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Your experience with F2P players?

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Your experience with F2P players?

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06.29.2013 , 11:57 AM | #21
I have encountered more grievers/ninjas/kill stealers etc that are subbed than i have ftp, generally the ftp ppl i meet are pretty decent folk and once you take a small amount of your own time and explain to them the stats they need etc and the need/greed system most thank you an we continue to enjoy the instance, subs on the other hand well its there right to have everything there right to troll through a instance and there right to grief everyone, but then ive met alot of decent sub folk aswell

End of the day theres bads on both sides of the fence, labeling one set as worse than other is just plain silly an ignorant

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06.29.2013 , 12:08 PM | #22
I think it's rather ignorant for subs to take the stand that free to play players are free loaders and shouldn't get the same benefits. Take one of the lead people in PlanetSide 2, he put it perfectly, free to play players are cannon fodder, they act as a walking target, in SWTOR, they act in a similar way. SWTOR went F2P for a reason and It'll suffer that way because of the restrictions F2P players have, It's actually disgusting.

BW has invented the free to extended trial.

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06.29.2013 , 12:31 PM | #23
Quote: Originally Posted by zzoorrzz View Post
My experience with f2p players is the same as with anybody else.
This. Your post of F2P experiences are pretty much the same issue as everyone else has of some subs. Its not the type of paying player, but instead the player themseleves no matter their status as a paying member of society as it were.

And I believe that F2P do not spend much on the CM is that its simply TOO FREAKIN EXPENSIVE if your not a subscriber as all the prices nearly double. I tried going preferred and its rediculously idiotic how expensive the CM market is outside of a subscription. Subs spend more on coins because F2P players do not see a benefit to coins if subbing is a cheaper way to go and get free coins to boot. The cash shop is built for YOU in mind and not Them and is utterly broken. IMO its better to get 1 dollar from 2 million people than 2 bucks from 500k.

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06.29.2013 , 12:43 PM | #24
Quote: Originally Posted by ApostleThirst View Post
I was F2P once. Does this make me a bad person?
Yes, burn you at the stake and cut your keyboard in twine
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07.07.2013 , 04:26 AM | #25
I like some F2P players that have played an MMO before but some are annoying at low levels. Like the OP I was playing the Black Talon and some F2P was a loot ninja. On starting planets if I use jet boost I get spammed by F2P players on how to get the unlock. Some of them are just weird. A F2P player kept complaining on general chat that F2P players deserve no restrictions like subscribers lol. Everybody should know by now that general chat sometimes gets flooded by the same message. 'How do I get my advance class?'. Though I like the F2P players that are experienced MMO players. They are quite fun to play with and to talk with.
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07.07.2013 , 04:44 AM | #26
I was F2P for two weeks. Prior to reading this thread, I just thought I was evaluating the game. However, thanks to this thread I have learned that during that two weeks I was the scum of the earth, the lowest of the low, lower than dirt, pond-scum of the lowest form. The fact that I never did a flashpoint or never grouped up with anyone while I was F2P excuses nothing.

I offer my sincerest apologies to all long time subscribers for being F2P for two weeks. This is a stain on my soul that I must forever live with. I have to look in the mirror every day knowing that I was F2P and that I will never be forgiven.

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07.07.2013 , 04:53 AM | #27
Quote: Originally Posted by Drimoac View Post
I was F2P for two weeks. Prior to reading this thread, I just thought I was evaluating the game. However, thanks to this thread I have learned that during that two weeks I was the scum of the earth, the lowest of the low, lower than dirt, pond-scum of the lowest form. The fact that I never did a flashpoint or never grouped up with anyone while I was F2P excuses nothing.

I offer my sincerest apologies to all long time subscribers for being F2P for two weeks. This is a stain on my soul that I must forever live with. I have to look in the mirror every day knowing that I was F2P and that I will never be forgiven.
Lol! Most people don't like F2P players because they're annoying and loot ninjas. You might not be but the majority are.
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07.07.2013 , 05:41 AM | #28
Quote: Originally Posted by CKHelseth View Post
Bioware has already said that subscribers buy more CCs than F2P do. So yeah the person is wrong. F2P didn't "save" the game. Subscribers did.

It could be argued that prices for unlocks that F2P use could be lower on the GTN. Seen a lot of listings since F2P was introduced that did not seem to take into account the credit restrictions on F2P accounts. Just my experience of course.
Can you cite your source please?

With the exception of complaining about the F2P restrictions everything else that you people are posting about happened well before F2P was introduced. Needing on non-class items (heck, I remember losing a roll to a Pally for the tier 0 rogue pants in Scholomance!), asking where to get the advanced class, and general bad play.

There will always be bad players or players who just don't know. What we should do, as such clearly superior players, is teach the newbies how things work.

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07.07.2013 , 07:19 AM | #29
Quote: Originally Posted by BennettWHU View Post
The F2P Player
So, one day- I was in SWTOR and, communicating with some F2Players. We had a bit of interview with them. I was alone, Sircopperfield wasn't with me. So I was standing in the fleet, yes standing and communicating with the F2Players, you know, learning about them. Until only later on I realized and said to myself, 'you are separating yourself! Become the F2Player! Experience yourself as a F2Player- then you will know all other F2Players yes, that I realize later.

But during that stage I was standing having an interview with a F2Player and after the interview, the communication, I do everything in the interview, I even have my little book on- in the dimensions where I write everything down the interview that I have done with the F2Player- fascinating stuff- so I do everything in the proper interview in manner so that when the moment arrives I'm able to either write or type or, coming communicate to you on forums.

So I noticed a very odd phenomena- Cartel Coins! were so many in SWTOR. I noticed an interesting event, occurred. They were unbelievable, I couldn't believe my eyes, this Cartel Coin lit up it was this orangy yellow glow, and then a F2Player came and spent the Cartel Coins just as this strange- after the Cartel Coin lit up now, this lighting up is interdimensional you won't be able to see it with your human physical eyes.

So now I had to investigate now, I spoke to even the spent Cartel Coins of course when the spent Cartel Coin had been spent after the F2Player had spent it and I asked, 'Did you notice it? You light up?' And the little Cartel Coin, it was a little Cartel Coin now being of course has been spent in the market and said, 'Yes, that's how we were programmed, we light up and that's an indication that we are ready to be spent,'.

'And then whoever's around sees the light and just comes and spends us.' So I had to go and check this out for myself and- curious enough- as I observe the cartel market, and the vastness of SWTOR there were Cartel Coins lighting up all over the place and you see the F2Players starting to spend them and that's how 'the cycle of Commerce', was pre-programmed into SWTOR and the F2Player community.

So, the F2Players will literally spend Cartel Coins whether they wanted something or not and, the most bizzare in all is even Subscribers light up so, when Subscribers were- browsing and perusing the various Cartel market items, enjoying the exotic glow of some new color crystal- they'll be standing there and they start lighting up- the same orangy yellow glow as the Cartel Coins. And what would the F2Players do? Come and spend them on cheap little trinkets!

Because when something lights up, in the center of- the Cartel Coins the other Cartel Coins- purchases would go into like a trance in the center of their mind. For instance a F2Player spending a little Cartel Coin- they will be in a trance to attract this. The orange-yellow glow would go into the center of their mind that got all trancy like and going spend the Cartel Coins and of course, I had returned to the F2Player and I said, "Did you notice this was going on?"

And the F2Player said, "Yeah." It's kind of like, he couldn't help himself because it was all, pre-programmed delusion hypnotic state of doing it. Of course we have disengaged these specific situation of cycle of commerce, continuing that way at the moment, the situation is not preferable in existence it's not how we wanted I understand, but we're able to change it, for now- it's gonna stay the same in terms of we require certain denominations to spend like players, players spending monies. But the players are already busy upgrading themselves yes! To not have to play the game.

So we're busy working on that expression, so there is no more necessity for spending cartel coins so that F2Players may exist in their expressions and may thus support us subscribers in what is to following the same trend of requiring no market purchases. But for now it will remain that way, doesn't mean supporting F2Players, please! Subscribers who are, in a constructive supportive way producing revenue to the game, great.

But, you do have those Subscribers who are doing it in a way that is- really unacceptable they will be taken care of appropriately don't you be concerned so, spending those coins, etc. It's not preferable, but it's ok understand that the coin is one with you so it's you supporting you- and you spending it the starting point of course of how the coin got to so you can spend.

There are some guilds that exist in this game that are doing this inappropriately- that aren't honoring the coin, as themselves. But of course there are those that don't do that, they do it quite viciously, though not in a bad way, just so. But we're taking care of them appropriately so, don't be concerned the moment we require coin to assist us in this world so if you- really have a situation with spending coin 'as you go subscriber' you know, or find subs- coins what do they call it 'replacements' you know they have these interesting commendations and player reward stuff, that are meant for meat replacement things so you know.

Ok, thank you very much this is Steve Irwin, enjoy!

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07.07.2013 , 07:26 AM | #30
Quote: Originally Posted by BennettWHU View Post
The F2P Player

I am starting this thread to see what experiences other people have had with the F2P player as I've had nothing but trouble from them. A lot of people on my server will only let subscribers join their Guilds, only group with subscribers and generally ignore anything a F2P player says or asks. This might seem a little unfair, but I'll explain MY reasons for not liking the general F2P player.


The first time I went into an instance with someone who was F2P was when I began levelling my Sith Juggernaut. The instance was Black Talon and everything was going fine until loot started to drop. A piece of armour dropped and I rolled 'greed' and he rolled a 'need'. I forget now, but the armour was definitely not for his class. After asking him "Are you new?" and "Are you F2P?" he answered yes to both of my questions. Without getting angry, I explained the 'need' over 'greed' system and he apologized and said it wouldn't happen again until he saw something he could use. A few minutes pass and it happens again and again and again. Each time he would 'need' an item I'd ask him "Why?" and he would not reply. Finally having enough, I left the group and found him talking in general chat about 5 minutes later stating I was a ninja looter and I'd took all the loot!

Now, one bad experience doesn't mean every F2P player is like that, right? Well, in my case, yes. Since that instance, every F2P player I've grouped with has done this and either ignored the groups questions or stated he is F2P and can't trade the item back. These experiences have caused me to NEVER group with a F2P player at all now and it is a shame because I imagine not every F2P player uses their lack of abilities to ninja everything.

Cartel Coins & F2P Player Rights

This happened on board the fleet and I was quite shocked to see this said, but a F2P player was complaining about his right to Cartel Coins and saying that they have just as much entitlement to 500 Cartel Coins a month as subscribers do. His excuse was that if it wasn't for the F2P player, the game would be long dead because "the F2P player buys more Cartel Coins than any subscriber in SWTOR as they use them more often". Before this had happened, I had offered to buy stuff from the Cartel Market for people who would then buy it from me with credits. This guy had asked me for a credit escrow of 600k and told me 50k was an adequate price for it and that I should accept his offer. I told him "No" quite simply and said to get some Cartel Coins and buy it himself. Then the general chat rant began.


These are just two of my experiences with the F2P player, but I'd like to know yours. Have you had nothing but good times with the F2P player or nothing but terrible times? This thread is not a thread to post hate about my post or anyone else's. This is for you to share you experiences.
I'm hanging on by a thread in this game now because of F2P.. The maturity level in this game has reached record lows and now makes WoW look like an online utopia.

I've been playing online games since 300bps modems and dial-up BBS and this is by far the most hostile and unpleasant community online now.

I've ignored so many players its ridiculous. And the tired, played out "turn off gen chat" argument is bunk. W/o gen chat you can't find groups or organize events... If continuing on in this game means dumbing it down by disabling chat channels I'll take my leave instead.. Lots of other games in the pipeline right now.