agent's personal intentions after being deployed though are his/her own.

*Sith Warrior: Darth Acina of the Pyramid of Technologies has vested interest in Umbara and has been heavily involved with the other spheres for the invasion. The Warrior is tasked to be her vanguard to acquire Umbaran technology to study, as well as lead the war effort to bolster morale under the Emperor and his Wrath.

*Bounty Hunter: Contracted by the Dark Council, The Bounty Hunter is ordered by Darth Acina to take out important military targets and secure the technology they are defending. Many of these targets have high bounties with other clients and Acina is more than willing to transfer payment from these clients to the hunter on top of the Empire's pay.

(Will add Republic classes soon)

Why Umbara?

It's extremely unique and largely ignored in the EU, only recently being fleshed out in The Clone Wars. On top of that, the Umbarans can share models with Rattaki with only a change in wardrobe and maybe a few new face models needed to solidify the separation. The armor worn by the soldiers in TCW would make interesting reputation armor for the new planet, as well as the more flowing dresses worn by its people. To top it all off, it will add new lore with its new aesthetic, allow classes to engage in straight up warfare while also dealing with its own personal interests (the Sith want new Sith things and the Republic wants to stabilize the planet to begin their more aggressive campaign against the Empire).

New lore can be added while connecting it directly to old lore (the Dread Masters; whose appearance/legacy can be played with for the story to various degrees) and allow both sides to be there right at the beginning, rather than in the prelude or aftermath of a political/military debacle (no splitting Umbara between two factions for both sides to curry favor for; Republic has to avoid that happening like with Alderaan among others this time). Combine all that with the Umbaran tech which can bring about unique mounts, armor, pets, etc. and its potential for new warzones in the shadowy night of Umbara, this planet seems like an ideal choice to me.
Quote: Originally Posted by milmo View Post
No, we need to rant on how this game is exactly like WoW and when we learn it's not like WoW we go into a blood rage. We must aim to be inconsistent, incoherent and contradictory.

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09.26.2013 , 06:21 PM | #26
A Life Day themed expansion.

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09.27.2013 , 04:29 AM | #27
Quote: Originally Posted by Millardkillmoore View Post
How about a Mandalorian-focused expansion set on Geonosis?

I would love to see something Mando-themed too. With the Empire loosing ground and the Republic advancing, it would definitely be time to reconsider if working for the Empire is still worth the risk. And as far as we know, Mandalore the Vindicated is much less of an imperial pawn than his predecessor Mandalore the Lesser. So why not attempting to carve out a nice little Mandalorian Empire out of Hutt, Imperial and Republic space. As for Reputation: While Republic players would try to win the favor of Clan Ordo, Imperials might try to gain the allegiance of Clan Vizla (with the return of Shae Vizla as potential new Mandalore). It would be nice to learn what happened to Vizla, as she was one of Malgus allies during his Alderaan campaign an the Sacking of Coruscant, but never actually appeared ingame.

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09.27.2013 , 06:19 AM | #28
Quote: Originally Posted by BacaWicket View Post
plus, if lets say you're a male wookie JK then none of your comps would be compatable for romance
Why? It's not like Furries wouldn't exist in the Star Wars universe.

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09.27.2013 , 04:19 PM | #29
Warning! Long post! Beware!

Looking at the broader scope, the next big expansion should focus almost entirely its story on the on-going war. We had the beginning in Vanilla SWTOR, where the Empire restarted the war and then the Republic kicked them out of Corellia and Balmorra, and the Jedi Knight defeated the Emperor. Then, in RotHC, we had Makeb where the Empire, having learned its lesson, started to get its act together and they managed to get their hands on Isotope-5 (which was so valuable that Darth Marr was willing to sacrifice the loss of a few star systems just to buy the Imperial players time to successfully get the material). Now, as the dust has settled, what do we have? Let's see:
- the Republic got a few big and inspiring victories. It presumably has a lot of built-up momentum.
- the Hutt Cartel tried to play with the big boys as a third side only to get promptly smashed.
- the Empire suffered a bunch of bad defeats, but has presumably learned its lesson and is coming around.

So, the next logical step would be to build up on that - the Republic is barging in on more and more Imperial territory, liberating star systems along their path. However, they start to underestimate the Empire, relying a bit too much on the inherent willingness of the Sith to backstab and betray their own comrades if things get too bad.
Eventually, the Republic designs a daring crusade into the heart of the Empire; their first target is the ancient Sith world of Ziost, and after that they intend to march on Korriban and Dromund Kaas itself, finally ending the Empire once and for all.
Darth Marr, however, has learned of this attack and has prepared a trap. The Republic, unware that the enemy is expecting them, arrives at Ziost expecting to rout the Imperial forces quickly before they can organize a proper defense. Instead, they find the Imperial Navy waiting for them, armed with awfully powerful prototype weapons created with Isotope-5. The rout turns into a massacre, a D-Day gone horribly wrong.

The story then should be elaborated with the Class plotlines:
on the side of the Empire:
- the Sith Warrior - as the Emperor's Wrath, the Sith Warrior is contacted by the Hand with the order to go on Ziost and prepare to butcher the Republic survivors that land on the surface of the planet after their initial attack turns into a disaster. The Sith Warrior is also given the charge of the Imperial forces on the planet. However, the exposure on this corrupted world begins to take its toll on the Warrior's mind and he/she begins to hear the voice of the Emperor inside his/her head, as well as having terrifying hallucinations and premonitions concerning their loved ones (for example, Vette or Quinn, or whoever was romanced (or had the highest affection, if no romance option was chosen)).
- the Sith Inquisitor - as a member of the Dark Council and the head of the Sphere of Ancient Knowledge, the Inquisitor begins a holy pilgrimage on Ziost with the goal of finding some knowledge that will help the Empire crush the Republic forces. Eventually, he/she finds the secret on how to create a most terrible weapon of the Dark Side - the Thought Bomb, but will he/she be prepared for the consequences?
- the Bounty Hunter - he/she is tasked with the greatest bounty in their career - assassinating the leader of the Jedi Order, Satele Shan herself, who has crash-landed on the surface of Ziost during the orbital battle. The whole story plays out as a chase, a game of cat and mouse between the Hunter and Satele, who soon proves to be the biggest challenge we have ever encountered and the Hunter can (and will) become the hunted.
- the Imperial Agent - his/her skills in subterfuge are put to the test when he/she has to infiltrate the Republic armada prior to the attack on Ziost and do a lot of sabotage that ensures that the Imperial Navy will get the upper hand. After the battle in the orbit of Ziost, the Agent silently descends on the surface of the planet in order to ensure that the survivors won't escape.

on the side of the Republic:
- the Jedi Knight - he/she, like many others, crash-lands on Ziost after the horrible orbital battle. The Knight immediately begins to rescue survivors, slowly managing to regroup the remains of the army and trying to send a signal for help. However, the Sith intercept the signal and the survivors are attacked relentlessly. At the end, the Jedi Knight once again has to battle the champion of the Dark Side, as Darth Marr challenges him/her to a personal duel to the death.
- the Jedi Consular - he/she is among those who don't crash on the surface of Ziost, but he/she is tricked into descending onto the planet by the surviving Children of the Emperor. Once there, they capture the Consular and drag him/her into the depths of Ziost where they prepare to brainwash and torture the Consular turning him/her into a slave like Stark. The Jedi Consular has to escape the Sith labyrinths and tombs of Ziost in time to reach the rest of the survivors before they make their escape and he/she becomes stranded on Ziost forever.
- the Smuggler - as a privateer and the Voidhound, the Smuggler is among the commanders of the Republic fleet during the attack on Ziost. He/she has even brought a ragtag fleet made of pirates and mercenaries to help the Republic. Once hell is unleashed during the battle in orbit, however, the Smuggler's friends turn on the Republic and his/her flagship is destroyed. He/she barely manages to escape in time, only to promptly crash on the surface of Ziost. As luck would have it, the Smuggler crashes into a fairly remote zone and has to trek through the dangerous terrain in order to reach the remains of his/her ship. Along the way, he/she encounters more survivors and applies his/her talents in order to find a way to "smuggle" them out of Ziost.
- the Trooper - the only class who would not be a part of the initial attack. Instead, Havoc Squad is tasked with the mission to rescue as many lives as possible and take them out of Ziost ASAP. They are deployed on Ziost after the battle and lead a black-ops/rescue mission (that would intersect with the groups of survivors in both the Jedi Knight and the Smuggler stories). However, even Havoc Squad is not beyond the reach of the Sith Intelligence and the Empire sends a black-ops team of their own in order to thwart the Trooper in his/her own game.

The result of this would be this - the Republic loses the Battle of Ziost and suffers heavy casualties. The Empire pushes them back, having won a reinvigorating victory. However, the war is far from over, but the scales of power now start to tip in favor of the Empire - but only to the point when it doesn't seem like the Republic will crubstomp them any moment now, in order to prolong the longevity of the war.

In terms of statistics I would add:
- new level cap: 60. Of course, this will come with new skills and abilities.
- one new planet, Ziost. It's a Sith world deep within Imperial territory. It has to have a fairly spooky atmosphere in and of itself, and the players would be constantly reminded that there is a terrible battle waged all around them. Quests and zones would be designed in such a way that Imperial and Republic players should have a very different experience in terms of atmosphere - Imps should feel a bit of a cruel power trip, hunting down wounded survivors or setting traps etc. while the Reps should feel like prey - and just like prey, when they become sufficiently cornered, they are encouraged to strike back viciously. Ziost will have an overall story for each faction (the Empire chasing down the survivors, the Republic trying to organize a rescue mission and retreat) that will be heavily tied with the Class stories. So, regular quests, planet-wise story quests, Class quests and a few Heroic quests here and there.
- if no new species are released by the time of the expansion, add Togruta (for the Republic), Kaleesh (for the Empire) and Nautolan (for both factions); they would not be necessarily tied with the overall "Battle of Ziost" story.
- new Space Missions centered around the Battle of Ziost in orbit.
- various "quality of life" improvements such as mini-games like Pazaak and/or Swoop/Podracing (those would not happen on Ziost, of course, it would be rather a bunch of race tracks on some of the lower-level planets like Nar Shaddaa, Tatooine, Voss etc. that would encourage players to visit even after they have out-leveled them), graphic and performance improvements, new sets of gear etc.

And, wow... that has become quite long... So, tl;dr version:
- story centered around the Republic getting cocky and trying to attack the heart of the Empire. Turns out to be a spectacular failure that allows the Empire to regain some momentum in order to prolong the war. Strongly tied with the continuation of the Class storylines.
- new level cap, new species, new gameplay perks - more or less the standard stuff.

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09.28.2013 , 07:59 AM | #30
Wow, that's WAY better than my suggestion.