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A Plea for cross server flashpoint queues.

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08.14.2013 , 04:43 AM | #1
Hey guys,
I know you have probably heard this many many times before, but I would like to share my situation. I am an APAC player, who has subsequently moved to the Bastion from Dalborra. All of my characters are in a PvP guild with friends from my old server. I love pvp, and open world pvp, but I have gotten to a stage where I would like to experience all different parts of this great game.
I am currently gearing my marauder and mercenary through flashpoints with a view to getting an opportunity to run some of the top level operations this game has to offer. I am finding this very difficult to do via the group finder. Each night I queue, and the wait time is generally between 30 mins and an hour. This makes it almost impossible to run more than one flashpoint a night. I understand I am on a PvP server, but for me transferring is out of the question, and I don't have the time or the inclination to level more characters elsewhere (especially with all my crafters on Bastion. Also, with the closing of the APAC servers, alot of the Aus timezone players have moved to all different servers.
Over the past six months or so I have found a lot of new friends in the swtor community via twitter, who I would love to run flashpoints and operations with, but they are scattered among various servers. In other games I have played, there were mechanics in place where you could add friends via their email, then queue with them, regardless of what server they were on. This would be an amazing addition, and I can't see any negatives to it. I'll admit, I don't know how hard it is to program something like this, but surely cross server queues can be implemented, you have been talking about them since 1.2 if I remember correctly.
I love playing this game, all parts of it, but I am struggling to find things to do on my marauder while I wait ridiculous amounts of time for a flashpoint to pop.

Thanks for taking the time to read this.

TL;DR Please implement cross server queues, the wait time as DPS in Aus times is too long.
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08.14.2013 , 05:55 AM | #2
I'd really like to see this implemented.

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08.14.2013 , 06:36 AM | #3
Don't like LFG queues? Roll a tank, instant in.
Shorter queue, roll a healer (I believe you have a merc that can do this)

Want to be a DPS all the time? Well, so does everyone else, wait your turn.

LFG doesn't magically invent tanks or healers, and I doubt cross server LFG would help as I would imagine most servers are starved of tanks and healers in LFG.

Of course the best solution to your problem is join a guid, or make one, and make friends with a tank who will queue with you.

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08.14.2013 , 06:46 AM | #4
More than happy to wait for a DPS queue, although I think that waiting up to an hour is excessive. I understand there are other solutions, I just think this one would be effective, as it is in other, similar games.
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08.14.2013 , 08:09 AM | #5
Sorry, cross server queues would do nothing for this problem as all servers are short on tanks and healers (mostly tanks). If anything your queue would in some cases be longer as some servers have so many dps and so few tanks that the queue is over 2 hours.

To make matters worse a lot of tanks are queueing with friends/guildies because they are so sick and tired of wiping because of bad pugs and because, you know they want to help their friends get a shorter queue.

Sadly bioware can't force people to play tank. So either roll a tank or get a tank friend to queue with you.

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08.14.2013 , 11:36 AM | #6
I don't solo queue on my tanks or healers unless I'm feeling particularly masochistic that night. Just not worth the headaches. As has already been mentioned, cross-server Q's won't help DPS gets queue pops, because this mentality of non solo-queuing exists among tanks and healers across all servers.

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08.14.2013 , 12:04 PM | #7
pretty much what the last two posters said. cross server queue will not fix dps queues. but it will make the atmosphere in flashpoints even worse because ignore will lose its effectiveness as a bad behavior deterrent.

on queueing with a friend though, and this was kind of hilarious. queued on one of my healers with a tank friend I made.... no pop. what the heck? I mean... shouldn't we be getting insta queue in this case? on a hunch, he switches his role from tank, to tank/dps - bam insta pop. got ourselves a tank/dps pair. looks like queue with your friendly tank/healer is a default now :P at least on my server.

that anecdote aside, I personally think that the biggest problem with dps queues are due to the fact that you only need 2 to form a group, while ratios of tanks/healers to dps are much smaller than that. just adding another dps slot to the group would do more to fix the problem of long wait, then cross server finder ever could.

sithBracer's Avatar

08.14.2013 , 12:58 PM | #8
Quote: Originally Posted by Jeweledleah View Post
that anecdote aside, I personally think that the biggest problem with dps queues are due to the fact that you only need 2 to form a group, while ratios of tanks/healers to dps are much smaller than that. just adding another dps slot to the group would do more to fix the problem of long wait, then cross server finder ever could.
5 member groups would be a short term solution because in the long run it would cause more people to pick dps classes (as you need 3 of them) and the discrepancy would only grow that much. All MMOs seem to have this problem no matter what size the party is.

Healers although less common than dps are still a dime a dozen so they are not the problem. But tanks are still very rare, and horrible dps and fake healers (dps ops/sorcs/mercs who can't heal to save their life queueing as healers for a quicker queue) have overall alienated many good tanks from soloing the group finder. I have 2 heals as my mains and a tank friend who absolutely hates queueing without me because of all the horrible healers and dps he got in the past-he even gets mad when I queue alone sometimes instead of waiting for him to sign on. And if you read the "weird people I met in GF" thread you will see many other horror stories that tanks have to face everyday-I honestly didn't believe many of them until my tank friend pretty much confirmed them and I started tanking myself.

The only solution that might help (even a little) is to give people more incentive to tank. Maybe give them 3 times as much money as a healer/dps (although this might alienate people from healing), a special weekly where if they tank for 10 fps in GF solo they get a special prize that only they can get. Maybe if they tank 100 times in a certain matter of months they get early access to a new fp for them and their friends or something.

Anything to make tanking more popular because right now (speaking as a tank) it sucks. It's not easy, you take a lot of abuse, guilds don't need that many tanks for endgame (only need 2 for even 16 mans), you need to know every op mechanic forwards and backwards, not that much fun node guarding, just switching guard and taunting in PvP-many would rather kill, and you need to keep an entirely separate set of armor if you want to dps. To many it's not worth it, and many are just scared off of it.

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08.14.2013 , 01:10 PM | #9
As a tank, I get an instant pop. To the hordes of folks rolling DPS, you are not owed a tank. And, to be blunt, most of us see little incentive in queuing in groupfinder as we can always find folks we know will not suck who are eager to join us. As a matter of fact, my last two runs of the new Czerka flashpoints, in HM, we brought a dps companion rather than queue for a second dps at my request. I just don't want to deal with groupfinder I've become so soured on it, and more loot for us.

Expanding the queue to multiple servers is not going to make more tanks appear. In particularly, it will not make more COMPETENT tanks who aren't just tossing on random garbage suddenly start queuing. There are three solutions to the lack of tanks:

1.)Bribe tanks. Get another dps, get a healer, everyone chip in 50k. That will probably get it done. *shrug* Yeah, that sucks. But, it works.

2.)Roll a tank. Let me guess, you want to be a sniper/gunslinger or marauder/sentinel?

3.)Bioware implements a reward that actually encourages a tank to join the RANDOM groupfinder (as opposed to queueing with four people). Call it "tanking comms." If you complete a flashpoint with a full RANDOM group as a tank, you get a tanking comm. Get 20 tanking comms, or something like that, and you can purchase one rank 75 (or whatever the highest rank at the moment is) mod/enhancement/armoring. Tanks love gear. We LOVE gear. And we don't mind working at improving our toons, that's why we're tanks. If such a system was implemented, you would see tanks flooding groupfinder.

If not gear, maybe unique titles, unique mounts, unique pets, something. SOMETHING. Cause right now, I see absolutely zero incentive to enter the random groupfinder queue.

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08.14.2013 , 01:19 PM | #10
@ Sithbracer
oh I hear you. I currently have 2 tanks at lvl 55 and I don't pug alone on them. ever. I pug alone on my healers sometimes (3 at 55, a few more still leveling), but rarely nowadays.

I'm not sure if people will be encouraged to play dps more if groups include more dps. people who want to play dps already do. and forcing people to play tank/healers just to get groups results directly on those nightmarish pugs where people don't know/don't want to know how to play their roles, because they didn't do it out of genuine want.

rewards for tanks? I don't know what could POSSIBLY entice me personally to deal with the kind of pugs you can sometimes get regularly. I don't think even free subscription could do that.

but I do think that reducing the number of tanks/healers needed per dps population - could work not just short term.
in the reality, the solution that I would prefer? is impossible. because it involves attitude adjustment and people no longer making it so unpleasant to tank (and heal)