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"Exit Location" or "Previous Location" for BT and Esseles

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"Exit Location" or "Previous Location" for BT and Esseles

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06.14.2013 , 04:02 PM | #1
Proposed Change
For Hard Mode The Black Talon and Hard Mode The Esseles please change the ending options from "Return to Spaceport" and "Continue to Capital World" to "Exit Location" or "Previous Location". You can offer "Continue to Capital World".

Current User Experience:
Level 55 Toon queues for a random Group Finder on Makeb . The queue pops and we are give Black Talon or Esseles depending on the fraction. The player pounds their spacebar and types "spacebar for the win" in chat over and over to race through the large amount of social interactions that have seen too many times and no longer wish to see. The final boss is defeated and everyone clicks the panel to exit and collect their coms and xp. They are given the option "Return to Spaceport" and "Continue to Capital World". Everyone makes their choice. Once off the ship the player has to then port back to Makeb using the terminal just outside their hanger or board their ship to travel to Makeb. Once on Makeb they must cross the zones in order to return to the location they were in when group finder popped.

Why the Change
User have to spend credits and time returning to their previous location after the flashpoints Hard Mode The Black Talon and Hard Mode The Esseles. All other exit options offered by flashpoint exits offer "Exit Location" or "Previous Location" This would bring the two flashpoints mentioned in line with all other hard mode flashpoints.