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The Inquisitor's story bad?

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The Inquisitor's story bad?

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05.01.2013 , 05:49 PM | #11
I think because a toxic wasteland was a bit depressing, and Hoth..... snow and ice.

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05.01.2013 , 06:15 PM | #12
I dislike Thanaton because he's a gigantic hypocrite.


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05.01.2013 , 06:50 PM | #13
Quote: Originally Posted by Zardac_the_Great View Post
I dislike Thanaton because he's a gigantic hypocrite.

That just makes him a bog-standard traditionalist.
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05.01.2013 , 08:19 PM | #14
Quote: Originally Posted by Jenzali View Post
1. The Inquisitor never thinks of anything by him or herself. Every plan, every mission, every action you do is suggested to you by characters that are supposedly your "minions". For the Inquisitor that is advertised as being the "Palpatine" of the Old Republic, the supposed master manipulator, you spend the entire storyline being a pawn of various NPCs. They have to tell you that you're powerful, rather than it being apparent through your own actions like the Sith Warrior's. Also the Inquisitor can not even make his or her own companion (Ashara) fall to the dark side.
2. Thanaton is not a compelling villain. He is not interesting enough to be hated by the player, and his motivations are not realistic enough, nor are they explained at all. The story hand-waves his motivation to wanting to kill the player as "upholding tradition", however everything he does goes against the Sith tradition of the strong killing the weak. If his motivations were explained somehow, perhaps he would be more than just a plot device.
3. MacGuffin hunt - the idea of binding ghosts to gain more power is a great idea - however, in practice it boils down into a, similar to Act 1. Since you need to get a ghost or artifact from every planet. However this is an issue that affects nearly every class to some extent since there "needs" to be one quest per area in every planet.
I agree that these are the three big issues most people have with the SI story, just to put in my 2 cents on them:

Inquisitor calling the shots: This one I find myself disagreeing with every time it's brought up. Like with the MacGuffin hunt, a linear storyline is always going to railroad you from Point A to Point B, but I feel like they did a good job with giving dialogue choices that had the progression come across as your own plan. Sure you could take the dialogue option that has you saying "So what do I do now?" and then Zash or the Moff or someone tells you what to do, but I seem to remember there also being at least one option each time where an underling/ally comes to you with new information and you make the call. Yeah it's artificial, since every option still has you moving on to the next planet, but it gives it the feel of being your own plan. I do completely agree that it's disappointing you can't corrupt Ashara if you play DS, but since my Inq. was neutral alignment, the way she is actually ended up perfect for me.

Thanaton: This is the complaint I agree with the most. Thanton is just completely underdeveloped as a character; Zash, Baras, arguably even Angral are all better fleshed out as adversaries. I hear he's featured in some of the comics that came out before the game launched, but even if he was better developed there, I feel like that would just upset me more that he wasn't done justice in the game itself.

MacGuffin hunt: There's always going to be some sort of a MacGuffin hunt to move from planet to planet, but I feel like the Forcewalker ghost-hunting took over the later part of the game waaay too much. It wouldn't have been a problem if it felt more like just one piece of building your power base alongside your Cult, getting apprentices, building your super-weapon, and getting the Moffs on your side. But all those other (often more interesting) parts of your rise to power came across as side-quests, with the Forcewalking as the main thrust.
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05.02.2013 , 03:35 AM | #15
One little thing that bugs me most about the SI story was at the end of Ch. 2 when you go searching in Thanaton's library to find a holocron that says go heal your body on Belsavis. Wasn't Belsavis a huge Republic secret, and only recently discovered by the Empire? How would a Sith know about it at all?

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05.02.2013 , 05:10 AM | #16
It's not the greatest story, but at the end of chapter 3 was what really pisses me off.

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05.02.2013 , 05:57 AM | #17
Quote: Originally Posted by saremun View Post
i thought from the day 1 that the story of each force user was a lightnings speed fast cause you are a Padwan/Apprentice then Jedi/Sith then Master/Darth which was really lame cause they sealed in a lazy way despite the 200 mil they spent on this game and all the bugs/ failed game they released.
The Class Stories take place over a period of years. Even still they progress through the ranks fast, but at the sametime the class characters are extraordinary individuals when compared against the majority of characters in the universe at the time.

The Sith Inquisitor in Chapter 3 is insanely powerful to the point where there's no way that the character wouldn't achieve a Darth title or end up where they're at after everything they've done.

Alot of what you're complaining about is present in alot of video games, and a number of other Star Wars games too for that matter, ie your character becoming overly powerful and achieving greatness within a relative short amount of time.

Video games are generally games first (shocker) and story always comes second in most cases. Often times elements of the narrative are going to conflict with the gameplay, because at the end of the day it's still a video game. For instance regardless of what the cutscenes show in a game like TOR or something like Uncharted or whatever, the character(s) you generally play as in video games are mass murders based on the gameplay while the cutscenes/story may show a character who doesn't like to kill despite the fact that seconds before the cutscene you just killed 20 people.

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05.02.2013 , 06:12 AM | #18
Inquisitor story is my favorite along with IA as they complement each other nicely in approach used.

I would also say Inquisitor story is most true to MMO as it has very open ending. There are so many ways story can go now with you. Not only that, but also especially concerning your force using companions -- both Ashara and Xalek have long way to go. Also companions offer great diversity which others seem to lack. I am not talking of racial or gender here.

It is not perfect, some things I think could have been better implemented:


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05.02.2013 , 06:42 AM | #19
I personally loved the SI story line, I also recall taking more of an initiative through dialogue choices than most people seem to give credit for but I can see where they are coming from. The other complaints tend to be more along the lines of disliking the approach taken rather than finding fault with it, in my opinion.
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05.02.2013 , 11:13 AM | #20
I really love the inquisitor story!

While not perfect it has a certain charm... and as to those who expect the inquisitor to take initiative and form a power base by herself..

Answer me this...

How in the world is an EX SLAVE who is looked down upon by most people with status., who has no meaningful family (a conversation with Andronikos reveals her family was enslaved along with her and that she alone was permitted to go to Korriban)

so with no real connections in the imperial military or anywhere that matters. how exactly is one going to establish a base super quickly with no outside assistance?

to me the cult on Nar Shaddaa was a fine milestone and a fantastic first baby step to establish a legacy, though it should have had a bigger impact on the story.
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