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Scum and Villainy Secret Boss

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06.07.2013 , 04:12 PM | #1
Update 8/6/13:
The boss enrage timer is around 8:10 seconds. We believe there is a phase shift past 50%, as we had all of our DPS up except one and pushed it to around 53%. After which everyone was stunned, had a giant red beam attached to them, and were instantly killed.
phase 2 occurs inside the sarlaac pit at 50% the sarlaac sucks you all into a small room where you have to burn the boss down before you run out of room

Update 8/5/13:

Quote: Originally Posted by OriginalTomoka View Post
Spawning the Hateful Entity:

As shown by <Severity Gaming>'s stream as of recent and in the above post, in order to spawn the boss a raid team must simply take all the adds at the top of the stairs and get them down below 20% without killing them in the cave on 16-man NiM (in this case with a cleared instance). Once one add reaches 20% it will stop attacking and begin to be consumed by the Devour Essence debuff. The debuff lasts for 30 seconds, in which time all the adds must obtain this debuff before any of them are killed. After this, the adds will all die and the Hateful Essence will spawn. Simply click the orb on the boss at this point to begin the fight. The person with the orb will be stunned for a brief period before you will all exit combat and the boss officially spawns.

10 million HP - The moves are very similar to the Dreadful Entity, however the gate back to Titan 6 and Thrasher are locked once the fight begins. If you wipe and do not return to the medical center, the entire raid will be randomly ported around the instance (including outside of the Oasis City entrance elevator). Once the boss is spawned it does not remove itself from the instance. The orb will stay refreshed so long as you only click the boss at this point in order to pull it again.

There are some new moves as well which include a pull into the lightning pools, and another move called Deathmark which places 4 random sets of timed DoTs on the raid. These DoTs can be cleansed. If they are not, each one will instantly kill that person in the raid. The time on each of the DoTs is as follows:

1. Skull Debuff ~ 3 seconds
2. Cylindrical Object Debuff ~ 4 seconds
3. Face Icon Debuff ~ 8-10 seconds
4. Full Body Icon Debuff ~ 2 seconds

They spawn in random sets (unsure how many each round) on random raid members, however they do not spawn more than 2 of each buff, if any at all.

This is all we know at the moment. Thanks for watching our streams and we wish you all the best!
Update 8/4/13: secret boss from 16m nim snv, cave. need to kill adds at same time in cave then use orb in room. hateful essence/presence spawns.

Old UPDATE: I got a responce:

Quote: Originally Posted by dipstik
Hi Amber,

I asked at the meet and greet in SF, and when 2.0 hit i asked Eric for someone to comment. Now that nightmare versions are out for TFB and SnV I was hoping someone might drop a hint, comment or anything really, regarding the Dreadful Orb obtained from the secret boss in 16-person hard mode/nightmare TFB.

I started a thread after 2.0 regarding a possible secret boss in Scum and Villainy here ( ).

The most helpful would be advise on what to look out for. In TFB we had red text saying "you feel a strange and chilling presence" along with a change in music. In SnV the conspicuous cave after the 2nd boss has different music, and a wind sound affect.

Should we expect to find any red text in the current content? When I asked Damion about the orb in SF, he said he remembered seeing it used, but he could not remember which build that was in.

Hey there dipstik,

Thanks for your inquiry, for testing on PTS, and for your interest in the new Operation. I've inquired into this with our designers and can only relay the following:

"There is something terrifying on Darvannis, but that’s all I can say."

>.< Sinister, right?

I remember hearing that special music plays when you enter the cave off to the left before thrasher in 16m NM. The amulet did nothing on the PTS. No word on the orb.

some hints from datamines:


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06.07.2013 , 05:55 PM | #2
I didn't hear of/see anyone trying 16m SV on the PTS. I could be wrong, but I suspect this will have to wait till 2.2.2.

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06.08.2013 , 12:51 AM | #3
Do you mean up the stairs where there currently is just a mob pack and the first thing that come to mind when you o there is "I guess they could put the secret boss here"?
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06.08.2013 , 02:54 AM | #4
Quote: Originally Posted by dipstik View Post
Any news from anyone on the PTS?

I remember hearing that special music plays when you enter the cave off to the left before thrasher in 16m NM. The amulet did nothing on the PTS. No word on the orb.

some hints from datamines:

might need the crest to summony, amulet / orb on the stairs... worm hole... or any place in the desert, doesnt work.... path was closed up to Puzzle boss so couldnt try any further..... we found a secret path (closed) that goes from titan 6 (close door) to the plaza right before puzzle boss (closed door as well), it also has some "clickable" stuff on the sides, but unavailable to click, so we assumed we need either another item, or it is unavailable for now , or its inside those doors that are unavailable as well for now... tried 8M nim and 16.. with and without having it clear (trash) both with first week lockout from Live, and after we cleared first two bosses, and found nothing
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06.14.2013 , 04:29 PM | #5
anyone going into SnV to try some stuff out?

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06.15.2013 , 12:54 AM | #6
I'm curious as well. Would really like to see where they go with this/what the final part of it drops.

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06.15.2013 , 01:32 PM | #7
I imagine it will be extremely difficult for anybody to find out. Fighting the entity was not your typical boss fight . I doubt whatever they have lurking in S&V will be easy.

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06.15.2013 , 03:46 PM | #8
I gave it a shot with some peeps - we killed a few of the bosses in SnV and then switched it to NiM 16 and went up the stairs before thrasher - no message appeared but i popped the amulet and orb anyway - nothing happened.

I have a few guesses that ...
1. It isn't implemented in PTS
2. It is somewhere else in SnV
3. It isn't in SnV

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06.15.2013 , 05:15 PM | #9
Quote: Originally Posted by dipstik View Post
Devour Essence
Something is taking advantage of this creature’s weakened state and feeding off its essence…

Hateful Presence
A powerful entity is gathering and attempting to manifest itself, searching for a point of focus…

Crest of the Dread Master - This golden crest appears to have once belonged to a Dread Master, but its form is ancient and unfamiliar. A strange and unsettling power emanates from the cold, etched metal. k _touch act se m pearance stance
Devour Essence - Could relate to the fact that the Kell Dragon's corpse remains on the battlefield after the instance is complete, like any final boss. It is weak after being killed, then killed again. Just a thought

Hateful Essence - Probably the red text that appears which indicates where to use the orb itself. I was thinking near the giant throne room at the end of the instance near the, as said above, Kell Dragon

Crest of the Dread Master - Obviously (more than likely) the item you get for defeating the bonus boss, which is then used in the new Ops or sometime in the future to continue the hunt of whatever this chain quest adventure brings

My thoughts at least, could be wrong though.

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06.16.2013 , 01:06 AM | #10
I always found it strange the dragon stays in the instance.. has anyone left then came back later and seen the dragons corpse still there? Maybe like you said above you have to kill the boss up those stairs, and it gives you the crest which you go to use on the dragon after you kill styrak. It would make sense at least. Someone said in NiM there are things you can click in between titan 6 and thrasher which I would assume would open the gate into the giant empty area in between the ops chief in olok. But that's all just my guess. I could be completely off we won't know for sure until its released. The panels aren't interactable at the moment.