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Developer Update: Bounty Hunter and Trooper Class Changes

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Developer Update: Bounty Hunter and Trooper Class Changes
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Ansalem's Avatar

04.18.2013 , 04:15 PM | #21
I am confused as to why electro-net has a 30m range and electro dart is only 10m. I mean the net is firing probes out which net around target...the electro dart is just a tiny lil dart that stuns how the heck is it that the range on the lil dart is shorter than the net? It just doesn't make sense. I wish BW would switch our darts back to 30m range melee can still close on us easily. Also please lower CD on electro net.

jjjojo's Avatar

04.18.2013 , 04:21 PM | #22
Did bioware change the animation to the Rapid Shots Healing? bc now instead of rapid healing shots its one healing shot per blaster on one click of the ability

NathanielStarr's Avatar

04.18.2013 , 04:50 PM | #23
They really tried to spin the nerf on assault plastique as a buff didn't they? It's as if you were trying to sell balding as a bonus feature for getting old "new feature loss of hair, no longer do you have to comb it!"

Kehtal's Avatar

04.18.2013 , 06:48 PM | #24
Assault spec vanguards have been completely gutted.

I know there wasn't any change to it, but Incendiary Round is as it has always been - garbage. High cost, low damage. In PVP people either die so fast that it's a waste of ammo, or get healed, which makes it inconsequential. It's not even worth using for the sake of HiB, since Plasma Cell is free whether we're at 10m or 30m. I'd like to see this completely redesigned. Maybe make it passively or actively augment HiB like a 30s CD that makes your next (2?) HiB do an additional X (moderate) amount of (instant, not DoT) fire damage.

You know what, the more I think about that, the more I like the idea. Anyway.

Plasma Cell nerf just hurt. The proc rate was already very reliable to begin with (almost always initiated a fight with Hammer Shot to snap a HiB off from 30m), and Ionized Ignition and High Friction Bolts makes any sort of proc rate increase totally imperceivable. We never had a problem procing it before, there was no trade off here, just a flat nerf.

AP now barely hits any harder single target than its AOE counterpart, its new DoT component ticks too slow and too low to be of any consequence.

The armor penetration nerf to HiB... Eh, I can see it by itself, but not with the rest.

The buff to Ion Pulse in "Assault Trooper" was nice, but with the Plasma Cell nerf, an Ion Pulse (with Ionized Ignition) still hits cumulatively (at 55) about what it did at 50 pre-2.0.

I don't know if you guys were trying to make us more reliant on DoTs or what, but right now trying to maintain dots will just run you out of ammo without accomplishing anything. Especially if you go on that fool's errand of trying to spread them around to multiple people.

Yes, we are still capable of doing large quantities (read: quantity) of damage on the boards, but with the HP increase and the healing super-buff, we're not actually killing anyone anymore, assuming relatively equal skill and gear.

We either need the nerfs reversed or a complete redesign to be worth bringing to rated matches. We currently have jack for defense, low mobility, no utility that another class can't do better, no burst and less than mediocre sustained damage.
Kiavi (retired)
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cashogy_reborn's Avatar

04.18.2013 , 06:57 PM | #25
this part made me LOL:

Mortar Salvo: This is a new passive ability gained at level 10 upon becoming a Commando. When Commandos fire Explosive Round, two rounds are fired for a combined increase in damage. This increase in damage is not enough to make Explosive Round alter anyone’s rotation, but it will now serve as a much more effective on-the-run utility skill. Also, double knockdown against weak and standard enemies is neat.
1. Explosive Round is in nobodies rotation
2. its heat cost is too damn high
3. the damage "buff" is more like a side-grade at best

reduce the heat cost of Explosive round already FFS. does austin peckenpaugh not realize that it has a 25 ammo/heat cost? bring it down to 16 (same as Sticky Grenade) and then it might actually be an "effective on-the-run utility skill"
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ZillaElite's Avatar

04.18.2013 , 07:56 PM | #26
Have shelved my VG. Not worth playing right now. Playing my other classes. What a joke.

AMightyKnight's Avatar

04.18.2013 , 10:53 PM | #27
Gunnery Commando:

Now more Alacrity is strictly a good thing.
Couldnt be further from the truth. Cell Charger is unaffected by your Alacrity raiting. The more alacrity you get, the worse your ammo management becomes.
You still cant use alacrity on your gear as a Gunnery Commando.

You will notice that your abilities have new, higher costs, but do not despair – they are proportionately the same as before!
Nope they arent. Unless your tooltips are ****ed up of course. Anyway, why cant we have a numeric display of our ressources like the Bounty Hunters have since launch?

Adrenaline Rush has been redesigned.
Yes, thank you very much. not. I want it back the way it was bevore 2.0. I'm a PVE player, i dont need a damage reduction buff when my health falls below 30%. Thats just too late in most cases.

Mortar Salvo: This is a new passive ability gained at level 10 upon becoming a Commando.
Yep, means its even more useless now than Explosive Round was. Seriously, to this day i fail to understand what the point of changing explosive round was. Just keep ER and buff its damage a little, problem solved.

Electro Net (New ability): Electro Net is a powerful new ability
on 90sec cooldown. But who cares, its fluff for PVE players anyway.

Overclock: This skill now reduces the cooldown of Tech Override and Concussive Round. In addition, Tech Override now makes your next two abilities activate instantly.
Yes, stop hurting PVE players to benefit the PVP crowd. I wont my old override back, i dont need to instant casts in a lenghtly boss fight with our new and improved ressource management system.
Anyways, is the Bounty Hunters Power Overrides still bugged like it was on the PTS?

No mention of the change to our second Elimnator Set Bonus? You do realize that you made our lifes a lot tougher with that little goddie?

Lord_Karsk's Avatar

04.18.2013 , 11:15 PM | #28
They killed of the trooper and bounty hunter classes so at this point who cares.
To anyone new to the game reading this just play sniper/gunnslinger, they hit harder, have way
more damage resistense and does everything better and have group utility making them wanted in
ops and rated something mando merc does not have.

Useless skills the trooper have in trees

charged barrier
heavy trooper
nightvision scope
special munitions a 3 skill pointer lol run out of idees ?
trauma probe a 6 skill point skill and you can only give it to 1 player, what a total joke.

quirez's Avatar

04.19.2013 , 01:30 AM | #29
happy powertech tank reporting in!

As a full tank for both pve/pvp im satisfied with the changes to powertechs - we got more utility, our defensive CD's improved alot, better threat generation, better survivability than before, the changes to shield mechanics benefited us more than other tanks as we rely on shields the most.

Ask your healers who they prefer to tank - a stable powertech or spiky assasin? I always get the same answer. All tanks are viable now, and its more of a matter of personal preference than actual differences in capabilites.

Pvp? I've got like 4 partisan pieces so far, rest is my 61/63 pve tank gear, and i can keep the huttball for infinity if i get a heal like once per 5-10 seconds, even with 5+ players on my back just by using my CD's one after another + shoulder cannon heals (btw shoulder cannon ROCKS in shieldtech and AP trees - thats definitely the change i love most about my PT - it looks awesome and works even better - couldnt ask for more )

my knowledge of the dps trees isnt half as good, i tried AP and had some fun in both pve/pvp, didnt feel underpowered, but i'll leave the topic to dpsers.

i'll repeat - Shieldtech is in great place now and im really happy about the changes.
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DinesenDK's Avatar

04.19.2013 , 04:23 AM | #30
I'm jsut here to agree with what is already has been said in this thread over and over - We got screwed, and Devs didn't explain why, so i'll do this short.

I'm puzzled by why Sages/soc should be top DPS and top healing at the sametime during warzones.

I'm puzzled by assassins has better survivabillity when the Vanguards wearing heavy armor (heavy armour feels pointless, should have better ressist to everything). The worst part actully is they are very hard to kills because they 9/10 times just force run away when I almost have them.

I'm puzzled by Knights / sents and there smash hell compared to my own lack of dmg.

I'm puzzled by Snipers able to kill me before I even get into the 10M killzone I need.

I'm puzzled by why the design around tanks does not involve more around small damage, an alot of CC, rather then High damage and high suvivabillity.

These statements are very black and white from my point of view, and is more made to show my point on how screwed it all is, or feels like.

I will continue to play my Pyro BH and Assault Trooper, even in pvp. I can still get my 8 medals. But I must admit I don't feel I'm one of those who do the killing - Kinda funny (or just sad) when I'm DPS specced..right?

So now I'll lean back with chips and soda and wait for the Devs to explain them selfs, cause damn!.
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