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PC Voice Actors, Male VS Female

STAR WARS: The Old Republic > English > Story and Lore
PC Voice Actors, Male VS Female

HandOfKane's Avatar

03.29.2014 , 03:18 PM | #61

1. Brian Bloom (Trooper)
2. Mark Bazeley (Warrior)
3. Tom Spackman (BH)
4. David Hayter (Knight)
5. Maury Sterling (Smuggler)
6. Bertie Carvel (Agent)
7. Euan Morton (Inquisitor)
8. Nolan North (Consular)


1. Kari Wahlgren (Knight)
2. Jo Wyatt (Agent)
3. Kath Soucie (Smuggler)
4. Xanthe Elbrick (Inquisitor)
5. Jennifer Hale (Trooper)
6. Grey DeLisle (BH)
7. Athena Karkanis (Consular)
8. Natasha Little (Warrior)


Trooper: Male
Knight: Female
Smuggler: Female
Consular: Both about equally suck, Male is slightly better
BH: Male
Warrior: Male
Agent: Female
Inquisitor: Female

Adaliaya's Avatar

03.29.2014 , 03:54 PM | #62
JK: Male
JC: Female
Trooper: Both did good work
Smuggler: Female

SW: Male
SI: Female
Hunter: Both fit
Agent: Female

Solo-Jo's Avatar

03.29.2014 , 04:26 PM | #63
I love all the empire side voices. But the Jedi male and female ones suck, they are too "Oh did you get a booboo" and "Aww look kittens." sounding.

Ticara's Avatar

03.30.2014 , 07:46 AM | #64
Male SI, Agent, Warrior Male > Female by a mile, BH are equal.

Myking's Avatar

08.09.2014 , 05:43 PM | #65
Jedi Knight male is Solid Snake (David Hayter), if you are fan of the metal gear series, no questions here, you will love the male Jedi Knight

Smuggler Male and Female voices are good, the male sounds like Richard Castle, but it's just me

The female trooper is Jennifer Hale, Mass Effect players using FemShep will recognize this immediately and will instantly love her.

Mzuark's Avatar

08.13.2014 , 03:37 AM | #66
Male Jedi Knight, Male Sith Warrior and Male Imperial Agent are all terrible. Female Consular sounds really bored to me.

ZakRoks's Avatar

08.13.2014 , 11:30 AM | #67
JK- Male
JC- Female
Trooper- Female
Smuggler- Male

SW- Male
SI- Female
BH- Female
AI- Male
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LostInReverie's Avatar

08.13.2014 , 11:43 AM | #68
JK: I like the female voice better, but the male voice isn't terrible.
JC: Male. The female voice just seems so dead and lifeless. A
Trooper: Male. The female voice just reminds me too much of Cmdr. Shepard.
Smuggler: Male. The lady who does the female voice is also the voice of Phil and Lil on Rugrats, and that's all I hear when I play a female smuggler. lol

SW: Both. They are both excellent. I can't choose.
SI: Female. I like the male voice, but the female voice is just so delightedly expressive, especially when playing DS. She just sounds so evil. I love it.
BH: Female. The male voice is just so cartoonishly deep and gravelly, like the VA was trying way too hard.
IA: Male. After playing many hours of DA2, I'm tired of Jo Wyatt's voice. It's a perfectly fine voice, but like with Jennifer Hale, it got old after a while. However, I just adore the male voice. I love the way he speaks, sort of running sentences together a lot. There's just something about it that is so appealing. I can see how it's not to everyone's tastes though.

Darkelefantos's Avatar

08.13.2014 , 12:02 PM | #69
Quote: Originally Posted by LostInReverie View Post
Trooper: Male. The female voice just reminds me too much of Cmdr. Shepard.
As somebody who regularly plays Starcraft II and has finished the campaign of said game multiple times, aswell as an avid fan of Mass Effect, I can safely say that the Trooper voice acting is very hard to live with.

My personal opinion:

JK - Male, though I'm honestly not a fan of either voice.
JC - The male version is so adorably goofy, I didn't even figure it was Nolan North at first . The female version's good aswell.
Trooper - Ugh. Male, I guess.
Smuggler - Female. No particular reason really.

SW - Male, but both are great.
SI - I really like both. They both sound so wonderfully insane at times. Although I feel that the male voice is really off if you go bigger body types (4-5).
Agent - Both good but I prefer the male version (for no particular reason).
Hunter - Meh. Not the biggest fan of either. I feel that the male voice is like too over the top special and the female voice is not special at all.
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wainot-keel's Avatar

08.13.2014 , 07:40 PM | #70
Quote: Originally Posted by Solo-Jo View Post
I love all the empire side voices. But the Jedi male and female ones suck, they are too "Oh did you get a booboo" and "Aww look kittens." sounding.
lol.. yeah, a bit of that.... but i couldn't stand the male consular, and the male knight is okayish...

Funny thing, I prefer the female voices for PC pretty much for every class, but if I think about it, male companion voices are fantastic and, except a couple of cases, I like them better than the female ones.

I would have loved a PC voiced by whoever did Scourge. I think he could promise the most horrific thing in the most calmed tone, but not emotionless. Or say a nice thing, and be believable.