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How to synch your GUIs over several PCs

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How to synch your GUIs over several PCs

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06.27.2013 , 07:23 AM | #1
This little guide is to explain, how you can syncronize and backup your GUI Profiles between different computers (like if you play swtor on a stationary pc and a laptop) with help of the cloud. The Advantage is, that all changes you will make on one pc will instantly take effect on both pcs and your profiles won't be lost, in case of a system crash.

Notice: This is for windows vista/7/8 only and a NTFS formatted harddrive. Maybe Windows XP is working too, but i cant confirm that. You will do this on your own responsibility and i wont take any charges if you damage your system with it.
Be sure, you read all of the guide and understood it, before you try it on your machine. If you are not sure ask here in this thread.
For transparency purpose: The Link for registering to Dropbox i provide here, is my personal referal link. If you register with this, we both get an extra 500mb added to our accounts for free.

1. you need a dropbox account, which you can get here. You can get 2 GB for free, which is more than enough for this purpose.
2. Download the dropbox client (here) and install it according to the installer
3. In your Dropboxfolder, create a subfolder named "SwtorGUI"
4. Copy the files of your swtor Gui Folder to the created folder of step 3 and delete them in the original folder
You find it under C:\Users\[USER]\AppData\Local\SWTOR\swtor\settings\GUIProfiles (windows 7 and 8)
Replace [USER] with your Windows Username
5. Download Junction Link Magic and install it and
6. Run Junction Link Magic with elevated priviliges (as administrator)
7. On the first screen click on "create" now a splitted screen appears where you can choose 1 Folder in each screen.
8. On the left screen choose the path to your original swtor Gui profiles (remember C:\Users\[USER]\AppData\Local\SWTOR\swtor\settings\GUIProfiles)
9. On the right screen choose the path to your dropbox Gui Folder. It should be C:\Users\[USER]\Dropbox\SwtorGUI
10. If both red circles turned in green hooks, you made everything right and you can click "create". You are now done

Repeat Step 2-10 on every Computer you like to synchronize your profile with.
Now you can access your profiles on all machines.