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Bolster-"Fix" mit Game Update 2.2.1

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Bolster-"Fix" mit Game Update 2.2.1

zaepp's Avatar

06.21.2013 , 10:00 AM | #1
Hey folks,

Quick update, here are two changes coming to Bolster in Game Update 2.2.1 which is slated for next Tuesday, 6/25:
  • Expertise again caps appropriately at 2018 instead of 2013. This correction to a rounding error will result in a slight reduction in PvP Damage Boost, PvP Damage Reduction, and PvP Healing Boost for expertise values below 2018.
  • Crafted Prototype (blue) and Artifact (purple) quality items are now identified properly and are no longer bolstered more than intended.

I definitely wanted to call attention to the second note as I know it is a bug folks have been looking to have addressed. Thanks!

Pre-2.0 I observed a tick of orbital did a similar amount of damage as a smash from a recruit geared jugg.
Since then I've felt they should replace the orbital animation by 3-5 juggs dropping from the sky, smashing once, and disappearing. (namesaretough)