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Just picked the game up and wanna role sith

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Just picked the game up and wanna role sith

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06.18.2013 , 10:37 PM | #1
Itll be my first character and Id like someone to lend me a good opinion on what to be and maybe throw a reason why and what role they are thanks if ya can help.

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06.19.2013 , 01:32 AM | #2
Well If you wish to play a Sith. Then you get to choose between 2 classes. And once you get to level 10 each class can be upgraded to an advanced class of your choice

Sith Warrior. Melee class. At level 10 can choose to become a Juggernaut or Marauder.
Juggernaut is either a tank or DPS with 1 lightsaber. Marauder is DPS only but uses 2 lightsabers.

Sith Inquisitor. Ranged or melee class. Can become an Assassin or a Sorcerer.
Assassin is melee ranged mostly with a few short range ranged attacks. Can be a tank or a DPS. And uses a double bladed lightsaber. Has stealth as well. Sorcerer is a ranged class and can be a DPS or healer. Has 1 lightsaber, but you won't be using that. It's all about using your Force powers.

The choice of advanced class is permanent. So choose wisely

Good luck and may the Force be with you
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06.19.2013 , 06:33 AM | #3
Sith or just empire in general?

Anyways all classes are good and about equal in pvp and can all manage pve content as well so I'll just list some details. And you should just choose what you'd like because honestly you play better what you want not what you are told to play.

Also All classes are mirrored by republic side also if you wanted to try the opposite adv class but couldn't handle doing the same story line again.

Sith warrior/jedi knight
Sith maurader/jedi sentinal
Medium armour class
Wields two sabers
Melee class
All trees are dps only
Has tons utility in pve and pvp
Sith juggernaut/jedi gaurdian
Heavy armour
Single saber off hand could be power generator or a shield generator
Melee class
First tree is a tanking tree and last two are dps
They are really good in pvp and despite having a tank tree can do tons of damage. They are also viable dps in pve. And Make great tanks.

Sith inquisitor/ Jedi Consular
Sith assassin/ jedi shadow
Light armour(don't let it fool you they make great tanks still)
The wield a double-bladed light saber and either focus or a shield in the offhand.
Melee combat with some medium ranged moves
First tree is tank other two are dps
They are absolutely amazing in pvp but lack some dps for pve( though still can be viable) great tanks for both)
They also get stealth.
Sith sorcerer/jedi sage
Light armour
Wield a single blade(just for looks) and wear focus offhand
Long range
First tree is healing other two are dps
They are good in pvp and pve and make excellent healers for both

Bounty hunter/Trooper
Heavy armour
Wields a (powertech)blaster pistol/(vangaurd) blaster rifle and both wield a power or shield generator in offhand
Melee medium and long ranged abilities
First tree is tanking other two are dps
Does well in pve but struggles in pvp ( still good enough to be viable though so if you want this class do it anyways)
Heavy armour
Wields (mercenary) two blaster pistol/(commando) assault cannon and a power generator
Long ranged
First tree is healing and other two are dps
Great in pvp though obvious as healer so you may get focused down but dps does fantastic. And does great in pve

imperial agent/smuggler
Medium armour
Wields (sniper) a sniper rifle and a viroknife offhand/ (gunslinger) pistol dual wield
Ranged class requires cover for a lot of abilities
All trees are dps
Does well in pvp and pve
Imperial operative/Scoundrel
Medium armour
Wields (Operative) blaster rifle and viroknife offhand/(Scoundrel) blaster pistol and scattergun offhand
Melee medium and long ranged abilities
First tree is healing other two are dps
Is amazing pvp as both dps and a healer and is also good in pve as well
Is a stealth class

Here's a little list on the details but pick what you like all classes can be good, and it comes down to in this game what you like to play is what you'll be good at.

Good luck with choosing
Take care.