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Thrasher issues?

Leafy_Bug's Avatar

06.26.2013 , 04:00 AM | #1
Ran a quick SV HM yesterday after the server came back online and I have seen some weird stuff, I tell you . So the guardian tank pulls, waits for thrashie to push him up, I, the soon to be nerfed again Shadow tank, stay to the side of the boss and as soon as the guardian flies to the snipers taunt the boss. The boss does not stop roaring, I was right up his nose, continues to roar and he knocks me up with the snipers as well. So I phasewalk to the boss, taunt again, he keeps roaring and roaring and I use my aoe taunt over my single taunt and he stops. I said man, we are doing something wrong ? I mean we have done this fight dozens of times, SV HM on farm, never had this issue. We wipe it to see if there is a bug.

So this time, second attempt, I pull the boss, get up his furry nose, tank him, he swipes, kicks me cos he don't care, starts roaring, knocks me where the snipers are , guardian takes the boss, boss continues to roar, guardian gets knocked where I am, boss still roars. Guardian leaps to boss, retaunts boss, boss does not stop, wiped the whole raid. We were like WT and an F man!!

Our third attempt, this time I choose to tank him solo on my shadow with the guardian being on adds the whole time. I tank the boss, he sends me flying but halfway my flight, i phase walk to him, retaunt, roars a few times and stops. Rinse and repeat, thrasher is dead.

Working as intended?