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Items not showing up in my collection

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Items not showing up in my collection
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12.07.2013 , 03:57 PM | #11
Quote: Originally Posted by kayluv View Post
Do you or do you not require the whole set? So far the only things that have shown up in my collections with the option to unlock across my account are emotes. I have items from different Cartel Market sets but not full sets (all have been equipped and bound), and I haven't seen a single one show up in collections. Is this working as intended? Sorry, I'm a fairly new player and a bit confused by the contradicting posts.
You must own every item that's listed in a set's Collection description and they all must be bound to a single character.
If that set has 1 item in it, that 1 item is all you need.
If the set has 6 items in it, you must have all 6 items on a single character to complete the collection and get the recall/unlock option.

In the previous poster's example, there are several different "covert" Collections.
Some are single item and some are multi-item.
Each set is treated as a separate Collection for completion and unlock purposes.

Additionally, you can only unlock a Collection on a character other than the one that originally collected it.

So, yes... it's working as intended.
Until a single character owns all set pieces, you will NOT get any sort of Collection credit.

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04.11.2014 , 01:23 AM | #12
Strangely I have some old characters holding complete sets that are NOT in my collections.

I'll have to take a look and write an ingame ticket I guess.