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Skills for Sith Assassin (DMG)

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Skills for Sith Assassin (DMG)

ViktorStagnetti's Avatar

06.15.2013 , 10:37 PM | #1
I'm at level 28 now and I've largely ignored crew skills for about the first 20 levels. I picked up Cybertech (Scavenging+Trading) early on but I recently looked into it a bit more and I don't really see any benefits for this class. I haven't reached the 2nd tier missions yet so I'm not far enough long to where I'd regret dropping anything.

Any recommendations for me?

Mozivicus's Avatar

06.16.2013 , 09:54 AM | #2
I have 2 inquisitors, one is a crafter, one is a profiteer.

The crafter is artifice, with archaeology, and underworld trading.

The profiteer has slicing, treasure hunting, and Bioanalysis.

I gave the artificer underworld trading to utilize the crit bonus for the ship droid and andronikos' crit bonus. I countered that by making a marauder to use Vette's crit (+5) bonus for treasure hunting. Between the marauder and other inquisitor I have, treasure hunting for purple artifice wares is a breeze.

The profiteer helps with the artificer, helps with my biochem alt (Jedi knight), and his underworld trading helps my cybertech and synthweaver. He also just flat out sells stuff he gets from crew skill missions if I'm on hiatus from crafting with my other toons.

I'd suggest a look at TheRealBowser's thread on companion crew skill bonuses. It has everything you need to make an extremely informed decision.