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Kansas City | Midwest

Carceri's Avatar

12.14.2011 , 06:09 AM | #11
Oak Grove here!

Rolling on Vulkar Hwy with some friends I have been gaming with over the years.

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12.14.2011 , 05:21 PM | #12
23 and from overland park

Ellibelli's Avatar

12.15.2011 , 04:56 PM | #13
Lawrence, KS checking in! I also have several roommates playing the game, we are all on Saber of Exar Kun - PvP!

Yendub's Avatar

12.15.2011 , 07:05 PM | #14
Independence, MO

28 years old.

Small Business Owner/College Student

The great thing right now is college is over for the semester so I have all the TIME in the world right now to play with early access.

aharris's Avatar

12.16.2011 , 06:31 PM | #15
Hubby and I are Northland KC, KSU alums, CoH expats although he still checks in there from time to time. We're rolling on The Ebon Hawk (commmunity there seems most like what we're used to from CoH) for now although we may alt on Death Wind Corridor to role with some CoH buddies.

Both long-time gamers of all kinds of games.
Explorer: 87% | Socializer: 40% | Killer: 40% | Achiever: 33%

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12.26.2011 , 05:40 PM | #16
Quote: Originally Posted by Ellibelli View Post
Lawrence, KS checking in! I also have several roommates playing the game, we are all on Saber of Exar Kun - PvP!
Lawrence, KS here as well. I live right next to Alvamar golf course.

I'm playing on Daragon Trail (PvP/West), Imperial side.
There is a pleasure in the pathless woods;
There is a rapture on the lonely shore;
I love not man the less, but nature more...

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01.05.2012 , 08:38 AM | #17
Olathe, KS here. Playing on Jung Ma, US EST RPPVP.
Jen'jidai, Jung Ma server
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01.05.2012 , 11:11 PM | #18
Basehor, KS checking in! Just west of the legends shopping center for those unfamiliar with this small town.
Used to live in Overland Park for quite a few years.

27 Male, current main is Lord Science Fiction, Sith sorc healer on the server The Constant. Officer and future OPs leader of the largest guild on the server "No Mercy".

Been into MMOs for a while, hardcore PvE in WoW for 4 years, some time spent on Lotro and lots of MUDs before all that jazz.

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01.06.2012 , 11:21 AM | #19
Yup, I'm from the KC area as well, though I live closer to St. Joe (20 mins from St. Joe, 1 hr from KC).

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01.06.2012 , 01:02 PM | #20
20, Atchison KS!